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Performance of several languages171,2872014-10-13 04:26:37Web development, Virtualization, Performance, Cloud providers, Software developmentPerformance, PHP, C, Java, Python, Symfony, Assembler, Perl, Go, Ruby, Bash, JIT Compilers, Luajit, Pypy, Cliff Click, HHVM - Facebook's Hip Hop Virtual Machine, Lua, objdump, Assembler AT&T syntax, Assembler Intel syntax, node.js, Gambas, Phantomjs, PHP 7, PHP 5.6, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.4
Stopping and investigating a WordPress xmlrpc.php attack142,9622014-08-30 22:21:13Virtualization, Performance, Troubleshoot, Security, Databases, MySQL, CMS, WordPressAmazon EC2, PHP, DoS, WordPress, xmlrpc, Spam, Apache, MySQL, Plugins WordPress, Slow queries
Stopping a BitTorrent DDoS attack63,6442015-01-23 21:55:35Performance, TroubleshootGET, EzPublish, DoS, WordPress, Symfony, DDoS, SYN Flood, Pirates, Amazon c4.8xlarge, Laravel Framework, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, iptables, Firewall, BitTorrent
Using Windows 10 Appliance in Ubuntu Virtual Box 4.3.1030,9302015-08-23 06:42:44Web development, Virtualization, Troubleshoot, Casual techWindows 10, Microsoft, Ubuntu 14.04, Virtual Box, Bless Hex Editor
Stopping definitively the massive Distributed DoS attack24,4652015-02-01 12:27:16Bandwidth, Performance, Troubleshoot, OperationsDoS, DDoS, iptables
Improving performance in PHP22,9432014-08-11 02:02:42Operation costs, Web development, Virtualization, Performance, Cloud providers, NoSql, Software developmentPerformance, Cassandra, PHP, C, C extensions, RAM, Ramdisk, Database Sharding
Creating a Content Filter for Postfix in PHP22,1922016-06-30 12:43:19Software development, DevOpsPHP, postfix, content filters, SMTP
Java validation Classes for Keyboard21,8692020-12-15 23:30:49Software development, JavaJava, java.util.Scanner, Data Validation
NAS and Gigabit21,0092013-08-18 14:54:43Amazon EC2, Bandwidth, Data Centers, Hardware, NAS, Rack Servers, Virtualization, Performance, Cloud providersAmazon EC2, Gigabit, NAS, Common Errors, Rack Servers, Blade Servers, Performance, Unix command: dd, disks: SATA, disks: SAS, disks: SSD, Mellanox
Scaling phantomjs with PHP19,7952015-06-17 15:55:04Bandwidth, Web development, TroubleshootPhantomjs, nodejs, SSL, Advisor, ghost-town
CSort multithread versus QuickSort with Java Source Code17,7152017-03-26 19:40:14Performance, Software development, AlgorithmsJava, csort, Quicksort, MultiThreading
csort, my algorithm that heavily beats quicksort12,7032015-05-25 23:09:56Performance, Software developmentPHP, C, Java, JIT Compilers, HHVM - Facebook's Hip Hop Virtual Machine, Algorithms, csort, Big-O, Big Data, Quicksort, Arrays
Raspberry Pi and osmc11,7452015-04-06 11:58:32Hardware, Casual techssh, RaspBerry Pi, osmc, Debian, htop, Start up
Begin developing with Cassandra10,7912014-07-31 21:45:29Operation costs, Web development, Performance, NoSql, Software developmentNoSql, Cassandra, PHP, LunaCloud, Java, Python
Linux command-line tools I usually install10,1632016-03-11 14:06:31Troubleshoot, OperationsPerformance, htop, mytop, ncdu, Systems, ethtool, iftop, perf, zram
What is PrototypeC and how you can DIY10,0482015-05-08 18:31:36Hardware, Raspberry Pi 2RaspBerry Pi, DIY, PrototypeC, Battery, touch screen, Raspberry Pi 2, Wearable, LXDE
Install Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSL 2 on Windows 10 64 bit, with Ubuntu, solution to error WslRegisterDistribution failed with error: 0x800700579,8692021-01-13 21:48:13Virtualization, Operating Systems, Windows 10 ProMap-Reduce, Debian, htop, Windows 10, Linux,, ETL, WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux, GitBash, Powershell, Kali Linux
Why you should not use t1.micro Amazon Free Tier9,1572013-08-30 10:31:47Amazon EC2, Performance, Cloud providersAmazon EC2, Performance, CMIPS, Vmware
Troubleshooting upgrading and loading a ZFS module in RHEL7.49,0332018-07-03 02:45:23Troubleshoot, Software development, DevOpsstrace, ZFS, RHEL
The Cloud is for Scaling8,5212013-09-21 22:16:42Amazon EC2, Bandwidth, Operation costs, Data Centers, NAS, Virtualization, Performance, DigitalOceanAmazon EC2, Cloud providers, Cost saving, NAS, ISP - Internet Service Provider, CloudWatch, DigitalOcean, SSD, Dropbox
Things I hate from PHP8,1022014-03-30 13:10:51Web development, Troubleshoot, Software developmentPHP, Sermepa, bug, featured
A simple sample to print colors in Terminal with Python (local tty or stty in a ssh)6,8972018-05-17 20:24:07Casual tech, PythonPython, Python 2.7, Python 3.6
Upgrade your Scalability with NoSql6,7642014-02-15 21:42:48NoSqlNoSql, Cassandra, MongoDb, Hadoop, Memcached, Redis, Map-Reduce, Riak, Project Voldemort
Curiosity Python string.strip() removes just more than white spaces6,5122018-11-27 19:04:18Troubleshoot, Software developmentPython, Python 2.7, Python 3.6, Curiosity
A quick note about symmetric encryption and entropy6,3892015-04-02 21:53:53Operation costs, Performance, Software developmentJava, UUID, encryption, Security, c-client
ZFS Improving iSCSI performance for Block Devices (trick for Volumes)6,3862018-10-19 11:18:53NAS, Performance, StorageZFS, zvol, iSCSI
CTOP.py6,1072020-01-12 17:39:36Data Centers, Virtualization, Cloud providers, Troubleshoot, Operations, Docker ContainersFirewall, htop, iftop, top, ctop
An Epic fail that are committing all the universities5,4132018-06-14 19:35:13Performance, Troubleshoot, Software development, HiringC, Python, Philosophy, University, Code
Some advice for WFH5,4012020-05-17 18:10:12Casual tech, WorkplaceRemote Work, WFH - Work from Home
My talk at OpenZFS 2018 about DRAID5,0762018-09-15 02:28:54Software development, Travel and countries, StorageZFS, DRAID, OpenZFS
Adding my Server as Docker, with PHP Catalonia Framework, explained4,9122019-07-03 07:00:43Web development, Virtualization, Cloud providers, DevOps, Docker ContainersAmazon EC2, Apache, Catalonia Framework, IaC Infrastructure as Code, git, lynx, Docker, Dockerfile
Creating a compressed filesystem with Linux and ZFS (using just files)4,6122018-09-26 15:48:56Performance, StorageZFS, Compression, LZ4
Adding a RAMDISK as SLOG ZIL to ZFS4,4112020-08-23 10:51:46Storage, MDRAID, NFS, ZFSSSD, Ramdisk, ZFS, SSD drives, ZIL, NVMe, IOC, SLOG, SSD Enterprise, 10GbE, Bonding, zpool, JBOD
A sample forensic post mortem for a iSCSI Initiator (client) that had connectivity problems to the Server4,3372019-08-12 18:30:54Troubleshoot, StorageZFS, iSCSI, Linux, Post-Mortem, Forensic
Solving Oracle error ORA 600 [KGL-heap-size-exceeded]4,3052021-02-01 19:38:37Web development, Troubleshoot, SRE, OracleOracle 10g, Oracle, Error ORA 600, KGL-heap-size-exceeded
Why Cloud is not optional4,1742013-02-22 23:12:38Amazon EC2, Bandwidth, Operation costs, Cloud providersAmazon EC2, Cloud providers, Servers, Instances, Cost saving
Dealing with Performance degradation on ZFS (DRAID) Rebuilds when migrating from a single processor to a multiprocessor platform4,1122019-06-07 14:49:30Data Centers, Hardware, NAS, Rack Servers, Performance, Troubleshoot, Operations, StorageCMIPS, htop, ZFS, DRAID, SAS, Multiprocessor, Memory, dmidecode, Expanders, iostat, dd, sg utils, lscpu, 4U90, 4U60, 4602, Spinning drives, SSD drives, QPI
Resources for Microservices and Business Domain Solutions for the Cloud Architect / Microservices Architect3,9232019-10-05 21:32:45Operation costs, Web development, Performance, Software development, Docker Containers, Microservices, PythonNoSql, PHP, Java, Python, Docker, Microservices, Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Business Domain, CI/CD, Galileo, Amadeus, GDS, ASP.NET Core, Flask
Create a small partition on the drives for tests3,8662019-04-18 16:46:39NAS, Troubleshoot, Operations, StorageBash, ZFS, fdisk, partition
Working in Cork, Ireland, for IT Engineers3,8562020-02-23 20:22:33Travel and countries, IrelandCork
Some handy tricks for working with ZFS3,8472019-06-25 21:50:06NAS, StorageRamdisk, ZFS, DRAID, partition, dd, parted, gpt, MBR, ZIL, screen
Solving a persistent MD Array problem in RHEL7.4 (Dual Port SAS drives)3,8092018-10-31 20:02:57Hardware, Troubleshoot, DevOps, Storage, MDRAIDZFS, RHEL, DRAID, MDRAID, RAID6, Dual port SAS
Lesson 0, learning to code in Python for non programmers3,7542020-03-31 18:47:02Software development, Casual tech, PythonPython, PyCharm, Video
Simulating a SAS physical pull out of a drive3,7332019-03-14 14:13:14Hardware, Operations, StorageZFS, SAS, Testing
Working in Barcelona, Catalonia, for IT Engineers3,7022020-02-23 21:20:14Travel and countries, CataloniaBarcelona
A script to backup your partition compressed and a game to learn about dd and pipes3,6802020-05-24 18:20:00Operations, Storage, BashBash, partition, dd, Bash Scripts, Backups, pv, STDOUT, STDERR, STDIN, zcat, zless, gzip, bzip2, pixz
Creating a VM for compiling ZFS with RHEL6.103,5852019-08-02 20:00:46Virtualization, Software development, Storage, Bash, ZFS, CZFS, RHEL, DRAID, VirtualBox
Bash Script: Count repeated lines in the logs3,5632020-05-02 13:55:51Troubleshoot, Software developmentBash,, Bash Scripts
A handy trick command line to get the usages of our Python Methods in the code3,5162019-07-15 18:41:26Software development, Casual tech, DevOpsPython, Bash, Dead code, Jenkins, PyCharm
Google Compute Engine Talk for Group Google Developers Cork3,5142019-02-06 16:14:49Virtualization, Performance, Cloud providers, Software development, Google Cloud, Google Compute EngineBash, Google Cloud, Load Balancer, AutoScaling, Ubuntu
Upgrading my new HP 14-bp060sa3,4952019-09-14 15:17:54Hardware, Troubleshoot, Software development, LaptopsVmware, Barcelona, Amazon, Windows 10, M.2, NVMe, HP, Hardware upgrade, Ireland, Laptop, Personal Security, Kitematic
Refreshing settings in a Docker immutable image with Python and Flask3,4022020-05-10 18:10:26Web development, Software development, Docker Containers, Microservices, PythonPython, Docker, Dockerfile, Jenkins, Flask, Artifactory
LDAPGUI a LDAP GUI program in Python and Tkinter3,3872020-06-27 23:21:56Software development, Operations, Python, OpenLDAPPython, Python 3.6, Docker, Dockerfile, LDAP, Tkinter, PHPLDAPMIN, docker-compose
Troubleshooting a shell prompt irresponsible that locks/hangs intermittently3,3152020-04-06 18:30:11Troubleshoot, Operations, DevOps, Storage, NAS, NFSBash, ssh, iSCSI, NFS, Lock, IO Lock, mount, dmesg
Post-Mortem: The mystery of the duplicated Transactions into an e-Commerce3,1472020-11-03 22:28:54Web development, Operations, DevOps, Reflections, Business, Databases, MySQL, SRE, Post-Mortem AnalysisWeb Development, PHP, Apache, UUID, Load Balancer, MySQL, FrontEnd, OOP, Transactions, Stored Procedures, E-Commerce, Akamai, Payment method: Parcelados, BackEnd, JSON, mysqldebugger, logs, JavaScript - Utility to calculate the bandwidth used by all your drives2,8282020-08-06 19:09:37Performance, Storage, NAS, MDRAID, NFS, Bashiostat, Bash Scripts, iotop,
How to recover access to your Amazon AWS EC2 instance if you loss your Private Key for SSH2,7722020-09-21 22:27:53Amazon EC2, Cloud providers, Operations, Security, MySQL, Amazon CloudAmazon EC2, ssh, Key pairs cert, Extreme situations
Troubleshooting apps in Linux2,6852013-11-22 14:18:52Performance, Troubleshootstrace, debug, ltrace, lsof
Making responsive WordPress Theme Twenty Twelve to support greater resolutions2,5822020-03-14 12:40:14Web development, Casual techWordPress, FrontEnd, WP Themes, CSS, Responsive Web
News from the blog 2020-09-212,5472020-09-24 21:10:31News for the blog, Amazon CloudWindows 10, DevOps, HTML, Frames, Squirrel Attack, Amazon Compute Optimized, jira, Confluence
Why is not a good idea to pass data via parameters via URL / GET2,4732013-04-13 17:01:59Web developmentGET, POST, URL encoding, Web Development
Raspberry Pi: Solving the problem GPIO.setup(self.number, GPIO.IN, self.GPIO_PULL_UPS[self._pull]) RuntimeError: Not running on a RPi! in Ubuntu 20.04LTS2,2602021-02-16 10:00:00Casual tech, Raspberry Pi 4, PythonPython, RaspBerry Pi, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4,, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Raspberry Pi 3D LED Christmas Tree, ARM Processors, Raspberry GPIO
News from the blog 2020-10-162,2412020-10-16 22:52:22Web development, Troubleshoot, Storage, News for the blog, Security, WordPress, BashCMIPS, Firewall, ZFS, Ubuntu, SAS, SAS 12Gbps, SATA3, HBA
News from the blog 2020-11-032,2142020-11-03 06:00:57Hardware, NAS, Operations, Storage, News for the blog, Books, ZFSZFS, Docker, VirtualBox, SAS 12Gbps, SATA3, UPS, PSU, KVM, PCI 4.0, NVMe SSD Samsung 980 PRO PCI 4.0 (x4), ASUS, ASUS Motherboards, AMD, Corsair, Icy Dock
News from the blog 2020-08-102,1002020-08-12 12:39:54News for the blogCOVID-19, WFH - Work from Home, Atlassian
News from the blog 2020-08-192,0792020-08-26 18:01:21News for the blogVmware, Python, ZFS, OpenZFS, PyCharm, VirtualBox, Python Combat Guide, OOP, JetBrains
Solving the problem when running a Docker Container: standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused "no such file or directory"2,0632021-03-27 22:43:13Operations, DevOps, Docker ContainersDocker, Dockerfile, CRLF, LF
News from the Blog 2020-07-192,0142020-07-19 14:17:05News for the blogAmazon, Netflix, WFH - Work from Home,, Slack, Hexagonal Architecture, HA Proxy
News from the Blog 2020-11-111,9272020-11-11 06:44:00Storage, News for the blog, Books, ZFSDIY, ZFS, 4K, Netflix, SAS 12Gbps, Disney+, Movember,, VR - Virtual Reality, Steam, Code for America, Charity, The Mandalorian, Star Wars
Media Player in my Raspberry Pi 41,9102020-03-13 22:11:54Casual tech, Living abroad, Raspberry Pi 4Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4, LibreELEC, Kodi, Media Player, 4K
Programs I use for Windows in my Workstations1,9052020-09-21 19:44:04Casual tech, WorkplaceVmware, Windows 10, PyCharm, VirtualBox, LDAP, RAR, Slack, MyDebugger, LibreOffice, GIMP, OBS, VNC, Editplus, HeidiSQL, SQLite, MariaDB
Extend existing Single ZFS disk with a mirror without losing the Data on the existing HDD1,8382021-01-31 18:18:00Virtualization, Storage, ZFSZFS, mirror, checksum, sha512sum
Upgrading the Blog after 5 years, AWS Amazon Web Services, under DoS and Spam attacks1,7172019-05-02 15:29:30Uncategorized, Amazon EC2, Virtualization, Performance, Cloud providers, Operations, DevOpsAmazon EC2, WordPress, Apache, Firewall, Catalonia Framework, MySQL, Snapshot, PHP7
A Bash script for counting the number of lines of your code1,6972020-12-29 18:21:15Python, BashBash Scripts
A sample way to return in Python not-to-do1,6842018-03-27 15:01:14Software development, Casual techPython
A base Dockerfile for my Jenkins deployments1,5272021-03-30 09:30:00Operations, DevOps, Docker Containers, Python, SRE, Unit TestingJava, Docker, Dockerfile, Jenkins, Python 3, pytest, Unit Testing, sshpass
Forcing a Kernel Panic in CentOS or RHEL1,5222019-04-16 13:01:08Troubleshoot, DevOpsCentOs, RHEL, Kernel Panic, Linux
Why I propose you to use Python 3.8, at least, for your Internal Automation Tools in Docker Containers1,4142021-03-23 18:10:00Software development, Operations, PythonPython, Python 3.6, Docker, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Python 3.7, Python 3.8, Python 3.9, EOL, wheel
Dropping caches in Linux, to check if memory is actually being used1,3682019-04-25 14:56:51Performance, Troubleshoot, Operations, DevOpsRamdisk, Cache, iSCSI, memory leak, top
cmemgzip Python tool to compress files in memory when there is no free space on the disk1,3622021-02-20 10:10:00DevOps, Reflections, ZFS, SRERamdisk, ZFS, Memory, zcat, gzip, swap, Python 3, cmemgzip, inode
Installing Red Hat Linux in a M.2 that crashes the installer1,3272019-08-20 20:00:34Performance, DevOpsRHEL, parted, M.2, xfs
A simple Bash one line script to log the temperature of your HDDs and CPUs in Ubuntu1,3112021-01-30 13:59:41Hardware, Troubleshoot, Bashscreen, tee, hddtemp, sensors
News from the blog 2020-12-161,3012020-12-16 20:40:16Bandwidth, Storage, News for the blog, Reflections, ZFSJava, ZFS, WFH - Work from Home, Bandwidth, Comcast, Game: Call of Duty,, Apache Kafka A simple Bash script to compress files in a directory, older than n days1,2922021-03-21 15:15:00Software development, BashBash Scripts, gzip, Cron
Solving Windows 10 PRO running Active Directory as Domain Admin1,2732021-01-25 10:10:00Operating Systems, Windows 10 ProWindows 10, Active Directory
News from the blog 2020-11-231,2662020-11-23 06:00:57News for the blog
News for the blog 2021-03-211,2542021-03-21 15:22:00News for the
A simple script to upload a PIP package1,2332021-03-21 07:00:00Software development, PythonPython, Pypy, pip
Erasure Coding, simple, for huge Storage needs1,2302019-06-19 14:23:50Data Centers, Rack Servers, StorageErasure Coding, RAID, Software Defined Storage - SDS, Scale out, OpenStack Swift
Curiosity Python 2.7 and print() from Python 3.61,2212018-11-07 12:21:03Software developmentPython, Python 2.7, Python 3.6, Curiosity
News from the blog 2021-01-111,2212021-01-11 18:30:00News for the blog, Python, Bash, PHP, JavaPHP, Java, Catalonia Framework, Python Combat Guide, WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux
News from the Blog 2021-03-041,1852021-03-03 18:10:00News for the, vokoscreenNG, cmemgzip
Reinstall PIP in Windows 10 after it got removed1,1782021-03-03 17:40:52Python, Windows 10 ProPython, Windows 10, pip
How to block scanners that look for vulnerabilities to your Ubuntu Apache site1,1672020-10-03 14:06:23Security, WordPress, BashApache, Ubuntu, ufw, Bash Shell Scripting
Solving an infinite loop in CentOS after inducing a Kernel Panic in a Server1,1132019-04-24 13:49:54Hardware, Rack Servers, Troubleshoot, OperationsCentOs, BMC, ipmi
Upgrading Amazon AWS EC2 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS1,0952021-06-05 21:25:46Operations, Operating Systems, Ubuntu LinuxAmazon EC2, Linux, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Fixing problems with audio not sounding after upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to 20.04.1 LTS1,0052020-10-13 13:31:23Troubleshootpulseaudio, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Swap, swappiness, Servers not responding9862021-05-27 21:08:19Rack Servers, Virtualization, Performance, DevOps, SRE, Post-Mortem Analysis, Ubuntu Linuxiostat, screen, iotop, swap, swappiness, tee, swapfile, swapoff,, couchbase
A trick to see what causes Python error Unindent does not match any outer indentation level with PyCharm9452020-10-12 18:33:38PythonPython, Python 3.6, PyCharm, Tab \t, indent
News from the Blog 2021-05-229122021-05-22 21:35:26News for the blogRaspberry Pi 4, Python Combat Guide,, Wifi, tp-link, Wifi Mesh, CIT University, UCC University
Working abroad and the English complexes and insecurity of non natives8802020-04-12 19:51:34Living abroad, Catalonia, Ireland, ReflectionsIreland, English
Python Combat Guide published7932020-05-04 06:35:10Software development, News for the blog, Python, BooksPython, Python 2.7, Python 3.6, Python Combat Guide
Adding a swapfile on the fly as a temporary solution for a Server with few memory7902020-11-17 22:10:29Performance, Operations, Post-Mortem AnalysisJava, dd, xfs, swap, swappiness, free, swapon, mkswap, fallocate, Java Heap, blkid
News for the blog, upwards and onwards7802020-03-06 11:22:35News for the blogSSL
Quick Access Selection7712020-03-17 09:10:46Uncategorized
A small Python + MySql + Docker program as a sample7242021-07-07 22:20:12Docker Containers, Python, MySQLPHP, Python 3.6, MySQL, Docker, Dockerfile, Python Combat Guide, HTML
The Ethernet standards group announces a new 800 GbE specification7232020-04-11 21:10:18Amazon EC2, Bandwidth, Operation costs, Virtualization, Performance, DigitalOcean, Software development, DevOps, Google Compute Engine, Docker Containers, Databases, MySQLCloud providers, Gigabit, Memcached, Redis, iostat, RAID, NVMe, Dock, IOC
Remote working is here6432020-03-13 15:32:00Living abroad, Updates from Carles, ReflectionsRemote Work
A simple trick to find your Git Submodules imports in Python by adding to Syspath6432020-08-10 23:13:27PythonPython, Python 2.7, Python 3.6, Python Combat Guide
I cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription6332020-03-29 18:48:47Reflections, BusinessAmazon, COVID-19, Amazon Prime, Delivery, Logistics, Netflix
Graphical programs I use usually in Linux6142021-05-19 01:06:44Ubuntu LinuxUbuntu, Linux, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Migrating some Services from Amazon to Digital Ocean5712021-08-09 20:45:49DigitalOcean, DevOps, Databases, MySQL, Amazon CloudDoS, WordPress, Apache, CentOs, MySQL, Docker, Dockerfile, gzip
Blocking some offending Ip's easily with Ubuntu ufw5232020-03-19 22:55:14Operations, Securityiptables, Firewall, Ubuntu, ufw
Creating Jenkins configurations for your projects5172021-04-05 18:19:00Software development, Operations, DevOps, SREDocker, Dockerfile, Jenkins, Jenkinsfile
Fixing Wifi not enabled in Linux Kali with Dell XPS laptop5142021-01-31 18:58:24TroubleshootKali Linux, Wifi, Dell xps
News from the blog 2021-02-105112021-02-10 10:10:00News for the blogGoogle Cloud, Windows 10, ZFS, Python Combat Guide,, DevOps, swappiness
Datacenters, D&R and coronavirus5082020-03-28 15:59:54Data Centers, Hardware, Rack Servers, Cloud providers, ReflectionsCloud providers, Disaster and Recovery (D&R), Data center, COVID-19
Video: Beginners Python: teaching to work with for, range, lists, dicts4782021-07-15 19:30:00PythonPython 3, Learn Python, Carles Mateo Python teaching classes
Cloning a Windows Application running in Wine4672021-05-13 13:23:56TroubleshootLinux, Wine (Windows Emulator), Spaces in code and filenames
A sample Flask application4322021-07-26 19:24:00Web development, Docker Containers, PythonPython, Docker, Dockerfile, Python Combat Guide, Flask, Star Wars, Python 3
A live session refactoring and adding Unit Testing to my Python3 project cmemgzip3892021-03-01 18:10:00Python, Unit TestingPython 3, cmemgzip, pytest, Unit Testing, Refactor
My PHP Script to see WordPress Posts and Views ordered by Views3782021-08-15 16:01:39Web development, Software development, CMS, WordPress, PHPPHP, WordPress, Plugins WordPress, WP-PostViews WordPress Plugin
News from the Blog 2021-07-013492021-06-25 16:12:00Google Compute Engine, News for the blog, Security, PythonCMIPS, Python Combat Guide, Python 3, Cryptomining, Judit GirĂ³, Blue Box, Crowdfunding
News from the blog 2021-07-232772021-07-23 10:00:00News for the blog, Python, MySQLPython, PHP 7, MySQL, Docker, Dockerfile, Python Combat Guide, carleslibs
Microservices vs. Service Based Architecture2752021-06-05 21:22:04Software development, Microservices, Books, Service-based ArtchitectureWeb Development, Microservices, Web Services, Mark Richards, Fundamentals of Software Architecture book, The monolith
News of the blog 2021-08-162442021-08-16 16:07:00Web development, Virtualization, Docker Containers, News for the blog, MySQL, CMS, WordPress, ZFS, PHPPHP, Apache, ZFS, MySQL, Docker, Star Wars
Have a cheap Ubuntu in your Windows or Mac with Docker1652021-09-02 21:14:45Virtualization, Casual tech, Docker Containers, Python, Operating Systems, Ubuntu LinuxPython, Windows 10, Docker, Dockerfile, VirtualBox, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Mac OS X
News from the blog 2021-09-07692021-09-07 16:27:22News for the blog, Python, BooksFirewall, Python Combat Guide, Learn Python, Carles Mateo Python teaching classes
Released Python CarlesLibs version 0.99.2662021-08-27 21:32:15Updates from Carles, PythonPython, Python 3.6, carleslibs
Python Game Tic Tac Toe542021-09-19 18:15:08Algorithms, PythonPython, Python 3, Learn Python, Python 3 Exercises for Beginners
Generating a Word Cloud of Tags in Python232021-09-21 11:16:00PythonPython 3, Image generation, PNG File format, Tag Cloud, Python WordCloud, Python matplotlib
News from the blog 2021-09-20192021-09-20 06:00:00Amazon EC2, Cloud providers, Docker Containers, News for the blog, Python, Books, Amazon CloudAmazon EC2, Cloud providers, Snapshot, Docker, Amazon AMI
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