Food I love

2020-03-8 So for my colleagues at Blizzard, that’s the list of foods I love:

I really love good food, so the list is long. My favorite food is the Steak, that I cook with caramelized onion and melted cheese a point of honey and raspberry jam aside, and the omelette with Irish mushrooms, melted cheese, and ham.

The steak with caramelized onion cheese
Omelette with Irish mushroom, melted caramelized onion cheese and ham

I love fried sweet potatoes too, which I cook with non-oil air fryer.

And I really like Japanese sushi, udon, Chinese and Thai food. But I dislike spicy. Italian meat balls and pasta are great. And a good cheese fondue. And Steak Tartar. The Irish pooled pork is worth mention it.

I love Catalan food, some you can’t miss:

  • “pa amb tomaquet“
  • “fuet”
  • “espetec”
  • “butifarra d’ou”
  • “Esqueixada de bacalla”
  • “Xató from Sitges”
  • “Calçotada”
  • “Truita de patates“ can be legendary.
Catalan butifarra d'ou
Butifarra d’ou

Just write me if you go a Barcelona and want me to recommend some nice restaurants.

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