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CQLSÍ stand for Cassandra Query Language Simple Interface.

It also means Cassandra Query Language Yes! (Sí in Catalan means Yes).

This is an interface for PHP to work with Cassandra.

I created it in 2014, and added to my PHP Framework, Catalonia Framework. Which is a very lightweight yet very powerful Framework that uses extremely few memory, supports Cache, Templates with caching regions, MySQL and PostgreSQL and Cassandra.

It works so well that I didn’t release a new version for years.

To download only Cassandra Query Language Simple Interface for PHP, without the Catalonia Framework:

Last update is from 2014-01-29, v. 1.2.4

git clone https://github.com/cataloniaframework/cqlsi_v1_stable.git

To see it working in the Catalonia Framework web site, you can clone the page:

git clone https://github.com/cataloniaframework/cataloniaframework_v1_sample_website

At least for the duration of a Master, all a class at Kennesaw State University was using CQLSÍ to work with Cassandra from PHP. :)

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