CTOP.py is an Open Source tool for System Monitoring.

It is written in Python 3, with no external libraries (everything is read from the Linux Kernel, /proc…). Support for Python 2.7 was added.

You can clone it from gitlab:


The idea is to provide all the info that we need to troubleshoot a system in a single view (or to do with an screenshot).

The tool uses only Python 3 and no external libraries. 

Every metric is read from Linux Kernel (/proc /sys /dev…) so it can be used as a tool to learn about Linux Internals, and Python and Unit Testing as well.

Provides the functionality of utilities like:

  • Ip addr
  • Uname
  • Uptime
  • Iftop
  • Htop
  • Df
  • Free
  • Netstat for listening Ports
  • Whoami

It detects when it is running in The Cloud, OpenStack, VMware, VirtualBox, Docker… and prints is. Very helpful to identify which kind of CSP we are connecting via ssh.


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