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Disclaimer: Please note I work for Blizzard. These are my personal views as Human Being and videogames player.

TitleScore (0 to 5)PlatformNotesStarted playing
StarCraft 25PC, WindowsMy favorite oneLooooong time ago.
Assassin’s Creed Valhala5Xbox One X SeriesTotally amazing. It has many, and that means many more than 100 hours, of playable hours of game.2020-12-15
Cyberpunk 2077Xbox One X SeriesI’m waiting until some more patches are delivered in order to enjoy it as it was intended to be.
Terminator Resistance3Xbox One XIf feels old. Like a previous generation console. It says Xbox One X Enhanced but I don’t see the 4K anywhere.2020-12-06
Star Wars Squadrons5Xbox One X2020-11-12
Nintendo Boxing5Nintendo SwitchTo make exercise2020-09-14
Diablo 35Xbox One X
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands5Pc, WindowsI appear on the credits of the game <3
Fall Guys5Pc, Windows2020-09-12
Let’s Sing 2018, Let’s Sing 2019,
Let’s Sing 2020
5Nintendo SwitchI bought all the extra songs available :)2018
Immortal unchained5Xbox One XThe AIM system fails sometimes to walls, and it is so easy to fall to the void when dodging and has some bugs. Still a great videogame.2020-09
I played for Halloween too. :D
Finished on 2020-11-02 19:01. I played a total of 58 hours 47 minutes.
Sekiro Shadows die twice5Xbox OneI love it, but is so hard.
Is the ultimate responsible of two Xbox One controllers having died the triggers.
Lords of the Fallen5Xbox OneReally really nice.
Bought it after finishing The Surge 2.
The Surge5Xbox OneWas hard. I was unable to pass the first boss
The Surge 25Xbox OneOne of my favorites ever.
I’ll share a trick: there are green card doors, and red card door, and the red card is nearly impossible to find… even in Google… so I explain it here: there is no red card, the doors that have red panel is just indicating that you don’t have the proper card. There are several cards but they are not organized by color.
Finished it on August 2020.
Command and Conquer (all)5Pc, WindowsI recently bought a pack with all of them, again.
Dead rising5Xbox
Dead Rising 45Xbox One
Assassin’s Creed Syndycate5Xbox One
Halo5Pc, Windows
Halo 35XboxI bough the Xbox for this game.
Zombie Army Trilogy5Xbox OneThat really shocked me.
Lost Planet5Xbox 360One of my favourites for Xbox 360. All the series are avail for Windows.

Oldies: Dune 2, Warcraft, Diablo series, Total War, Age of Empires, Doom, Street Fighter, Defenders of the crowd, Mortal Combat, Zelda (SNES), Mario Bross

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