Current Projects

I’m always working in different projects, creating.

If you want to support my Open Source work you can make a donation.

These are the projects, that I created, and are alive, I’m currently working:

Carleslibs – An Open Source package for Python, which offers powerful and reliable features to quick development Python applications.

Catalonia Framework – An Open Source PHP Framework, very flexible yet powerful, to create Web projects very fast minimizing errors. Created in year 2013.

It supports multi-language, cache, blocks in webpages that can be cached, Cassandra, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and uses really few memory.


CMIPSCloud Million Instructions Per Second, Cloud MIPS or Carles MIPS ;) . I have created my own CPU-power + Ram-speed measurement tool and unit and I compare the CPU+Ram performance of different Cloud providers, compare to physical servers performance also, so everyone knows what is more powerful and can wisely choose. A ranking and scale with graphs is maintained there. Also prices are reflected and compared. CUP Cost of Unit Process shows the cost of a CMIP in USD so you can choose wisely.


My Backup solution that works with the Cloud, ZFS, NFS, Erasure Coding, CRC of the files, Compression… Backups files, Databases. I designed a plugin architecture which means it very easily extensible.

Technically can be used in Windows but I only test and maintain it in Linux.

Commander Turtle

A simple program inspired by Logo and based on turtle Python.

I created it so children can learn to program in a fun way, and making easy to share their creations in a scripted way.

One Spin-off of one of the technologies I invented for my different Messenger Softwares.
CSCALE offers distributed Storage with no single point of failure, and focus on distributing the disk usage across Servers and Racks with EC (Erasure Coding), and rebalancing the Data to other Servers, and dealing with Disaster and Recovery. It’s very easy to transport an already ongoing Erasure Coding Cluster to another topology with different Servers structure, or even split in the Cloud with different Cloud Providers and replication factors for geographic availability.

Cassandra Universal Driver – A driver for Cassandra that works as a web service and allows to use Cassandra from any language: PHP, Perl, Lua, ColdFusion, ASP, Delphi, Javascript, Flash, bash with wget… It allows deep level of configurations by adding more layers and is easily extendible to cache queries in memcached or redis clusters.


C-Client – C-Client is a multi-platform Messenger written in Java.It works in Linux (Gnome, KDE, unity), Mac, and windows.

Also on Raspberry Pi, yes. :)

I was tired of all the big corpos and the NSA keeping and spying our conversations, so I created my own communication system that encrypts everything, to talk with my friends.

It is in early beta. As prior experience I created the first Messenger in 1996 (only icq was there), it was revolutionary, created another in 2004 from my Start up, it was also excelling the moment, and created another again in 2012 but only for my internal testing, and now I come again, but with more experience and funding and a clear idea.


Conceived for when a Server completely fills the disk and to save the day when you don’t have more options, this Python 3 Open Source utility will compress the file in memory, will check permissions, the size of the compressed file, and will delete the original and store the much smaller compressed version.

Ideally used for big logs, core dumps, BigData Data series… – an Open Source Tool I created to get all the key metrics from a Linux System, under the point of view of Operations Engineering.

Has features unique like showing the swappiness and others like htop, top, iftop, ip, netstat, free, df, uname…

Detects if session is running inside OpenStack, Amazon AWS, google GCE, Docker, lxc…

Displays different colors, like red for errors, yellow for warnings (low memory)

It reads from /proc mainly without using third party libraries.

EasyZFS – A Python Linux program to easily handle your interactions with ZFS, Volumes, iSCSI shares, etc…

Erasure Code – A project to scale infinitely using Erasure Codes with no single point of failure.

Exhaust Memory – a Python 3 simple project that consumes all the available memory in the system so you can test your servers and swap performance.

Maria Teresa NotationFor Java. For PHP. For Python. A standard for naming variables in code languages and in field for relational/NoSql databases. After successfully used it on many projects and taught to my Teams, with much satisfaction, and agreeing with super-Engineers/DevOps in Silicon Valley, that use similar notations, I’m working to publish it as a reference for new developments.


PrototypeC – A project to create portable, tiny, lightweight, DIY, secure Linux personal computers based on cheap-yet-powerful ARM processors.

Currently the basic prototype weights 160 g. $60 USD and is controlled from the Smartphone, tablet or external monitors.

I’ve versions with Debian Jessie, Raspbian and Ubuntu 14.10 for ARM.

MinMemory – A NoSql InRam Engine key/value with multi-column store, in memory, written in Java that solves the “thundering herd” problem for heavy loaded sites.


MySql Proxy Cache and Debugger – A Commercial project that offers a transparent Tcp/Ip proxy for MYSQL that automatically cache the queries in Memory and automatically discard if the data has changed from a WRITE operation (INSERT, REPLACE, UPDATE, DELETE, ALTER…). It also offers Debugging functionality to see the MySql Client Server protocol, and to store the queries in a log file. It has its own set of SQL commands to get info of the use of memory, cache hits, statistics, etc.. Versions for Linux, Solaris, Mac Os X and Windows Server.

Easy No DoS – A commercial product that transparently is put in front of the Web, and stops DoS and DDoS by blocking the Ips that have requested more than a number of times in a given interval, for example blocking ip’s that request more than 50 times in a minute, freeing the Server with no action. It also bans according to a URL pattern (for example xmlrpc). Is a ultra cheap IDP/IDS zero administration tool program for non System Administrators. Versions for Linux, Solaris, Windows Server.

Easy Load Balancer – A Commercial product that transparently balances the connections to the Servers indicated, using round robin. It balances al kind of Tcp/Ip connections (Web, MySql, Cassandra, Sendmail). The Load Balancer will automatically remove a Server from the list if it is down and issue a warning. Can also be used for bridging different Networks. Is a cheap, zero administration tool, Load Balancer for non System Administrators. Versions for Linux, Solaris, Windows Server.

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