Thanks to, 2014

2014 August

Thanks to CloudSigma for inviting me to their headquarters, for scheduling a company’s party the same night of my arrival (it was really great guys!), for the great discussions on technology and for allowing me to benchmark the performance of the new Intel Xeon CPUs in a 4xCPU super Server.

2014 February

Thanks to Datastax and PlanetCassandra guys for sending me the t-shirt and the sticker.

carlesmateo-photo-cassandra-t-shirt-and-stickerThey were so nice to send me that detail after the publication of my Cassandra’s wrapper to use the database from PHP without Thrift.


You can download CQLSÍ from Catalonia Framework’s Download page.


2014 January

Thanks to CloudSigma for sending me a wonderful bottle of Scottish whisky to thank that I analysed their Cloud solution from


I shared with my Team at this, my project

Thanks also for providing the platform so I can run extensive tests and special prices to move my projects there.

Later on January 2014 I was invited by them to lunch and to visit their infrastructure in the States. And I saw that they use really amazing technologies to provide the best performance. Cool.

2014 January

Thanks to Facebook for inviting me to travel to the States and visiting the campus at Menlo Park, Silicon Valley, California to interview for a Manager position at the Production Engineering. Glad you liked my ideas. ;) Thanks guys, you were really nice!.

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