Movies I saw

December 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
BruisedNetflix5Fighting, DramaThe history of a MMA fighter and her drama.
It contains violent bloody scenes and is hard. You can see some scum people.
But is a very very good movie.

November 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Dune (2021)Cinema (2D)4SciFi, RemakeMmm… bittersweet feelings.
The movie is too slow, and for me feels old in the sense that year 10,000 should be more modern. Then they do promotion of bullfighting and they spit to prepare a coffee, and they use swords and no guns but can bomb from space ships. Weird. Also is too long, 2h 35 minutes in the cinema, in a crowded cinema, with a young girl around her 20s putting their feet next to me, over the contiguous seat where people has the head. And even if I moved one seat right, the smell of feet arrived to me. After almost two years of covid without going to the cinema, not polite, disrespectful people ruined the show.
After 2h 15 minutes I had to go to the rest room, and I decided to leave. I will see the rest in Netflix some time after.
The ticket was 13.20€, a 160 gram M&M and 100 g candies and a medium Sprite costed 12.20€. So total 25.20€. Nobody controlled vaccination certificate at the entrance.
Special effects of the small ships are cool, armors are cool, well known actors and the movie is Ok for any dune fan. But all of this remembered me why cinemas will close and online platforms are taking over.
Company of HeroesNetflix4War, WW2Typical war movie, with not a big budget. Ok if you don’t have high expectations.
ScrewedNetflix5War, Violence, DramaUK movie about a soldier that comes back to civil life and start working in a prison with dangerous inmates.
3% (final season)Netflix5War, Drama, Humor (unintended)I started watching this series with Alex, when she was living with me while she would decided what to do with her life. We had tons of fun, specially because our wild and sincere humor sense. We were having plenty of fun of surrealist situations, and dramatic and exaggerated acting of the characters.
We had tons of fun watching the first 3 seasons, and when she decided to study in another country, I hold the 4th Season til now.
I had fun remembering how crazy they are, and how surrealistic is everything, and had fun watching this final season. I commented with Alex how crazy the Álvarez are and we both mentioned how great would had been if she was here. :)
If you don’t take this series too seriously and look for the edge cases, 3% is pretty fun.
Jungle CruiseDisney+5Humor, Adventures, FantasyFunny and nice adventures comedy.
Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten ringsDisney+5Adventures, Humor, Avengers series, FantasyLovely comedy and action movie mixing Avengers and Magic. It has some violence, but can be seen by youngsters imo.
Red NoticeNetflix4Adventures, HumorAbout international art thieves.
I felt bad about how normalized is not having care about ancient, unique art, open fire in the middle of those invaluable millennial parts of our past.
If you don’t think too much it’s enjoyable.
21 bridges (2019)Netflix5Police, ThrillerA very nice movie. Actually had been a while since I saw a thriller that cool.
Hard Target 2 (2016)Netflix3Drama, ActionTerrible. Very predictable movie with a bit of nonsense.
Attraction 2 InvasionAmazon Prime4SciFi, LoveFff….. given how good was the first part, this was totally disappointing.
Walking Dead World Beyond SE02Amazon Prime5ZombiesReally good. Better than the first season, and bring clarity over the main Walking Dead.
PortalsAmazon Prime3TerrorTerrible terror. Low budget movie conformed by independent episodes. Some nonsenses prevented it to get to 4.

October 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
The quiet hour (2014)Netflix4SciFi, DramaA young girl taking care of his brother in a planet Earth invaded by killing aliens and bad people. Is very slow and it doesn’t have great effects.
Black WidowDisney+4Action, Avengers worldMyself I found parts of it boring.
Both sisters are full of drama and resentfulness.
The Orville (SE02)Disney+5SciFi, HumorThis Star Trek clone without teleporting keeps been very nice, like in season 1.
Escape the UndertakerNetflix5Interactive, Humor, TerrorYou can choose the course of the action in this funny movie about MMA characters.
Squid Game SE01Netflix4Drama, ViolenceA Korean production that makes no sense, but achieves to captivate due to the strange mix of personalities of the characters. Disappointed me.
The forgotten battle (2021)Netflix5War, Drama, ViolenceA good war movie, about a battle of the second world war. Warning: it has more blood than a vampire’s movie.
Night Teeth (2021)Netflix4VampiresAn average movie about vampires with few good points.
Another Life (SE02)Netflix5SciFi, AliensInteresting enough. Leaves a sweet taste.
Nobody sleeps in the woods tonight 2Netflix3Horror, HumorI was expecting more from this movie. Was not very good honestly.
The intergalactic adventures of Max CloudAmazon4Fantasy, Teenager, Humor, SciFiI expected much more when I saw it announced in Amazon’s email. It is Ok if you have nothing better to do, but it doesn’t excels in anything.
Army of thievesNetflix5Adventures, Humor, ActionVery nice one, prequel of Army of the Dead, which is brilliant too.

September 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Sweet Girl (2021)Netflix5Action, ThrillerA very entertaining movie.
It is a bit violent.
The 5th WaveAmazon4SciFi, ActionAn alien movie for an adolescent audience.
ShazamAmazon4SciFi, Action, ComedyA super heroes movies for the young audiences. Not bad, but I expected more.
Boss LevelAmazon5SciFi, Action, Thriller, Dark Humor, ViolenceA very cool movie. Really amazing.
One day repeats the same die while a gang of assassins keep killing him one day and another and another.
Tom Clancy’s Without RemorseAmazon4Action
Chaos WalkingAmazon5SciFi, ActionA planed colonized by humans. Some problems… Very recommendable.
StuberDisney+5Action, HumorA great movie. Funny and cool.
I watched with GroupWatch and it was great to see it synchronized. Note we were seeing it in different languages, which is even more great.
ProspectAmazon4SciFi, ActionToo slow. Has some good points but it was hard for me to finish it. I would give it a 3, but has many good points to give it a 3.
Kate (2021)Netflix5Action, ViolenceBoom boom lemon.
Survivor (2014)Amazon3SciFi, ActionIt was promising, but it failed abruptly to meet the expectations.
The Orville (SE1)Netflix5SciFi, HumorA Star Trek clone with some humor.
Robot Overlords (2014)Netflix5SciFi, Juvenile adventuresTargeted for teenagers, is fun and entertaining.
Escape Plan
The Extractors
Netflix3ActionI didn’t like much, it was so slow. Nothing especial.
Free GuyDisney+5Videogames, Humor, Action, RomanticI liked this movie very much.
If you love videogames you’ll see winks to many of your favorite games.

August 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Guns Akimbo (2019)Amazon5Humor, Action, Dark humor, ViolenceWeird, gory, funny.
Jolt (2021)Amazon4Action, ViolenceNice movie. Somewhat dark.
Black Easter (2021)Amazon3Action, SciFi, ReligiousAn ambition trailer that lead to a poorly finished movie. Disappointing and superficial.
S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies (Season 1)Amazon5Action, ZombiesReally well made. I’m enjoying it.
The seventh sonAmazon5Action, FantasyVery nice.
Solomon KaneNetflix4Action, FantasyDisappointing. I found this antihero continuously depressed.
Momentum (2015)Amazon4ActionAnother girl agent against the bad guys. She does tons of silly mistakes giving leverage to the bad guys.
Future ManAmazon5SciFi, Humor, ActionTime travelers, pure fighters, come back to past to get the help of a nerd, to salve the world. Pretty hilarious.
Star Wars (all the saga)Disney+5SciFi, Humor, ActionI rewatched all the titles, from Episode I to Episode IX passing from Solo and Rogue I, with extended cuts.
The Walking Dead SE11Disney+5Zombies, Action, SuspenseSo far only Episodes 1 and 2 has been released, and I liked it very much.

July 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Snakes on a plane (2006)Netflix5Humor, TerrorSomewhat old. I got it recommended. It’s a mix of fun and dark humor. Entertaining as I expected.
Code RedNetflix4Zombies, ActionWell has some good points, also it happens in Bulgaria which is a country that I visited.
Is just Ok, with some good points.
War of TomorrowAmazon Prime5Action, SciFiVery cool. And long. I enjoyed it.
Fast & Furious Hobbs and ShawnNetflix5ActionEntertaining. If you don’t have big expectations, just looking for a good time, is nice.
Peninsula (Train to Busan 2)Amazon Prime5Zombies, ActionThe second part of the mythic Train to Busan.
It is not that intense, and particularly to me the voices and faces that Korean movies use I believe to generate humor result a bit ridiculous, but still is a great movie.
HostileAmazon Prime4Zombies, Drama, LoveA different story about zombies.
Too slow but has good points too.
Daylight’s End (2016)Amazon Prime3Zombies, ActionNot very good.
Deep Space (2016)Amazon Prime4SciFi, DramaI don’t know if some ares CGI or real actors.
Somewhat slow.
Baby driverNetflix4ActionNot bad, slow at times, I would have not categorized as in Comedies like Netflix did.
Resident Evil Infinite Darkness (S1)Netflix4Zombies, Based on videogames, AnimationThe animation, the movement, the history is not so well produced as the previous.
How I became a Super Hero (2021)Netflix5Action, Super powersPretty nice. I don’t like some French movies but this was really nice. It is strange to see a movie where people smoke at work. I didn’t know that is allowed in France.
Major Grom Plague Doctor (2021)Netflix5ActionVery cool movie.
The watermanNetflix5DramaI prefer to avoid dramas normally. I didn’t know it was, so I watched it.
It’s pretty nice. But I advise is a bit of sad drama.
The Doorman (UK)Amazon Video5ActionVery cool.
Another WorldAmazon Video3Zombies, ActionA series B movie. Not very good but with the first plane actors doing a good job.
Red 2 (2013)Netflix5Action, HumorFrom 2013, but a entertaining one from Bruce Willis.
ColombianaNetflix4ActionA bit exaggeration, but entertaining.
Safe (2012)Netflix5Action
Stargate ContinuumAmazon Video4SciFiA bit old, but entertaining.
Assault on 13 districtNetflix4ActionAn old one, but I rewatched it.
Scary Movie 2 (2001)Netflix4HumorExploits the topics to make absurd humor. For having a funny time is ok.
Blood Red Sky (2021)Netflix5Drama, Action, HorrorVery nice movie.
The Crossing (Season 01)Amazon5SciFi, Drama
Shadow in the Cloud (2021)Amazon5Action, HorrorA woman, pilot in the second war. She is epic.

June 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Oxygen (2021)Netflix5SciFi, AnxietyAlmost perfect.
Next GenNetflix5Animation, SciFi
Black Summer (S1)Netflix5ZombiesI like it because it is weird. Very weird.
Xtreme (2021)Netflix4ActionA Catalan movie happening in Barcelona, filmed Hollywood’s style. I liked the Catalan expressions they introduce as to share something about our culture, despite the character are clearly not belonging to our cultural group, the attempt to reflect something about our culture is appreciated.
Resident Evil Degeneration (2008)Netflix5Animation, ZombiesNot bad for the year it was created.
Resident Evil Vendetta (2017)Netflix5Animation, Zombies
MastermindsNetflix5Humor, Action, Based on actual eventsThe crazy history of the biggest robbery in the United States History. Is not a great movie, but has enough moments of laughs. if you watch it in good company fun is granted, so I decided to give it a 5.
AwakeNetflix5Drama, DisasterGreat movie.
Infinite (2021)Paramount+5Action, SciFiCritics have been not nice with this movie, I particularly enjoyed it. Basically it’s entertaining.
Anti-lifeNetflix3SciFi, HorrorI’m sorry for Bruce Willis but this movie was terrible.
Jiu JitsuNetflix5SciFi, ActionIf you don’t expect great philosophy teachings, just fun and a product easy to watch, it’s entertaining.
RockNRolla (2008)Netflix5Action, HumorA dark comedy about gangsters and yonkies and honest thieves.
A bit weird, but fun.
The dead don’t dieNetflix3Zombies, HumorBoring. Too slow.
Cosmic Sin4SciFi, ActionNot too bad.
Vampires versus The BronxNetflix4Vampires, HumorJuvenile vampires movie.
Ok to spend a while, without great expectations.
Mortal Kombat (2021)5Action, Martial Arts, Based on videogamesFor all the fans of the movies and the videogames pretty nice.
Red TailsNetflix5Action, History, Drama, WarA wonderful piece. Absolutely recommended.
Angry Birds 2Netflix5Humor, Animation, Based on videogamesIf you like innocent movies based or cartoons, this is funny enough.
Black Summer (S2)Netflix5ZombiesNot as weird as the first one, but weird enough. The performance of the actors is great, with those realistic faces, the character make nonsense decisions non stop.

May 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Jupiter’s LegacyNetflix5Fantasy, SciFiSurprising super heroes series.
Gemini ManNetflix4ActionWill Smith shooting here and there.
Army of the DeadNetflix5Action, ZombiesAlmost perfect. Is not a five, but a 4 dot nine.
Penguins of Madagascar , the movieNetflix5Humor, AnimationFunny adventures of the Penguins.
Resident Evil DamnationNetflix5Action, Horror, AnimationI kept the “horror” because it comes from a Resident Evil, but is more an Action movie than a horror one.
MIB Men in Black InternationalNetflix5Action, Scifi, HumorTo have a funny time, with no deep thinking.
EdenNetflix5Animation, ScifiA very sweet movie.
The Mitchells vs the MachinesNetflix5Animation, ScifiVery funny and “weird”. Original.

April 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Jarhead 2Netflix5WarAnimation about Pacific Rim.
Very Cool.
Nobody is watching (Seasson 1)Netflix5Fantasy, Angels, HumorAngelus, irreverent humor.
Thunderforce (2021)Netflix5Humor, ScifiDifferent, irreverent, superheroes humor.
Toc TocNetflix5HumorA Spanish movie, about a peculiar of people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD, in Spanish TOC Transtorno Obsesivo Compulsivo)
Yes DayNetflix4Humor, Children moviesMovie with easy humor for children. Funny enough to be watched.
Love and MonstersNetflix5Humor, Action, LoveFunny movie about a post apocalyptic world rules by giant monsters mutated.
Wrong MissyNetflix5Humor, LoveVery funny. Different from what I was expecting. Hilarious.
2067 (2021)Youtube Video Rent5Scifi, Time TravelA very interesting movie, with many concepts and paradox. Is 1h45m long but it is short for what it can have been.
At some moments can be a bit slow, but for me it was great.
StowawayNetflix4Scifi, SpaceThe 80% of the movie is great, the last 20% is disappointing.

March 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Pacific Rim the BlackNetflix5SciFi, ActionAnimation about Pacific Rim.
Very Cool.

Sisyphus: Season 1
Netflix5SciFi, Action, RomanticKorean one with subtitles in English.

Tribes of Europa: Season 1
Netflix4SciFi, PostApocalliptic future
Edge of ExtinctionAmazon Video4PostApocallipticLow budget. Decent enough.
Beyond Skyline
3022Amazon Video4SciFi, DramaNot perfect, but good enough.
Robot Riot (2021)Amazon Video3SciFi, warLow budget, terrible acting and bad scifi effects.
SentinelleNetflix5ActionVery good movie about revenge against the very bad guys, with a focus on “they will do it again if not stopped”.

February 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Hotel ArtemisNetflix4ActionDisappointed in some aspects, very good in others. To get distracted an evening is fine. Probably I would assign 4.5 but I don’t want to give scores with decimals.
Ana and the ApocalypseNetflix4Zombies, MusicalAn humor movie with a curious mix.
Space Sweepers (2021)Netflix5SciFiVery nice Korean title, with audio in English. Special effects are very cool.
Finding Ohana (2021)Netflix5Adventures for kidsA movie for kids, happening in Hawaii and showing a lot of things from their culture.
Sucker Punch (2011)Netflix3DramaDrama with a weird mix of dark people, girls semi naked and mini movies of SciFi interlaced . I disliked it.
Kenny Begins (2009)Netflix4SciFi HumorAbsurd humor. Swedish movie, I watched with subtitles in English. Made me laugh. :)
News of the World (2021)Netflix5WesternAmazing. Only Tom Hanks can do a western those times, and being awesome.
Monster Run (2020)Netflix5Fantasy, ActionChinese Cantonese movie with subtitles in English.
Pretty cool.
SabotageNetflix4ActionSchwarzenegger playing as a DEA Lead of squad.
Final Space SE01 and SE02Netflix5SciFi, SpaceAnimated cartoon very funny.

January 2021

TitleWhereScore 0/5GENRENOTES
Self/Less (2015)Netflix5SciFi ThrillerI really enjoyed this SciFi title.
The history of future folkNetflix4SciFi HumorLow budget, non-sense, humor SciFi movie. Nice.
Outside the wire (2021)Netflix4SciFi ThrillerVery good special effects.
Cobra Kai (Season 3)Netflix5Martial Arts HumorA piece of art.
SputnikNetflix5SciFi ThrillerOriented in the 80’s.
Escape Room (2019) 1h39mNetflix5ThrillerA bit dark, but maintains suspense.
Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1Amazon Prime Video5Zombies ThrillerHigh quality spin-off with adolescents running 10 years after the night the sky fell.

December 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5NOTES
Star Trek Discovery SE02 and SE03Netflix5
The Cure – Zombie short filmYoutube3That’s totally a B series fan movie, but I was surprised about a hidden message.
Probably religious people will enjoy.
Alice in Borderland (Season 1)Netflix5Japanese series, in English, about some killing games in an alternative Tokio.
Hard KillNetflix3
Doctor Who Return of Doctor Mysterio (2016)Netflix4Entertaining for a while if you watched Doctor Who from TV years ago.
Sweet Home (SE01)Netflix5Asian Terror / Horror from Netflix.
The midnight skyNetflix5Spaceships and a cataclysm.
Zombie movie (2012)Youtube4A Russian, subtitled to English, low budget zombie movie, however pretty decent and not too long.

November 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5NOTES
Ninja Assassin (2008)Netflix5I saw log time ago, but I watched again today and I enjoyed too.
Anger of the Dead (2016)Amazon4For a low budget, not too bad.
The Mandalorian (Season 2)Disney+5The quality of the image is brutal, and the show is fantastic, like S01.
Frozen 2Disney+5Almost as nice as the first part.
KL24: Zombies (2017)Youtube3A micro budget zombie movie in English, with Malay and Chinese participants. I didn’t like a disrespectful comment they did about Bangladesh revolution.
This movie has very interesting conversations on a different culture.
Mortal EnginesNetflix5
The BeastNetflix4
Shanghai FortressNetflix5

October 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5NOTES
Northmen (2014)Netflix4Very macho movie.
XXX Return of Xander CageNetflix4
Aliens (Seasson 1)Netflix4Humor. An alien ship arrives to Hearth. Aliens are very similar to humans, but not completely. Their hair is a powerful drug. Aliens live in an apartheid, in Troy, with the only exit in the border control.
Kangaroo Jack (2003)Netflix4
Achoo (2020)Netflix5Sweet and curious Taiwanese movie about superheroes and love.
John Henry (2020)Netflix5I like good men. Sensitive ones.
The babysitter 2, Killer QueenNetflix4I preferred the first part.
Watched it for Halloween. :)
The Boys (Season 1)Amazon Video5Superheroes. With some dark humor.

September 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5NOTES
Cobra Kai (Season 1 and 2) Netflix5Karate Kid after 34 years :)
Freaks, you’re one of us (2020)Netflix5
Alive (zombies film, #I_must_survive)Netflix4
Alien ShowdownAmazon Primer3
Cargo (2020) Hindi, Sci-fi Indian movieNetflix4It is original, but too slow.
OnlyNetflix5The movie is very good, but the last 15 minutes….
Away (Season 1)Netflix5About going to Mars.
Peppermint (2018)Netflix5
CargoNetflix5A different zombies movie.

August 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5
Danger CloseNetflix4
Humans (Seasson 1)Netflix5
Power ProjectNetflix5
Storage 24 (2012)Netflix3

July 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5
Attraction (Sci-fi)Amazon Video5
The dictator (2012)Netflix5
The courierNetflix5
Warrior Nun (Seasion 1)Netflix5
The old guardNetflix5
Cabin in the WoodsNetflix4
The Kissing Booth 2Netflix5

June 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5
CZ12 Chinese Zodiac (2012, Jackie Chan)Netflix5
The first purge (2018)Netflix5
The guvnorsNetflix5
VFW (2019)Netflix4
Day of the Dead BloodlineNetflix4
The BombingNetflix3

May 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5
2036 Origin unknownNetflix4
Four Brothers (2005)Netflix5
The PlatformNetflix3
Train to Busan (zombies Korean film)5
Bring it On, ghost (seasson 1)Netflix5

April 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5
Code 8Netflix5
Beyond While Space3
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug5
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies5
Zombie Tidal Wave3
Terminator Dark Fate5
Child’s PlayNetflix5
The Spy Next Door (2010, Jackie Chan)Netflix5

March 2020

TitleWhereScore 0/5
Extra Ordinary (Irish movie)Netflix5
12 StrongNetflix5
Grabbers (2012, Irish comedy)Netflix5
Extra ordinary (2019, Irish comedy)Netflix5
The Young Offenders (Irish comedy)Netflix5


TitleWhereScore 0/5Notes
Altered CarbonNetflix5Sci, Action
Young Offenders (Irish movie)Netflix5Comedy
Just Like HeavenNetflix5Comedy, Romantic
Polar (2019)Netflix5Action
Star Wars SoloNetflix5I loved it.


TitleWhereScore 0/5
Batman vs SupermanBluRay5
Man of Steel (2013)5
Okja (2017, drama)Netflix5
Star Wars Rogue OneNetflix5


TitleWhereScore 0/5
Jupiter Ascending5
What happened to MondayNetflix5
Jhon Wick 3, 2, 1Cinema5
The MartianNetflix5
Star Wars The Last JediCinena5
Jumanji 2Netflix5
Along Came Polly (2004)5
The Princess BrideVHS5
The Last DragonVHS5
Perfect WeaponVHS5
Operation DragonVHS5
Jackie Chan’s Drunken MasterVHS5
Sleepless in SeattleVHS5
You’ve got an emailVHS5
Zombieland 2BluRay5
Kung FuryYoutube5
World’s EndNetflix5
Terminator SalvationNetflix5
Terminator GenisysNetflix5
Children of Men5
Mute (2018)Netflix5
Assassin’s CreedCinema4
Valerian and the city of a thousand planetsCinema5
Police Academy 1, 2, 3VHS5
A genius with 2 brainsVHS5
Galaxy QuestVHS5
Outlander (2008)5
Will Hunting5
Falling Down (1993)5
Love actually5
Office Space (Trabajo basura)VHS5
Forrest Gump5
Save Private Ryan5
In the name of the father5
El Mariachi (low budget Mexican)5
Mariachi (from Antonio Banderas, a remake from the original),
El Mariachi 2
Dobermann (1997)VHS5
From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)VHS5
The GooniesVHS5
Groundhog Day5
Save the green planet (salvar el planeta tierra)5

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