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General information

This section is about my commercial private classes and mentoring.

It has nothing to be with my free streams in Twitch, or the free articles in my blog or the free videos I publish in my Youtube channel, or the free Open Source projects I create.

The Private Classes are for companies and individuals that want to get live personalized paid private classes with me and personal mentoring.

In the private classes I personalize the lessons to each student, and I adapt to their skills and personality to maximize the help.

Some potential students recurrently ask me if I sell pre-recorded tutorials:

No. My classes are live, face to face through Zoom, at scheduled hours.

My personal interests

I’m mainly focused I’m teaching individual students and groups how to code in Python, Unit Testing, git and in using Linux, Docker, MySQL.

I also help some students with Flask, Django and Full Stack (HTML, JavaScript, jQuery…), PHP and the Symfony framework.

My personal interests are in Scaling architectures, deploying at scale (worldwide), troubleshooting and solving bottlenecks and errors, developing in Python BackEnd and CLI, the Cloud (Amazon AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean, gogrid, Rackspace…), Docker, OpenStack and Storage, specially OpenZFS.

So I’m 100% BackEnd. However I know how to manage in Javascript because I like to know about everything.

I also like creating video games for fun.

Who I teach

  • For companies: I help developers to improve their coding skills, to learn Python, Unit Testing, good practices for working with git, branches…
  • For university students: I teach the complex concepts that with the huge pressure in the university are difficult to understand. I also provide advice for choosing the final project.
  • For individuals with no previous coding experience: My main goal teaching and mentoring students that never programmed before is helping them and making them capable in Engineering: Software Development or Systems Administration, and accompanying them until they find a job as Back End Programmer or SysAdmin, that fulfills them and makes their lives happy.

What I teach

During my more than 30 years of career, I’ve been helping companies and individuals, I have taught members of my teams, and also individual students and groups with:

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP, also Laravel and Zend Framework and Symfony
  • Unit Testing
  • git, gitlab, github (including tokens for deployment, forks, branches)
  • Linux
  • Database design (Sql and NoSql)
  • Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Docker
  • SQL (Simple queries, Transactions, design)

But most of my time I’m focused in working with Python, Docker, Linux and Open Source.

I love Open Source, and is the only compatible with Scaling limitless in a world connected to billions of users.

If you want me to become your individual programming teacher and/or Mentor, or to join one of my groups of coding students, contact me at the address below.

Typical profile of my students

  • University students
  • People with no programming experience that want to transform their life, and get a career path into Engineering (programming or systems)
  • Professional Engineers that need a boost or a Master Class in certain technologies
  • Professional Engineers that need career advice, mentoring, and help to improve their CV and the way they conduct themselves in interviews
  • Companies

Your effort

I can help you with a 10% of good teaching, adapting to you, and making it easy for you to understand and fun.

However, you have to put the 90% of the effort pending, if you want results.

If you don’t put the effort I’ll not help you. My time is very valuable and is plenty of people really wanting to have my help.


I teach the modern tools we use in actual companies, so we work with modern IDEs like PyCharm, PHPStorm… with Git, since the very first day, Linux command line, VirtualBox, Docker…

The idea is to work in the same way the companies work, so the students are prepared to be productive since the first day at work.

To maximize the results and value for the students I schedule weekly classes, where we meet using Zoom.

Possible session times are: 1h, 1h:30m or 2h [with 10 minute break].

So I guide you with one or two weekly classes, that are super valuable, but you have to study every day by yourself if you want to become good.

In special cases I may teach daily for a month or two, in order to reduce dramatically the time required to learn.

I follow the progress through ticketing systems, email, whatsapp in some special cases, and a Discord channel I created, where the students can talk together, share problems and different stuff, and meet news friends too.

Some videos and examples

Some of my recorded classes and material are available online, free to watch:


My default price hour is:

  • €125/hour for Corporations, with minimum of 8 hours
  • €100/hour for individuals
  • €100/hour for student groups self-organized. Team up with up to 4 colleagues and split the costs (so 4 people will pay only €25 for 1 hour class).
  • €65/hour for joining my group class, up to 20 students, minimum of 4 classes

My students have my books for free.

A first introductory Zoom call is for free, to asses your level and your needs, and the first class is for free, so you can make sure that you like it.

Free Alternatives

I upload videos to my Youtube channel where you can learn a lot.

I stream in my Twitch channel. Feel free to watch and learn, and ask any doubt you may have.


The vast majority of my classes are in English, but I also teach in Catalan and Spanish.


The best way to reach me is sending me an email:

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