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Currently I’m focused I’m teaching individual students and groups how to code in Python, Unit Testing, using Google Cloud, using Amazon Gloud and Automating with AWS SDK for Python boto3 and how to use Linux, Bash, Git and MySQL. I also help some students with Flask, Django and Full Stack (HTML, jQuery…) although I’m more focused in BackEnd, API’s, CLI, and the Cloud.

My main goal is to capacity and help people to find a job as Programmer or SysAdmin.

During my more than 30 years of career, I’ve been helping companies and individuals, I have taught members of my teams, and also, students individually and in groups with:

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP, also Laravel and Zend Framework
  • Linux
  • Database design (Sql and NoSql)
  • Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Docker

Most of my time I’m focused in working with Python, Docker, Linux and Open Source.

I love Open Source, and is the only compatible with Scaling limitless.

If you want me to become your individual programming teacher and/or Mentor, or to join one of my groups of coding students, contact me at the address below.


My default price hour is:

  • €125/hour for Corporations, with minimum of 8 hours
  • €100/hour for individuals
  • €100/hour groups self-organized. Team up with up to 4 colleagues ans share the costs.
  • €65/hour for joining my group class, up to 20 students, minimum of 4 hours

My students have my books for free.


I truly want to make the world a better place, and I fight for it, and I understand people suffering. So if you don’t have resources but you would like to study with me, send me a motivation letter explaining your situation and why you would like me to teach you and I’ll study your case and will see what I can do. The cases I help normally are single mothers with children or unemployed parents.


My classes are mostly in English, but I’ve some groups in Catalan and Spanish.


You can also contact me through LinkedIn:

But if you do, please add a message, as I receive many requests seeking for business leads and I may ignore your request if you don’t introduce yourself.

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