Commander Turtle

Current version: 0.2 – Released 2022-07-22

My Open Source Drawing Video Game for children. :)


Inspired in the Turtle program that I knew when I was a children.

Video sample in English
Video sample in Catalan

I think the most cool feature is that you can share your drawing commands, so children can share nice drawings.

Try these patterns:

# H
# E
# L
# O
# HELLO pen thick
# HELLO pen bigger
# HELLO rotating with pens thickness increasing

Feel free to clone, fork, start the repository:

Commands you can use:

A10 or A199 - Advance 10 points, 199... / Avança 10 punts, 199...
R45 or R97  - Rotate 45, 97... (1 to 360 degrees) / Rota 45 graus, 97... (1 a 360 graus)
L2 or L50   - Loop the next commands / Repeteix les següents comandes
C           - Random color / Color aleatori
CBLACK      - Color Black / Color negre
CBLUE       - Color Blue / Color blau
CCYAN       - Color Light Blue (Cyan) / Color blau clar
CGREEN      - Color Green / Color verd
CMAGENTA    - Color Magenta / Color magenta (fúcsia)
CRED        - Color Red / Color vermell
CYELLOW     - Color Yellow / Color groc
P10 or P22  - Set Pen thickness to 10, to 22... / Gruix del llapis a 10, o 22...
P           - Increase the thickness of the pen in 1 / Incrementa el gruix del llapis en 1
N           - New screen, clear / Neteja la pantalla
#Comment    - Your comments / Les teves notes
Q - Quit / Sortir

The commands sequence for HELLO:

#Move the pointer to the left,R180,A400,R180,
#Increase the pen thickness,P4,

If you are interested in Python programming, here there is a Twitch stream I did programming Commander Turtle v.0.1

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