May be you search info on some of created by me old projects:

I2IMail – An email technology, developed by me in 2004, able to reveal when the receiver has read the email, how many times, if it has been forwarded… I offered small 10 MB free accounts and in few hours they crashed the server by massive registration of real users and usage, and had to stop. Is what we call “die of success”. At that time we had not cloud computing and a server cost was 6,000 EUR and taking a month to arrive from the USA. So I was not able to buy more servers. This totally stopped the growth of the project.

Unnamed Proxy Server – I created my own proxy server to be able to debug all the traffic from-to the webservers.

Embedded Screen Reproduction – You know the iMac? I had mine much before. In 2004. Created with Samsung displays and embedding small motherboards with 1 Ghz processors from Via, plus the Software I developed to reproduce Flash, video, audio, images, rotating texts… in this screens which purpose was to reproduce ads in commerces, supermarkets… Controlled by an Web Software developed by me, my customers were able to create groups of screens or individual screens, and set the content to be downloaded there, at which time, or immediately according to the raising of an event (goal from Football Club Barcelona in the Champions, for example). I was in negotiations with a multinational for months while at the end they choose Korean screens, much more limited but 100 EUR cheaper each. My solution was the first one to support the display and update of Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash content. I developed also touch screens, so games were able to be played there, and screens with wireless joysticks. I created some touch screen totems for the conventions, in order to leave a request contact instead of waiting for the queue.

Catalanitzador – A full browser for windows I written in 2004, that was able to translate Youtube (and other webs) to Catalan language in those times were google had not adopted Catalan for their products. When google decided to support Catalan, and Facebook as well, I abandoned the project as the translations were time consuming and the project was no longer needed. Had integration-support for Google API’s also.

CQLSÍ – Cassandra Query Language Simple Interface for PHP. Tired of the legacy Thrift, compilation problems, weird notation and restrictions, I created a simply interface to Cassandra Query Language without Thrift dependencies. It is compatible with CQL 3 or greater and supports collections, map, set, list. An abstraction layer offers all the data in an Array of Strings, what is wonderful Part of the Db Class in Catalonia Framework from v. 1.1.014. Since I discovered it, I contributed to a native driver in PHP and sockets. I fixed 3 bugs already. https://github.com/uri2x/php-cassandra

Garbagge Sender – A tool to test buffer overflow exploits in my servers, and to open many Tcp/ip connections to check resistance of the servers.

CANAL – A messenger for windows in 1996, before any other. Had voice messages, real time games, P2P File Sending with resume, Through-Server File Sending with resume, moods, private messages, chat rooms, auto-update, direct messages…

BUSCA – A search inside files program I created at those times where we only had Ms-Dos and modems. It had enhancements written in Assembler for cutting-edge speed. Had a percentage bar of complete, time remaining, was able to search in huge files, and inside of compressed files (zip, jar, lzh and many other formats not used nowadays).

Demo about Paradise BBS – A demo fully written in Assembler promoting this BBS sited in Barcelona. Had sound (midi), graphics, maths (drawing waves), and the leds of the keyboard were synchronised with the music and the leds of a modem in the screen.

The list of software I have created is long, so I will keep updating this as long as I have time.

About projects:

SoftCatalà – I was founding member of SoftCatalà. Non profit entity dedicated to translating software to Catalan language. We were the first in Europe to release a localised version of Netscape Navigator.

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