Some tips for Diablo 2 Resurrected game

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Disclaimer: I work for Blizzard, but this tips come from my solely experience as player.

Move the game to another screen

The game will launch Full Screen in the default monitor for Windows.

If you don’t want to move your default monitor, like in my case is the laptop, but I want to play the game on external monitor 2, you can press ALT + Enter, which will make the game Windowed.

Then you can press the Windows key plus Tab key. Then press in the mini thumbnail of the game with the right button and select snap right. Then move the window normally to the other monitor. Press Alt Enter to make it full screen in the desired monitor now.

Use the second weapon config slots for Storage

I use only one weapons setup, so I use the second one as extra slots for carrying weapons and shields I find. This way I can sell more stuff in my travels to town.

Also try to put in there objects that use many slots, like a scythe, or a large sword or axe and a shield. You can also switch if you find a bigger item, recovering some slots to carry more.

Rearrange your inventory

Most of times if you rearrange, you will be able to fit one or two big items more.

The Horadric Cube can keep a lot of space

You can add objects and potions inside so it gives you extra space.

Is like the magic pocket from Doraemon. :)

Explore explore

When you kill enemies, from time to time, you will get a topaz, a gem, a rune, a ring, amulet, or a valuable item.

Use the charms

Some enemies will give you charms. The charms provide you augmented stats as long as you carry them on the inventory.

When you have to fight a boss equip the charms to have better stats.

Get a big belt and stack the potions and a scroll to town

Get a big belt, at least +8 sockets, and stack potions there.

You can add a town portal scroll so if you are in danger you can just press the number and escape quickly.

The Tome of the town portal

It uses two slots, but allows you to load many town portals.

When I find them cheap, like in Act 2, I buy 15.

Scrolls are cheap. A scroll may cost 90 or 100, and a single item sold to the merchants can bring you 500, 1,000, 5,000 or more depending on the quality of the item, so don’t spare town portals if you want to get to earn money.

Identify items

After you finish the mission in Act 1, Deckard Cain will Itentify the Items for you for free.

Equip your mercenaries

Equip your mercenaries to increase their stats and damage.

Magical properties of items like knock back, lighting damage, flee in terror, freeze, prevent monster heal… can be really useful.

Also some items will give you half freeze duration, which can make the difference against the boss in Act 2.

Recovering body

If you die your weapons and armor and money will be with your corpse, waiting for you to click over.

The final boss on the second Act is hard. If you die and you die again and again before recovering your items and you have to leave the game, you may loss items. I discovered that if I save and exit when I start the game again the body will be in the city, next to me. Will not recover the money, but at least the valuable items.

Money per level

You can only carry 10,000 per level. So in the second act the most expensive weapon from the merchant Drognan (magical items) will require you to be level 30.

You cannot recover the items (gems, runes…) you attach to your weapons and armor

You can remove them with the Horaldic Cube, but you will not recover them. Will be lost.

You can convert gems to better quality to putting 3 equal on the Horaldic Cube ans pressing the transform button.


Some merchants allow you to gamble. You won’t see what specs as unless you buy it.

If your items are very low respect your character’s level, there is a good chance you get something really good.

Objects on the floor

If you press the ALT key, you will see the name of the objects in the floor.

With F you can see the game Zoomed

Which is beautiful.

Press F to go back.

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