2020-03-08 For my colleagues at Blizzard:

When I was young, I played Warcraft, and later Starcraft, in LAN and over Internet with my cousin… and now I’m using my skills to save the world every day, in GNOC, with an amazing team of Engineers and we make the players happy. I’m living my dream!.

Another dream would be to have an university degree in Computer Science from Cork, Ireland, or from California, US. Update 2022: I’m finishing my university degree in Ireland ;)

When I was 5 y.o. I started a quest to find the love of my life. I dreamed that one day I would be the best father in the world. But for that I need to have the most amazing partner. Nice, brave, honest, funny, caring… like me… and I dreamed that everything would be Magic.

After fighting trolls, goblins, ghosts and daemons, I have some advice for nice people:

1- A computer will never break your hearth ;)
2- There is a magical device that will reveal you an amazing person, brave, and an unconditional friend. Is called: mirror.
3- Set boundaries. It’s really worth it. Will grant you +1,000 strength +10,000 stamina +1,000 charisma and the Legendary buff Immunity to drama
4- Respect is Key. No matter if you think that they are a prince or princess under a spell and they suffer, maybe you’re the one under the spell. Nobody has the right to do range attacks to you with B.S. or melee attacks with disrespect. If they don’t respect you, they are likely trolls.

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