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Blizzard almost killed me, and it’s bulling, stalking and harassing me and putting my life in danger as I reported corruption (it’s HUGE corruption actually affecting ABK)

Last update: 2022-09-30 09:25 Irish Time. Just a bit of house keeping: adding new links to the index for your convenience, picture from my desk at GNOC added, fixing some lines split from when I created this post by writing it on a text editor and pasted it to the blog in 1 second. Older: Releasing succulent evidences! (at the bottom of the page, or check the index below) Grab your pop corn. Yahoooo!!!!.

Please, until Ms or Mr Justice sentences or a proper investigation concludes, take all the contents on this article as the opinion of a humble Engineer and poor diabetic.
I don’t accuse, I share my opinion. And I’m looking forward to share the evidences and to declare. I started to release evidences as my life was in danger.
But I was not diabetic when I joined Blizzard in January 2020 (signed contract in December 2019). I was super healthy.

I know this text is long, you can skip my previous life if you want and jump to the part where I talk about the ABK matters. I built a quick access links for your convenience navigating. I wanted to give a full picture as these cheap fuckers have been attempting to set me up me and they have been trying to made up a false relate, so they don’t have to pay or they can pay less. The evidence point that they wanted to assassinate me and make it appear as a (fake) suicide or a (fake) accident. Heartless monsters.

Microsoft, XBOX, is trying to buy Activision Blizzard King for the biggest purchase in the history of video games: USD $68.7 Billion Dollars. When I reported corruption and I provided solid evidence, it seems that the company preferred to remove me instead of removing the corruption (by sending the corrupts to prison).

The idea of having some games in exclusive for Xbox, like Call of Duty, seems the main motivation for this acquisition.


Quick Access for your convenience:

The whole history

I work in GNOC, in Ireland, as Operations Engineer. It is my second job in Ireland.
I was brought to Ireland by Sanmina, a US Fortune 500 multinational.
They wanted me to assemble and lead a team of 100 Engineers to develop Software for their Storage division.
I have traveled a lot and worked in many different companies, but I never was working for more than 3 months outside Catalonia. I’ve was the youngest project manager in Volkswagen IT (gedas), many years ago, and got to be Head of Department (Software Components and Code Reusability).
I’ve interviewed with Amazon several times, they have invited me to Ireland, US, and to Madrid to discuss being the max Tech Leader for the south of Europe. In fact I provided them with the idea of Auto-Scaling when AWS didn’t have it. They told me that the project was too easy for me and that I would get bored.
I decided to relocate after a major heartbreak.

I knew that a very good friend committed suicide, when I was waiting in the airport to travel to Facebook, in their main campus in Menlo Park, US. I tried to go to the funeral but it was over before I could move. So I traveled to Facebook. I didn’t sleep almost, but I did not want to tell the interviewers about my friend. Some told me that they have learn 7 things that they will use in Production. I failed in a stupid algorithms interview with an Engineer that only knew Java, although I was said that I could go with the language I wanted, I presented with PHP, was impossible to understand each other.
At that time that my friend committed suicide a girl, an employee from my gym played with me badly.
I had a hard life. I grew without a father and my Mom was always working to pay the bills.
After I was so vulnerable for the suicide of my friend that girl took advantage badly from me.
It was easy for her.
I’ve been blessing with many gifts: I’m super-intelligent, I’m super honest, I’m super brave IMO, but I’ve a huge vulnerability: I’m super dumbass.

After that girl, employee from the best gym in the town, played with me, the gym defamed me (according to a key witness, employee of the gym that the judge did not accept considering that was not necessary although later sentenced that I didn’t provide enough evidence of wrongdoing) and told very bad things from her to me in front of other people, and the gym tried to set me up. They tried to convince me that the girl was in love with me, they went so far to tell me that if I send letters to her home we would be together. I saw the setup and I told the manager that sending letters to the home of a person without being invited to that was completely wrong. The manager refused to have a conversation privately, she was telling very nasty things about that girl next to the entrance, so several people were listening. She also embarrassed me with personal, intimate questions, so I asked my lawyer to call to the manager to set a private meeting with the owner.

The gym said that no, that they wanted to meet my lawyer privately first. I said Ok, I paid for the time of my lawyer, and in that meeting the owner basically that he had not any idea of all of this, but that in any case didn’t matter, that obviously I was a client disturbing and employee. We had emails from the girl acknowledging many wrongdoings, but they didn’t care. They tried to convince my layer to prevent me from suing. My lawyer said: Carles only wants an apologize. This girl has done very wrong to him.
They didn’t care and then the owner said that everybody would laugh and my face, and that nobody would believe me, and after that according to what my lawyer told me he said “I’m ex-commissary of (Spanish) police, tell Carles to be careful if he sues”.
I don’t take lightly the threats of Spanish police. I’m Catalan and my people has suffered plenty from Spanish police. Some of my friends have been heavily beaten up inside bans just for giving fliers of “Catalonia Independent” during Barcelona’s Olympic Games in 1992.

As I told I’m super dumbass, because of my childhood, with a single parent absent, I’m super unconditional. When I love somebody or when I work for a company I love, I cannot imagine that the person may lie to me, cheat to me, etc…

So that girl from the gym had a boyfriend, laughed at my face during business hours and was very mean an cruel, and I didn’t see malice. I though that she had some sort of trauma, and I was always nice to her, I listened to her when she needed a friendly hear to listen to her, I would tell her the nice thing she had as a person, and she would play hot and cold, although she had boyfriend (I discovered, at the beginning she told me she didn’t).
So understand that I’m super dumbass because of my ingenuity.

But also my ingenuity protects me from wrongdoers, because when they try to corrupt me I don’t see that they want to corrupt me. I they would had told me clearly I would said no anyway, the thing is that many times I believe their bullshit, specially if it comes from a manager. As I trust the company, I trust the managers.

I’m dumbass, but at least I know. So when I see something that doesn’t add up, I keep evidences, just in case. I also track everything. What I do at work everyday, what happens in my life, etc… so I can check in case of doubt.
I was super sad, not understanding anything. Not understanding why my friends stopped talking to me, why people left when they saw me.

I was broke, because I was programming perfectly, I was the best probably, but some times tears came silently to my eyes, to my chicks and they fired me. Companies were telling me that I was overqualified. So I had few money and suing is super expensive.
But I was decided to do the right thing.

First for me, as I received a terrible injustice.
Second for the girl, as she was also insulted by the manager, and also in my particular way of seeing the world, she would suffer bad Karma and be miserable until she apologized.
Third, against the villains of the gym. During the time I was customer most of the employees told me that they had no contract. Many were poor immigrants that were working many many hours for a miser salary, and when they wanted to fire one of these, according to what I was told, there was a bad guy that would punch them to force them to leave.

Fourth I didn’t want a nice guy to commit suicide because a player broke his hearth. Not all the guys are so strong and resilient as me. I thought and I think that she should have taken accountability and commit not to play with anybody else’s heart again.

I wanted to make that giant gym understand, that they cannot abuse poor innocent. Little customers, little employees.

I didn’t know how I would do, but I knew that I had to do the right thing.
And the Magic happened and the universe provided.
I assembled a team of the best professionals I could find.
An America psychologist with two degrees, an amazing layer, two local psychologist with super high reputation… all of them super honest.
We prepared well for war. The cause was just.
I named this super team The Avengers.
I never lost my sense of humor.
Despite the days crying, I always found a reason to smile and joke.
Even when I was unable to bread of the anxiety, as that girl disrespected me very badly, and I was always super nice and super supportive to her.

The maximum argument of the gym was that I was crazy. Suddenly it happened that they were experts in psychology and that they know me (I’m being sarcastic obviously).
The arguments from the gym were grotesque and a bad joke IMO.

“Peritatge Pericial” / Professional psychiatric study

I saw it coming and I anticipated, and I presented a professional psychiatric study from an independent company specialized in declaring in courtships, which makes them go to jail if they lie, and this evaluation took 10 hours in a single day and costed me much more than I had. But I never surrendered.
I worked hard to pay all the bills.

I didn’t have to present that study, I was the victim, but I wanted to make clear that the gym was defaming me and telling BS.

I had to fight hard to survive. I had so many anxiety that I was doing lots of sport.
Also I was unable to eat anything.
So I was losing weight dangerously quickly.
So I eat with intelligence. I invented the concept of eat with intelligence, like an Engineer.
Basically is master nutrition knowledge and if you eat few, eat protein, so your body has the minimum nutrients. It worked.
I lost the first courtship, but I was counting with it. Spanish police has a lot of influence, specially in a small town. The court was in a small town so I wasn’t surprised.
However, as part of the interrogatory to the girl, she lied. She committed perjury. She changed the version several times. And that, I was counting on, was my evidence for next courtships.
On the next one they didn’t address the main issues, but acknowledged some errors from the previous judge. Is like when a doctor kills a patient with bad practices, and another doctor tries to sugarcoat it, admits a bit, but like lawyers, rarely will go full frontal against a profession colleague.
That’s wrong, the truth should prevail.

When this girl abused me so badly I didn’t understand anything. I considered her my best friend, she even went so far to kiss me in the lips and tell me that she wanted romance (having boyfriend) the only time we met outside the gym, to celebrate my birthday. What kind of person plays with a good boy that loves her unconditionally, a super innocent guy and on her birthday?. Go with fuckbuddies if you’re that kind, bitch
(excuse my French), but leave the good boys alone. Some vulnerable guys may commit suicide because of your kind, asshole.

So, well, that girl always accepted my gifts: chocolates, a bottle of water from the cafe when she ran off, a book, a recycled pen very cool (I use to give small details, inexpensive, that I like to the people I appreciate), some color pens so she could study better…
The discourse of the girl, recorded, and presented as evidence was totally inconsistent, and also hysterical. She played the card of crying when she didn’t know what to say.
We played by the book.

I lost the first courtship, and the appellation. The appellation recognized some mistakes from the first sentence, but ignored many of our points, and sentenced that still was not enough evidences.
My lawyer was very clear that the Supreme court only rules based on previous sentences and that it will take years and be expensive.
I didn’t care. For me was a matter of honor.

I had to work really hard to pay all of these expenses, but I would pay 10 times more happy, cause it was a matter of honor.

My lawyer did an excellent work and found many cases that supported that we were right.

It took time but the General prosecutor said “Carles is right” in the sense that in its opinion, this should go to the Supreme Court.

Activision Blizzard King is sending me creepy messages suggesting that I may be under suicidal distress (and it’s no joke as they have falsified medical reports!)

I tell that because I never surrender. And I would never commit suicide.
This is important as since I reported retaliation Blizzard and Activision has been sending me messages suggesting that I could be suicidal.

In court my psychologist, and its supervisor, can tell that no way. In any case I have a great sense of humor and even crying I can joke and laugh.

What’s GNOC?

Now I go back to my history with Blizzard.
I work in GNOC: Global Network Operation Center.

It’s a critical service. We are guardians that protect the company from failures, and we protect the players from video games failures (servers down, bugs, Internet fibre problems, DDoS attacks, data leaks, exploits, poor server’s performance…).

Our service runs 24×7, 365 days per year. I’ve worked for Christmas and 1st of January.

We have teams in Ireland and in The States and we follow a model called “follow the sun”. That means that when it’s day in US, California, the US Teams work, and when it’s day in Ireland the Ireland GNOC teams work, so the teams don’t have to work late at night.

We get all the alerts from any service that goes down from Blizzard, and for some from Activision and King. For example, for Call of Duty, incidents.

We also are the first response when there is a new title launch. Like Diablo 2 Resurrected, or Diablo Immortal, recently.

Do you remember the historical bug in the Guild Web Page of World of Warcraft in China?. I identified the problem and provided the solution the first week. During a major (Major Incident, there are 5 level of priorities. A Major it’s a P1 or P2, Priority 1 or Priority 2).

We receive training for 3 months, but I joined Blizzard because it was the company of my dreams. I already knew my Engineering skills.

And I like Ireland. Its people have been super nice to me.

After getting my heart so badly broken by that girl I just wanted to be happy. I’ve been CTO in the past, Head of Department in Volksagen, Head of Linux Platform, Software Developer Manager (SDM), Cloud Architect… but I didn’t care. I just wanted to be happy doing something honest.

What is honest?. To do you job: help the company to avoid incidents or to solve them ASAP, and help the players to be very happy enjoying their video games with no interruptions or the minimum possible.

How I became diabetic?

I was working hard despite some colleagues getting sick very often, even getting sick always in the same day of the week consistently for years. I was covering my colleague that was going to bring the children to or from the school. I was covering my colleague that always tells in the chat that is Asperger and Autistic and that explained me that was under depression, taking medication, also reviewing all her job as she was
insecure, contributing many ideas, I was covering the Incident Manager that got a puppy and told he had to walk it so often, etc…

I would wait patiently to speak with my manager about work related things when she would disappear for two weeks with no information or no references of any holidays in the planning…

I was recognized and I was put to Lead the meetings of World of Warcraft SRE/T2.

I really saved the day when I found a machine that had a hardware failure for two years, and told the team to do a Backup immediately. They did, and that saved the day, as the server crashed few days after and nothing was able to be recovered. It was the jenkins that deploys to Production. So it would had been a big drama.

You may think that I got a fortune, but not, I was just getting €68,000 gross per year.
It was not much, but I’m just a simple person, honest. I had enough to live, to buy some books and video games, hardware, and I was happy to help the company of my dreams.

It happened that pandemic arrived, and also the lockdown.
Everything was closed. Even the GP’s (General Practitioner. The private Doctors we need to reach to request any service from the hospital. We have to pay €50 for each visit to the GP and pay for any service from the hospital, for example €80 for radiographies, €40 for blood analysis…)

I joined Blizzard in Jan 2020 (signed on December 2019), and I’ve been working from the office for around one month and half or two. The rest, I’ve been working remotely as the company sent us to work from home.

GNOC was the first team to be sent to work from home, as we are a Critical service to the company. We monitor all the incidents in most of the Services and Games of the Activision Blizzard King group.

It was very boring to be alone in that period, but I used the time wisely.
I completed my university degree in Ireland, studying two years, Computer Science: Cloud Computing.
I graduated with First Honor Degree.

And I helped many of my colleagues, teaching them how to code or explaining what they were unable to understand. Other colleagues were also super nice, sharing in the same way as I did.

I also wrote several technical books, and I started to earn royalties.

I was also so blessed to be put in contact by a friend with a small radio program that emits for the Catalans in the diaspora and after some collaborations I started having my regular program “El nou món digital” (The new digital world).
And I love them! They are so super nice. I have really fun.

I was also talking to friends often using Zoom, and I was teaching programming to a friend that lost its job and knew that needed to reinvent himself. I trained him for two years and he put the effort and now he is a good programmer. Is a very nice friend, I love her and I’m so proud of her!.

So, I was never sad, or depressed. I was happy to be alone.
After that girl was so cruel I discovered how cool is to love yourself, and to give all that amazing love that you were giving to assholes that took you for granted to yourself!.
I’ve really enjoyed doing and learning many things.

In Ireland the GP (General Practitioner) is private. You have to pay €50 every time you go.
I went when a bug bite me and I got an infection in my leg, I went to request radiographies (€80), so €50 + €80 + €50 = €180.

In Catalonia the Public Health is universal, and you pay nothing, and most of the medicines are heavily subsidized. The Catalan Public Health is recognized for having top notch professionals, the best of the bests and are a source of trust when they emit a medical report.

How I discovered colleagues were working remotely from outside Ireland

In GNOC we do a model of follow the sun, the US Team shift pass us the open tickets at 07:30 Irish time, and we pass the open tickets to the next US Team shift. It’s a voice call though a chat system.

I could notice that one of my colleagues started to sound metallic, with frequent interruptions, some times unable to speak or connect, and I asked privately if she was in another place.

She told me that yes, that she was working from her country.
I was so happy! Finally I could go home.
I was especially happy to do this because I had started to wake up at nights often, every 3 hours and half approximately. As an Engineer I would explain that I went to flush my liquid cache. Also I was feeling thirsty so I was drinking more water (that is the liquid that goes to the cache, for the non Engineers).

I was drinking around 4 litters of water. Something hard for me cause I drink bottled water and I have to climb many stairs. With my damaged spine this is very painful.
Awakening that much made me think that maybe I had a cancer, so I wanted to do analysis. I was concerned.

Also during lockdown due to pandemic the GP’s in Ireland were closed. In Catalonia Health system continued to operate.

With my salary and paying the rent, the costs from the courtships, the food (expensive), etc… I was very humble. But happy.

So I told my manager very happy “So, now we can travel and work from our countries?” and she told me “yes, but keep a low profile”. When I asked why she told me that the HR people were very lazy and they didn’t want to do the paperwork and that they will get super mad and angry at me if I asked them to do it. I was very naive, so I trusted her. I didn’t have reasons to doubt from what my manager told me.

I asked my Mom to organize for me, so when I arrive to Barcelona I could take the blood analysis. I also organized for getting my vaccine.

My manager started to became very anxious, very pushy for me to go back to Ireland and I didn’t understand why. The pressure was so high that I feared to loss my job.
I love ABK, I really do. I have met fantastic people and we love each other like a family.
I joined thinking about having a humble career there, but for long term. To be happy.
But since I joined, the group has closed the offices in Amsterdam, Paris, fired people from the Data Center Team, fired e-sports Team

To be honest, in the middle of a pandemic, I was afraid of losing my job.

Also in Ireland in you are for less than 2 years when you get made redundant you get almost nothing.

So I came back to Ireland to work from here as my manager told me without doing my so wanted blood tests and without getting my covid vaccine.

These every 3 hours and half before awakening at night, became awakening every 3 hours, every 2 hours and half, every 2 hours, every 1 hour and half. I was drinking around 5 litters of water plus cappuccinos (for real is what in Catalonia we call “Cafè amb llet”, basically one shoot of espresso and plenty of milk).

It was hard cause not always I was able to sleep soon.
But I worked hard, recovering in the evenings with naps, and specially during the weekends.

We work in a shift of 4 days, with a window of 11 hours. They are 10 hours of work and 1 hour for lunch, but as many of my colleagues were so often on “sick leave”, depending on work I was not able to have lunch, or have it later, after the handover.

Every morning at 07:00 we send a message in the chat saying that we are working, so the other acknowledge that we work and we are ready, so not few times my colleague self-defined as Asperger and Autistic and with depression would just say “I’m tired. I go back to sleep”.

And most of the times I had to do her job.
I was working hard, living my dream. As all the incident go through GNOC I was able to identify many root problems and report to the responsible. Some were arrogant, but most of the colleagues were super nice. That made me collaborate with Erik Olof, when I found some problems on the Wow VMs running on the hypervisors, and when I found problems with swap, related to having a swap partition and a swap file on the same spinning disks. Also to many services where I found that the swappiness was too

So every body knows me.

I also try to fix shit when it appears.

There was an incident, regarding SC1 (Star Craft 1 Remastered) that was happening every day for a year in Korea. Tens of thousand of players were frustrated.

The SRE that maintains that service is super nice, but he was alone, the only one for all the Classic Games.

The SLC (Customer Service) reported this ticket and we chat. I asked a bit and for me it was clear that was important. Something was there. And tens of thousand of players were unhappy every day.

So my colleague SRE, the colleague SLC and me teamed up and worked on that in our free time and fixed it. That was amazing! I was so happy.

Many people think about the SLC like if they were not important, they belittle them, but they are the ones that attend the calls, they love our games and they know better than anyone else what’s going on. So I always pay attention to what they say, cause normally it points to the right direction.

I was working hard, covering all my buds. One would tell that the dog was crazy and was going to walk it, to cover him, etc… I covered everybody.

I organized a trip to Barcelona to take the blood analysis.
The day before the analysis, which I took from my holidays as the manager always says that a scheduled appointment to the doctor has to be taken from vacations, I took it.

They told me that they would call me in 10 days, but they called me the same day in the evening.

The guy seemed a bit nervous and worried and told me to confirm and asked some questions.
Then he told me to go urgently to the hospital, at the very first moment in the morning (it is only opened during day time).
I wrote to my manager via Whatsapp explaining this and asked for a medical day.

Lies from my manager the first time that I almost died

My understanding is that if you have to go to the hospital the company will pay for the day, so you’ll have all the day. My manager told me that that was an scheduled appointment and that I could have half day of force majeure.

I went to the hospital at first time.
They took me a blood analysis, an urine analysis.
They seemed concerned. Took another blood analysis. Another urine analysis.

I felt it a bit annoying as I had to go to the bathroom (flush liquid cache) every 20 minutes even if I was not drinking anything. Strange.
It’s possible that they took another blood analysis but I’m not sure.
They made me sit in a hospital chair, they injected me serum in vein.

The picture from the hospital

I was very active in Social Networks, my friends love to know how I’m and what I do, now my Social Networks are closed for security due to the aggressive attacks from the criminal network and Activision Blizzard King itself, but then I had them opened and I asked the nurse for a picture. I was in a good mood as I’m normally, and I wanted to explain to my friends, later, what happened.

It was very annoying that my manager didn’t stop sending me Whatsapp messages. I requested a medical day in order to attend my business in the hospital calmly, as these situations require, but she lied and she told me that it was an scheduled appointment and that the Irish law does not contemplate going to the hospital or undertaking an urgent surgery as a different thing than an scheduled appointment (was bullshitting me, as always). Now I understand that her concern was if I had to be hospitalized or if I would enter a Medical Certificate from Barcelona in Workday in a working day. She has lied so much, and she has bullied me so much to force me to leave and has been so harsh every time I asked about the non-senses she was telling. She really hurt me and damaged me.

Despite I sent her this picture, she kept annoying me all the day until I told her that I need to go to buy the medicines I required to live. I was too polite to tell her: Fuck off, I almost died, leave me alone. And also she was my manager, not my friend. She should have had not being disturbing me in those moments I could have died just because she was afraid of being caught in her tricky illegal things and about being responsible of my almost death.

The nurse came and told me very concerned: on top of everything don’t try to wake up.
I asked why? She told me because you could fall to the floor, she said.
I told that I felt Ok. She looked at me concerned and she told me that my mind could vanish, power off, and I could fall to the floor.

I told that my mind was super clear. I joked, cause I’m always in good mood, and I told that I’m super intelligent, I’m an Engineer, and I code every day, my code is perfect, pass the tests, and nothing fails (actually I’m the only one that does Unit Testing in GNOC) she opened very much the eyes like surprised, but saw I was Ok and left shortly.

She came to bring me to an office. I think I asked to go to the bathroom again.
I remember walking perfectly.
I went to the room, with the nurse and the doctor.

The doctor explained me:
A healthy person is at 80 of glucose.
A diabetic can be at max at 170. Higher can be mortal.
The nurse put a reactive strip in the monitor, a small device with a display that shows the sugar, and showed how I should pinch the tip of my finger. I did. I put the drop of blood on the reactive strip.
The monitor displayed 407.
And that was after the serum.

The Doctor told me: You could have died at any moment. You could have had a multiple organ simultaneous failure. You could have had a diabetic comma, basically become brain dead.

I left the hospital, they sent me home (it’s called “hospital de dia”, only operates during the day).

I left the hospital having to pinch the tip of my fingers 3 or more times per day, having to inject myself emergency insulin 3 times a day, having to inject myself slow insulin every night, having to take two pills of metformina that totally destroyed my stomach, for life.

All this time my manager was writing me or sending me Whatsapp messages.
To be honest she was being fucking annoying. I wanted to be in peace. I could have died.

Since, my manager has bullied my heavily. I did not understand it until recently.
I’m super dumb, super naive.

More bullying from my manager and “colleagues”

My manager was bullying me, despite my excellent results in the reviews sent to HR, my salary was increased a merely 4%. Despite having prevented some many disasters and provided plenty of ideas.

Despite covering everybody. Despite being the only one doing certain tickets because we were sent to Working From Home with just the laptop.

Any real professional manager knows that you cannot work with a laptop 11 hours. Your neck is destroyed.
But also, on the GNOC offices in Ireland we have 16 huge wall-mounted screens to monitor games and services in real time, we have a tower computer with two 4K monitor. Each 4K monitor fits the same 4 Full HD Monitors.

Picture of my table at GNOC, with the 4K monitors and big monitors wall-mounted (normally they show real time stats)

This is my table at GNOC, Cork, Ireland, from the last time I visited the office in 2022

Plus the laptop. I was forced to carry the laptop to the office and back to home, despite having a serious damage in my spine. Any monkey without training can see the pieces missing in my spine looking at the radiography.

Any professional can understand that you can’t work with the laptop to do the same work.
I asked to my manager for providing monitors, and she said No. I asked to the manager of my manager and he said No.

I bought my own monitors to provide the company and the player with the right service that they
But my colleagues were not taking certain tickets and I had to do their work. And if I told them when
they were on the Tank role (the one that takes the tickets) that tickets were there, the Italian girl self
defined as Asperger and Autistic would be mad. Another colleague that my manager wanted very badly
to join and promoted very quickly in a shady way, would be also mad.
We have SLA’s and SLO’s, our mission is to solve the incident ASAP to keep the players happy.
So basically my colleagues were failing to their mission.
This colleague that didn’t like me to tell that were 7 minutes late or more to pick a ticket tried to setup
me one day, telling that in my DPS queue there were tickets that I didn’t do.
I had done my job perfectly and I asked if the tickets in the DPS queue were the ones that him, as Tank,
should have Closed and Categorized. He confirmed that were his tickets.

So basically he tried to made me appear as I didn’t do my work, when was him who didn’t.
As I’m super dumbass and super naive, I took a screenshot.
There is plenty of bullshit from my manager, from my colleagues, not all of them, some are super nice,
but I want to tell more things. I may update this later, but I will indicate any update.
I also saved the Diablo Immortal global launch when I realized that, few hours before the global
launch, the Smoke Screen Tests and dependent tasks were not marked as done in the Spreadsheet.
Nobody else had checked that spreadsheet.
I contacted the responsible of the task, the operation center team, the war room… nobody answered.
When my manager came, hours later, I told the status and she said “You worry too much Carles, he probably forgot to do it”.

Two hours later the responsible of the task told me that he just forgot to update the spreadsheet. Was weird as there were many subtasks from other people.
I think that all of them just lied and covered their incompetence.
As I’m very naive I was always assuming good faith. Also the manager of my manager always brainwashes us in the weekly meetings and says “in case of doubt, assume good faith”.

I was the most Senior member of GNOC Ireland, with the title of Operations Engineer. But my manager insisted a lot that “we are all the same” and belittled me when I was trying to explain to Jon some errors he was making in Puppet, that could compromise our Security. He didn’t want to follow my advice, he was introducing some risk vectors, and when I told to my manager she told me that it was not important and that we are all the same. My manager told me several times that she was Engineer in Telecommunications, but to be honest, I’ve never seen in her any single bit of behavior of an Engineer. And one day that I mentioned that she was Engineer I took her off-guard and she didn’t remember that she allegedly lied about that, apparently. My manager tried to belittle me, tried to destroy my self-steam, tried to make me feel worthless and tried to make me feel selfish accusing me of thinking by myself and of being selfish because I wanted my ideas to be credited to me instead to “the group”.

Lack of background checks, lack of level, and allegedly dirty referral bonus

To be honest, I’ve work for several banks, and we always do background checks. Any profile is carefully studied and police certificates and psychological tests have to be passed. To be honest, the managers I have seen in Blizzard don’t have the level. They look like a bunch of friends hired by referral.

Referrals in Blizzard can be $15,000 or $10,000 or $7,500 USD.
That may explain why I was 5 months waiting for a position I applied in the US and they told me that
they have selected another candidate. The funny thing is they never contacted me.
They didn’t called a friend of mine that I endorsed and that was an amazing video games programmer. I think I know why.

Things were going like that. My manager being mad at me many times for no reason.
One guy had 19 Sick Leave days in the Planning Spreadsheet during the first 6 months of 2022.
Another day the same guy cell was displaying 2 days instead of 19.
I reported to my manager an error in the formula and she was super harsh to me. I could not
Now I know why. She used to disappear for weeks without it being displayed in the planning.
There were many abuses, I have plenty of evidences. I’m super dumb and I trust, but I’m also super
intelligent and just in case I keep evidences of weird things.
This shit for 2 years and 8 months.
Even when I was in Barcelona working I had to operate urgently and extract a badly broken teeth.
I wanted to add the Medical Certificate to Workday (the system where we track holidays, absences,
etc…) and my manager told me that that was an scheduled appointment and that I could not do that
according to Irish law. I was so naive.
She lied in my face many times. I discovered after I reached the Human Resources Director in the
context of clarifying why a surgery was considered as an scheduled appointment.
Her answer left me astonished. She told me that I was wrong, that concept exists perfectly.
I also had asked how many days we can work remotely from outside Ireland.
She was super clear: none.
I was totally confused.
My manager continued bullin me. Wanting to win petty fights for no reason, like an adolescent.
I explained that one of my ideas seemed to have been stolen. The Level Up. That I shared with many
managers as I am a volunteer in the Way2Play Heroes and in Diversity Engineering and Inclusion. I
wanted to help the society teaching people how to code.
My manager got super mad at me and just told me that the ideas are from the group. That is selfish to
claim that we shared our ideas.
It seems that other people has been getting cash payments and bonus for ideas that they stole from me.
I continued working hard despite being a poor diabetic.
This lasted until my friend Tony committed suicide. And I was really really low.
But still defending the company and the players.
Our shift should be 4 of us, but often only 2 of them were there. I mean, me, and another.
I never requested a Sick Leave.
As a diabetic, it was convenient to me to have balance and eat at my scheduled time.
They messed with my health again.
I was working working working.
I was also fighting to recover from diabetes. At some point I got my feet super inflated, like in the
Hobbits. I thought I would never be able to walk or to go in bicycle. I thought my life was truncated for
ever. But I persevered.
I used tight socks, I walked, I did static bicycle. I had 0 alcohol. I was eating vegetables and being
super strict with my diet. I hacked my diet. I was not eating carbs at all.
I improved massively. My feet reduced to an almost normal level.
I keep going.
My manager had told me that I cannot go to the meetings of Leadership, that I was invited by top
managers. I asked why.
She told me that she and his manager McEligot didn’t want me to go to any meeting that could be
recorded. I asked how I would know if it was recorded or not and she told me that she would tell me.
I did not go to the Leadership meeting, where we are only 13 of us as she ordered. It was not recorded
if I remember well.
My manager Bianca knew that I had very few money. She new I loved Blizzard and I presented her
with two offers getting double my salary and she said to me that she tried but there was no budget.
The guy leading the meetings of the game more important we have, World of Warcraft, getting €68,000 gross per year, plus a 4% increment, much less the 10% of the inflation in Ireland.
In a 1-2-1 skip level. I explained my problems to the manager of the manager of my manager, the OpsCenter Director Chris Glover. I explained how I got diabetic and how I could have died. I explained that people were working from other countries. He did nothing.
Apparently my reports on the anonymous surveys were tampered. Even when I said “HR Director in
Ireland is useless” believing the crap that the managers were telling, blaming for all their alleged lies.
I gave a lot of ideas to improve Blizzard and the way the teams worked.
Finally my friend Tony committed suicide and I was super super low.
My buddies were not working and getting upset when I request to collaborate. I have screenshots from
one of them recognizing that she was studying instead of watching the queue with me, as she should.
My friend Tony committed suicide and I was super sad.
And my manager jumped to the neck.
In a 1-2-1 conversation she told me a lot of BS, but the worst was that she told me that 2+ of my
colleagues told that didn’t want to work with me. In my shift we are two teams of 4 Engineers.
So didn’t clarify who or how many just more than two.
She told me that I was creating toxic culture. She bullied and bullied me and I was so sad.
If you could ear that call. Wait! Maybe you’ll be able to! Too bad for the bullies, I recorded the call.
I was very low, she told me that if I talk to some of the people that reported, that could be considered
retaliation and I would be fired. My my low voice, as I was very affected for the suicide of my friend, I
told that that was very unfair, and asked if she realized that by doing that, she was isolating me from
everybody. She was heartless and didn’t give a shit.
She bullshit continued and I put a fight, I reasoned about everything in good faith, provided evidences,
and I noticed she crumbling when I told the that she could not consider as 100% valid the opinion of a
person with depression, I could notice the fear on her.
I defended my self very well. I was too weak to realize that a meeting like that should have had a HR
Later she sent the final blow.
She sent an email totally bullshit, that was accusing me of all the BS that the and her pack of miniwolves were doing.
It was enough. I could not take it anymore.
Next day I got my first day of Sick Leave.
I was not depressive. Another person would had commit suicide long time ago.
But not me. I was naive, never suspected their dark soul.
I simply saw that they were hurting too much and I followed the advice of my professional support,
which told me that I should take care of myself and get Sick Leave if I needed.
Next day I wrote to my manager and I told that I needed holidays.
She told me that of course I needed to recover from the grieve from my friend.
The truth is that I’m diabetic, I can die, you was bulling me hardly when I was super vulnerable and
week for the suicide of my friend, and you could have killed me bitch. And I will not allow you to do
this to me. At that point the spell was broken. I realized she was a fucking liar and a bastard that was
trying to silence me about all the wrongdoing.
As I had all the screenshots and I did everything perfectly, and what she referred on the 1-2-1 call was
about my questions regarding my contribution as Way2Play Hero, I reported retaliation.
I think she or may be other people has been bulling me by doubledowning me, impersonating me, and
writing BS and asking for training. I don’t know, but I get contacted by companies I never reached to
telling me that if I was still interested in their products.
So she or a gang of people have been harassing me online too allegedly.
After the 10 days of holidays I was strong enough to understand that I was being heavily bullied for a
long period of time. My health resented due to the bullin and due to the fake message and BS
accusations on the 1-2-1. For me believing her in that my colleagues didn’t want to work with me after
everything I’ve done for her in this moment when I was grieving the suicide of my friend was super
It was cruel.
To be honest, only the worst scum of the society act like that.
After I complained to human resources about the positions I applied, another Director Clint Schraeder
apologized, and explained me how SRE in US is. He was astonished by my knowledge.
He interviewed me during an hour and told me that the questions he was going to ask were the sum of
all the knowledge that the entire team should have, and that he expected me to know only a part.
He could not believe that I knew absolutely everything.
After I got sick, so sick of the cruelty of my manager during the grieving for the loss of my friend, I
wrote to Clint explaining the situation and he told me that he had forwarded my email to HR.
It seems that he didn’t.
I’ve been fighting for my life. In Catalonia my medicines are mostly subsidized, but in Ireland aren’t.
If I manage to be recognized as diabetic then the Irish government pays for them, but I didn’t receive
the required answer from the clinic next to home.
So since January 2022 to now, I’ve been paying for my medicines with my scarce salary.
According to the Catalan government the costs for my current medicines are around €8,500 per year.
I survived because I was teaching programming classes and with the royalties of my technical books.
I was literally fighting for my life.
Often I had no money and one day my reactive strips depleted and I had no money for more, so my life
was put at risk.
Some times I had to choose to get a debit receipt to be returned from my bank, and apologizing very
sad, in order to buy medicines and to be alive.
Thanks to my manager at Blizzard.
Well, after Clint told he forwarded my email to HR, which seems that he never did as I saw as the
investigation for retaliation progressed, I received that threat to my post telling that they were coming
for me.

Carlos Cuartas – Director from Ethics and Way2Play Heroes program and the private investigator Jola sending me creepy messages suggesting I could commit suicide (very scary)

The investigator and Carlos Cuartas Director from Way2Play were sending messages telling that they were afraid that I could commit suicide.
To be honest, I was afraid of a bunch of corrupt managers pseudo-gansters trying to kill me to cover the evidences.
I don’t know how far it goes. They covered policy violations, wrongdoing, I assume that they are
sharing the profit of the referral hiring their friend although that’s not me who has to investigate.
But we manage super millionaire contracts with Cloud providers. I’ve worked for other multinationals.
Instead of investigating the company seem to be interested in silencing me.
They started to stress me requesting me to attend visits with doctors, it seems that it was a psychiatrist.
I explained to the guy that the asshole of my manager and her minions were bulling me and I just
needed a break from that bunch of assholes.
He saw it clearly. I was Ok, I only needed to rest.
Since then I tried to recover and the company has been more like bullies, trying to stress me out, than
of any help. They keep telling me that if I was under suicidal mood to call to that number, they wanted
me to do more psychiatrist test. With International from KING. The psychiatrist, a very professional
Catalan girl had to tell some weirdo from the group to leave the room, that was confidential.
The doctor saw I was Ok, that just a bunch of bullies were destroying my health and trying to depress me.
I joke with her, she saw that I was perfectly clear, mentally clear, positive. Only some bastards had been annoying.
I was trying hard to recover, and the company was not helping, to be honest. Refusing to talk by video-conference.
I also detected that my devices had been intercepted.
Well, first things first.

My ZFS Pool (Storage) with my personal Data and Evidence is destroyed

The company knew that I have plenty of evidences, and how curiously, my ZFS pool was destroyed.
It is very weird, because I have 3 disks of parity. That means that I needed to have 4 disks damaged to
loss data, and that not happened. A super weird coincidence?. May be.
I never told before, but I worked in private investigation related tasks and in counter espionage, to
protect companies from thieves.
I see things that nobody else sees.
The same way a fisherman, after 30 years fishing, can tell you where are fishes by slightly movement, and another person can’t even approach to detect that, I detect things that nobody else does with computers.
I code since I was 5 years old.
I detected heavy evidences that some of my devices where being spied.
Never mess with an Engineer.
I’ve outsmarted those assholes.
I just had computers offline and I worked in what I wanted silently.
I used that in my favor, showing them what I wanted to know.
As I worked in private investigation relation tasks I’ve been on the field.
I see things that other don’t see.
I clearly identified friends and foes.
So I played the game.
I used myself as bait, and walked over zones with cameras. Let the allegedly bad guys believe that I
didn’t know it or that I was more super dumb than I actually am. I played super dumb.
Is not difficult because I am a happy person.
Today, I never saw so many bad guys, IMO trying to intimidate me.
I was taking selfies of myself other than they were not selfies, were pictures of all of them.
At some point I went to a commerce I know, and I let them in, one by one, they were caught by the cameras.
Never mess with an Engineer.
It is very sad. Because since the beginning I didn’t want to disclose anything to do not put the deal with
Microsoft at risk.
But my civil rights have been violated, my life has put in danger, and I have reasons to believe that the
fact that the “News from the Blog” is published every 22th of the month, this month the 22th at 00:01
saved my life.
I suspect that there could have been a plot to assassinate me and made it appear as a suicide.
I would like the FBI to investigate this. Don’t take the word of a humble Engineer and poor diabetic.

I was ready for some asshole entering my house. And I used myself as bait to expose and identify the bad guys.
The company has put my life in risk. As I reported the weird things I saw, they failed to communicate with me, and degrading my health.
The last official email from HR told me to recover until the 31th of October, without doing any work or connecting to the work computer. It scared me. Probably they wanted just to isolate me.

Suspicions of having been poisoned, to kill me

At some point my health was so degraded that I thought that I was not gonna make it.
My stomach hurt and I was feeling super bad, very height on sugar, these assholes failing to have a simple video call to explain me what was going on, so I offered them to settle.

I could have been poisoned. Some days I eat in the pub and the way the cooker approached to me and talked to me looked like he was working for the company and caring about me. The things the talked me about, he only could know if he had access to my personal computers and to my personal journal and to my gmail account.

He doesn’t look me in the eyes now. Maybe it’s a coincidence, is it Voitek?.

Voitek is the head of kitchen, cooker, from my local pub. And that evening he was on the bar, and approach to talk to me, and explained things that he only could know if he had seen my computer, my journal, my gmail (or somebody told him about). For me it was clear that he worked for ABK, so I trusted him and I went to have lunch in the pub, thinking that it was safe. He is from Poland.

I see things that others don’t

Since I was a child, I see things that nobody else does.
I see the banks on the places. They should be put in a way so the old people can talk. But they’re put in a way that people cannot talk. Like if they do on purpose to make the old people to die of sadness and isolation.
When I saw the children in Africa, dying of hunger and thirsty I was super sad, and I would had worked
10 hours per day to send my money. But that blessing, that gift, that super intelligence I was born with
made me see very clear that if I did that I would live a very miserable life, and I could only help few.
I thought that if I manage to keep my pure heart despite the stabbings and I achieved to be a millionaire
I would build water purifiers in Africa and give the water for free.
For me it’s easy to see: we have unlimited sun (power) and unlimited water (sea). Just combine that and
I also understood that I would have to protect the infrastructures so fucking pirates would not rob the
water from the children. Maybe one day a brilliant mind from Africa will invent the cure of cancer and
save us all and make a much better world.
That was my dream.
So these two days I thought I was not gonna make it.
I saw clearly that I was robbed from 10, 20 or more years of my life. That I would not be able to work
I did a proposal:
A) Make me a millionaire. If there were no crimes, I could trade years of my life for money to help
others. I would had made each second and each penny count. Cause I serve to a greater cause.
I told that if nobody else has been bullied then I could take that settlement.
B) Team up and cleanse the evil from Blizzard. I know many good people, I connect with the people,
and I’m superdumb but also super intelligent and super intuitive. I can read what’s inside the heart of
the people. Or may be I read what they could had been if they didn’t chose to be lazy bastards liars
unfaithful cowards. I offered to remove the corruption and bring a decent team.
They kept me holding.
They have kept me holding all the time, despite I sent evidences and I requested them to call the FBI.
I’ve fought for my life. I’m super focus healing. I walk a lot, despite the bad guys that try to intimidate
me. I smile at them, I play dumb and say have a nice day. And I really think it’s a beatiful day. I also
take selfies of myself and dance in the street of pure joy and happiness. I’ve never been depressed it
was just predators attacking the wrong nice guy. I fight back bitches. And some times I take selfish and
some times I catch the bad guys. One after the other.
They invested a lot in money in trying to do wrong to a poor diabetic.
One day, I was in the cafe, relaxing, because I need to relax to recover, and a loser came trying to
intimidate me and to rob my phone.
I’m from Barcelona. It’s full of thieves. I see it coming. I have aborted as many attempts to rob people
as I could. I see clowns coming.
I played dumb. He tried to intimidate and I smiled. And I was really happy.
Hey fucking bastard, do you really want to try your luck with me?. No worries, I’ll immobilize you and
call the police. I bet I know who sent you.
So when he approached with the intention to allegedly catch my phone I distractedly put it in my
pocket and smiled innocently to the surprised loser.
But the company has put me on my nerves and made me fear about my security several times.

An allegedly corrupted psychiatrist from Barcelona, Dr. Fabregas from Cita, annoying me despite I didn’t authorized any evaluation and I didn’t want to talk and I was super weak and recording the call without permission

The first of September they setup a call with Dr. Fabregas (José María Fabregas) from Cita.

The secretary called me and I told her that I discovered corruption and I was being bullied. She became super nervous and was harsh to me telling me that I must not tell that to her…

I was very drained as I already had to talk with another psychiatrist. That psychiatrists, she, said that I was very well, just being bullied/annoyed by colleagues and managers at work. But I’m trying to recover here and my energy is not the same since my manager made me diabetic.

I only accepted to talk to several psychiatrists while being in Sick Leave because I offered the company to help to cleanse the corruption. Mike, CEO of Blizzard, paid me a bonus so I can be Ok economically as they acknowledged how Bianca (and allegedly McElligot) were keeping my income low on purpose, knowing that I needed to pay for my medicines (insulin and others, according to the Catalan Health System around €8,500 per year not counting the reactive strips, spikes, etc…)

The company kept sending bullshit about if I feel suicidal.
This Dr. Fabregas was not on the original video call when I connected. And then I had enough.
I went to sleep. Fuck you.
I was sleeping, very weak, and they guy called to my phone whenever he wanted (I think one hour later) and interrupted my resting.
I was on the bed, feeling weak, and I told: listen, I don’t authorize any analysis, and I don’t want to talk.
This is a joke.
When I sued the gym I took a 10 hours with multiple examinations.

And this guy wanted to provide a diagnose in 10 minutes, from a phone, without even image, when I’m super weak. That was clearly a setup.
I was very weak, not because of me, I’m recovering well when those bullies leave me alone, but they have been draining and putting my life at risk.

A plot to assassinate me and fake it as suicide

As this guy was recording without permission, and it looked clearly corrupted to me, I have to believe that he was going to edit the sound he recorded without my permission in order to make up false evidence, pointing that I may be suicidal.

For me it’s clear that the company had several plots to assassinate me and to make it appear as a suicide.

Supervisor from International (KING) not answering my calls or messages

Even the Supervisor from International (King) that was supposed to help me in anything does not answer my messages or my calls. She should activate the anti-harrasment anti-bullying anti-corruption
protocols. But everybody is refusing to do the right thing and those assholes are damaging my health.
Today I may have seen 200 different people. No jokes. I’ve plenty of pictures.
Some angry. One of the bastards passed with the car super next to me in the station, he didn’t even put
fuel. So it tried to intimidate me. I just smiled and said “Sorry”.
Because no, you fucking bastards are not going to break my peace.
I need my peace to recover.
I want to do great things in the world, and none of you fucking losers are gonna make me lose my
Be careful not to be falling in one of my traps. You took me for super dumbass because I am innocent
and I have pure heart and I don’t want hurt for anybody, but then you show your true colors of predators
and bullies. And you know what? I don’t give a shit about that. Every time you tried to abuse me and to
cover your shit, you have dig your grave deeper and deeper.
You could have just paid me and I would have helped the world.
But you were greedy. And evil.
And you violated my rights in so many illegal ways and put my life at risk.
And we all know the kind of powerful person than can authorize a deployment of investigators and
private bullies that the ones I have been wishing a good day today.
And that’s it. I write it this in here, from an offline computer, and I’ll copy and paste to my blog in a
You can keep a copy in case my blog is put down, you can retweet if you want.
If you write me I’ll not reply because I don’t read messages.
I’m focusing in recovering my health so I ignore everything that can stress me.
Those assholes could have had the best company in the world. I provided many.
But they choose to rob my ideas and made me survive on the few that I got from classes to my students
and royalties from my books.
I make available for free my books to all the ABK colleagues.
The last thing that my friend Tony told me was that my books are available on pirate says.
I don’t know if it was another attempt of the losers to take from me essential resources I need to pay my
medicines and do not die.
Some of my studies do efforts to pay me, so I just charge a ludicrous price that they can manage, as
doing for free would not be fair with me. I am as nice as I can.
Ah! that Doctor that called me when I was super weak and I told that I didn’t want to talk or to get any
assessment, made me talk, and he was trying to manipulate me, convincing me that it was all a matter
of perceptions, trying to fool me taking advantage of my weak health. And I needed one day to recover.
I’ve been literally fighting for my life against those bunch of bullies.
The guy suggested me to settle, and he was being cheap, trying to convince me to ask for few money.
And he was recording the call without permission.
I told you I see things that others don’t. And as people take me for dumbass, underestimate me, and then they show their true colors and I catch the bad guys.
Fucking bastards, can you just leave me alone? Are you trying to kill me or what?.
I need to recover and you are damaging my health and putting my life at risk.
Bunch of losers. I would never do that, but there are many people that with 1% of the miss treatments I got they would had committed suicide.
You’re the worst scum of the humanity. Trying to abuse the vulnerable.
This Doctor was being very interested and very insisting in getting the psychiatric official report that I presented to the court when I sued that gym. I said NO uncountable number of times. He insisted.
He wanted me to tell you from which Doctor was signed. I said I didn’t remember.
Seriously, I cannot wait until this guy requests that private super confidential report, because I’m not alone. And the most wrongdoers that target me, the better world we will have when all of them go to prison.

By the end of the day the bad guys didn’t even wanted to look me in the eyes, and they were running when I took the phone to do take a “selfie”. I’m laughing. Honestly, fucking losers. I just want to relax.
Let me alone guys. Go to work in something honest. And get money from your work, not abusing humble Engineers.
I remember that movie from Bruce Lee, Operation Dragon, when the bad guy destroys a brick with a punch. Bruce Lee stares at him at say “A brick doesn’t fight back”.
And I do fight back. And normally I’m many steps in front of you.
Some rich people are fucked up. They don’t have the right to destroy the life of the others.
Nobody is more than the others.
I’ve been attempted to be setup many times.
Some say I have divine protection.
I’m sure the next thing will be attempting to bring that bad girl from my past to try to say some bullshit, or try to setup me in any way with lies. Or trying to attack me in the street and tell that I started.

Everything is previewed.
I will now take back my car. Something I avoided on purpose. And if something happens to me, that’s on you Activision Blizzard King allegedly bunch of bullies and corrupts.
Until a judge says, take this as my personal opinion (except for the evidences, the evidences are fucking clear).
If I appeared as having committed suicide I haven’t. I would never do that. I have a professional to help me to protect me from predators, that knows it very well. And it has a supervisor that also know.
And they know me for years.
I know a bit about data protection. I was brought to Ireland by a multinational and I created my own Storage Solution, I advanced the DRAID development from Intel, and I’m very proud to be one of the
OpenZFS Leaders. I have backups. Backups of the backups. Backups of the backups of the backups.
And I had contingency plans. I saw you coming motherfuckers.
All of this is my opinion. It is also my opinion that all of you are going to prison.
And you did that to yourself.
I was a humble engineer poor diabetic with €1 in my bank account that always got your back.
I even waited so you could investigate so you don’t loss your $68,700 M USD ($68.7 Billion USD) and you bullied me instead of thanking me.
You don’t deserve me. You’re fucked up.
I gave time to the company believing that they were investigating and that they were going to do the right thing.
They didn’t. But don’t take my word. Wait until FBI or Ms/Mr Justice tells.
Ah! Some assholes have been doubling down me attempting to bully me. My health is vulnerable and you could kill me with your bulling. Hope you root in prison.
If you got a message from a fake profile pretending to be me that doesn’t had app, please, call the police.
I’m a good person. I helped the company and protected it in good faith. I worked honestly and worked hard even when my health was weak because my manager allegedly made me diabetic and kept me surviving teaching classes by artificially not allowing me to do overtime and not raising my salary despite leading the meetings of the most important game of the company.
I followed the protocols buy the book. Gave you time to investigate. And instead of investigate you tried to ruin my health, and you were desperately looking for something against me, like if I ever went to a psychiatrist or took pills. No. I didn’t. But you’re criminals hurting the innocent.
You’re a bunch of fucked up psychos, greedy, stealing the money from the rightful owners.
If I had a normal salary I would have gave €20,000 to my friend and I would have brought him to
Ireland and protected him with love. I was really happy working for Blizzard and you abused me
because I’m a nice guy. I helped all of you.
You’re the worst scum of the society.
I tell you, you’re not gonna escape from Justice. Because if you do, you will hurt other people and I’ll
not allow that. Not on my watch.
Don’t take my word. Let’s allow justice to work. If evidences are removed, like emails from company
email, that adds more years to the sentences. They are digging their graves deeply cause they were
selfish, greedy, and messed with the wrong right guy. Or may be I was the right guy, because I can take
it. Others can’t. And I will not allow you to continue predating innocent people.
Not on my watch.
I’ll wait until Justice acts, and I’ll go to have a relaxing coffee with a book, because I did nothing
wrong. I was super nice to all of you and you hurt me on purpose. You did this to yourselves.
I reported retaliation and instead of defending me, they retaliated and damaged more and more my
health. I’m waiting for Ms Justice to tell what they think.
Nice guys that are reading this, decent people, I recommend you to buy popcorn, I’ve it ready too. :)

Updates and Evidence


Corrected that I started on January 2020, signed contract on December 2019.

Corrected, my initial salary was €68,000 not €65,000.

2022-09-04 Today they almost killed me again

I tried to go to the police today. I don’t trust anybody to be honest.

I’m followed everywhere. The only way to lose them is turning off my phone (as I said I got my devices hacked) and outsmarting them.

Then I can enjoy some time of peace in a hidden corner.

I enter public places, so they get recorded.
I know it not just random because I keep seeing the same people in different places.
Basically they are bullying me, and today they almost killed me.

I tried to go to the police, but the gentleman was interested in me lending my phone, so I had to leave. I went to the cafe and I called 999. They told me were sending a car from the city center and I asked for a code, the operator provided my her name so the agents will tell that come from her.

I was waiting in the cafe and more and more of these people that match the kind I have been seeing these days were coming to sit next to me, looking at the phone if it was over the table. I was changing one time and another. The police didn’t come for more than 40 minutes.

I felt so harassed that I felt my sugar going up and I left and I entered a supermarket close. They followed me, and more and more were coming. I checked myself and was at 212. That’s deadly. More than 170 it’s deadly for a diabetic. I told the cashier that I am diabetic and showed the display and told to order an ambulance if I fell. I asked for a chair and they game one.

More and more were coming and I fell to the floor.
They seemed to go after my phone, and this harassment increased so much my sugar levels in blood that I felt to the floor.

The cashier helped me to wake up.

I started to pinch my fingers and monitor an pinched me emergency glucose.
The weirdos keep coming while I was fighting for my life. Almost all of them were pointing the camera of the phone to me.

When I had enough strength I thanked the cashiers and went back home.
There were more weirdos.
It’s easy to recognize them. I fell to the floor several times and only one family of Muslims offered to help. Thanks.
The weirdos were fleeing or recording in my hard path to home after I fell.
I had to monitor and inject me more emergency insulin.

Finally I got a calling telling that were the police. I ask where they come from and they told me that from the same police station that I visited, which is less than 5 minutes walking. I asked who passed them the message and they told that nobody, that they came as I passed by before. I told them thanks, but I would wait for the proper car.

I waited for an hour and nobody came.

When I had a level of sugar in blood under 170, 165, I left to home thanking to the kind cashiers and apologizing for the worries.

I made huge efforts to get back home walking. I was walking with difficulty. Hitting a wall now and then. I was weak. I felt to the floor in a park, and I monitored myself. I saw more of the assholes walking with their bags and their phones, and nobody helping of course. I focused to gain the strength to wake up. When I focus I can heal. And kept pushing until I get home.

I fell on the stairs. I rested a bit. I fell on the floor at home and remained there for 30 minutes.

I could have took my car, but I’m afraid they did something to it.

I’m on Sick Leave, trying to recover, and ABK doesn’t allow me. When they are not sending messages telling that I may be in suicidal distress (I’m not, and I’ve my own support that has it super clear), is their psychiatrists trying to see if they can see anything to criticize me or to defame me, and when not all these people following me, that are recorded. As much as I can. For the rest I rely that the authorities will request the recording from the public places I visit.

If I die from diabetic comma, please make Justice for me.

I wrote to HR but I think somehow they filter the emails. It appears to me as sent but I doubt Gillian has it in her email. Or at least she has not responded.

Before the company told me not to do anything work related, I presume to isolate me more, I noticed that I was received much more less messages from the usual and that when I sent an email from my gmail account to my works account it took more than one minute to arrive, like if it was supervised.

Everything has put me on my nerves, as since the first two video calls with the private investigator from the group and providing so many evidences, I only got scarce communications and via email. If there is a network of super corruption huge than the things that I reported, it could be much more money and it’s scary.

My solicitors and my doctor don’t respond my emails, and my doctor always answered fast, as I can die. It looks to me like a dirty trick to try to fool me to use their doctors, so they can try to take even more advantage of me. :(

If they tampered my gmail and the email from the Catalan government they deserve to go to jail.
If I don’t survive, please make sure the truth prevails.

Note: I’ve the cameras of all my devices covered with paper and stickers cause IMO these sick bastards enjoy stalking. It’s inhuman disturb this way another human being. I cannot talk with family and friends because these fuckers don’t have a life and have to ruin mine.

2022-09-06 Digievolving

Digievolving, like the Pokemons

As two days ago allegedly Activison Blizzard almost kill me by harassing me and making my blood sugar levels surpass the danger-deadly levels (got to 212), and the fucking weirdos they send recording with their phones did not have the minimum human decency to help me when I fell to the floor, and I had to fight for my life, yesterday I dedicated it to recover and to avoid any stress.
However, I use the time wisely.
These bastards made me not throw the garbage and it started to smell.
Also, they don’t have any right to harass and intimidate and try to steal my phone, allegedly.
They made me diabetic with their wrongdoing and lies, putting me pressure to making me cancel my blood tests and go back to Cork, Ireland to work.
One thing are mistakes that can be corrected, or the companies can fire people for wrongdoing and can pair to repay the damage on the innocent, and different things are violating the human rights and civil liberties, putting human lives at risk, bulling a vulnerable diabetic.
I know they will try to tell to say that I’m crazy, all the fucking bullies do the same. They are cowards. They cyberbully you, they stalk you, and think that they will go away with their sick strategies to destroy lives, reputations and even to push people to suicide.
And to be honest, the level of stalking is so heavy that I’m starting to consider the possibility that a very powerful weirdo obsessed with me, that previously has destroyed other lives, may have told me manager to make suffer and make my die, as a result of some sick pervert kind of power competition from a super rich guy, a poor rich bastard very coward that requires psychiatric mental health.
And I’m also thinking if this guy is so sick that as my friend kissed my hand and me kissed hers, the crazy guy could have not become jealous and may have not order to assassinate my friend and make it look like a suicide out of jealousy or just to make me suffer.
I rely on the FBI to investigate everything.

You know I love raspberries. These small inexpensive computers around $40 each. You know I created a project with raspberry devices, powered with batteries.
A hidden camera attached to a Raspberry with a battery of 4000mA can last for 4 hours recording and no zombie will detect it ever.
Also, you know how much I love Streaming via Twitch. And you can imagine that a guy like me has spare phone devices and SIMM cards from different countries that I never use.
Fuck you bastards. Weirdos.

But today I decided to digievolve. I went full camera man.

I don’t like people harassing me, but keeping the trash bag, smelling at home, is not up to my high standards.
So I decided that I would go quickly to throw the trash, to buy food and bottled water, milk. I went to a supermarket that I banned, so less weirdos were there.

You can see very easily when somebody is an innocent or a dark agent.
The nice people ask me what are my cameras, and I explain that is a project I’m doing to help the police one day. So they are very cool and happy with it and put in front of the camera and say Hi! :) Thanks nice people!.
The people harassing me, on the other side, run, start the car, hide, turn sides. You can see their faces.
I have not done anything wrong, and you are attempting to kill me. Corrupted greedy sick bastards. You could have paid me to try to repair a bit the damage.
You have millions, but I have the creativity.
You use hordes of zombies, I have honor.
And you will not escape sick bastards. All your network is going down.
You cannot do this to anybody else.
You need psychiatric help.

As I said, today I digievolved.
Relaxed, as I can die, but I focused on my business I went out because I need to buy food and medicines (I need to the pharmacy) otherwise I could die.
So as you have been so bad people to wish me bad, you’ll have to respond to Justice.
Being rich doesn’t make you entitled to hurt people.

So top companies and bank groups are aware of my integrity and my strong ethics and have send me job proposals to consider. They don’t have to have corruption.
You have done this to yourself.
ABK could have been a wonderful company. Is full of wonderful people that love the company and creating. Sick weirdos have no place in here. That destroy creativity also.

Ah! I didn’t want to mention this yet, but I know that professionals are doing their job, so let’s make it a bit easier.
When I joined the investigator from the group, it had for me another role. Was surprised that I was not Senior Network Engineer and that my contract says I’m a humble Operations Engineer.
The investigators at that level don’t make these mistakes. I think somebody has been playing big corruption here, just for money.
Also the last time I went to the offices there was nobody. Nobody there. None of the SLC (Customer Service). And the GNOC team members that went, went just to say hi in person.
Ireland, a country with 4.7 Millions inhabitants, with 1.2 Millions being immigrants. Well… how difficult will it be to make contracts that nobody verifies?. Give to the poor immigrants anything, they will take whatever, and keep the rest. That would be super dirty and would justify why they are sending everything they have against me.
Also many of the people that I keep seen, I’ll let the political correct discourse aside: Many of the people that follows me and harass me, are clearly immigrants, and they don’t have the typical profile of a private investigator or an agent. So I’m afraid that huge corruption is here.

Guys, one thing is robbing money, and another thing is harassing, intimidating, stalking, being predators, assassinating. You have gone too far and you have to respond to Justice.
I had €1 in my bank account and I was working hard to make the players happy and the company up to the standards of service and I always had your back.
When the corruption started to be evident I gave you time and you backstabbed and tried to setup me.
Also you organized two physical and psychiatric examinations and you never called me. I hope you have not impersonated me, cause you are adding more years to your sentences.
And anybody covering it, ALL OF YOU, will go down.

Things are escalating. I may join a giant corporation bigger than yours with the condition that they help me to put you at your place. To show you that you should respect everybody.
And if you want to be corrupted, don’t abuse poor immigrants. Some of them were feeling really bad to be there harassing me while I was fighting for my life in the supermarket.
If you wanted to fight, you should be a man, and not a coward hiding after your millions and stalking devices, and you should not hide behind poor immigrants that are afraid to lose the few they have.

To all the guys that covered corruption, when the moment arrives, I’ll be generous and compassionate if you come clean and confess.
One thing is stealing money and being a lazy bastard and a corrupt, and another bulling, harassing, and causing an honest employee a diabetes and trying to kill him by making him work for all of you while you fake sick leaves that are not on Workday and you get plenty of overtime, enough extra money to live like a link.
You focused on the wrong objective. The objective was not to get money for yourself. The objective was making the players happy, helping the company in the mission of having happy players, and helping the investors to get an honest revenue from their investments.
You are not only bad people, you are embarrassing everybody with your bullie tactics.

I’m bringing down all your network. And you did this to yourselves.
You have been bulling me for years to destroy my life and my reputation and the only thing I did was work hard because I love ABK and the rest of decent people that work here.
You’re stealing the breath of the mouth of their children and playing gangster.
You did this to yourself. Now is no longer in my hands. You went too far. I simply will keep collecting evidences to bring down as much as your people as I can.
I don’t have to do anything, you have been so stupid to consistantly sent them to haras me, and following me through my phone that you hacked. So I only have to go to the places I wanted to go, and you keep sending them, even to the bus when I outsmarted your guys, and two stops later two more came, and when they jumped it I went down for their surprise.
Guys, seriously, you don’t know what you are doing. I laugh at you because you are pathetic bullies. Cowards. But I’m diabetic, you made me, and you have almost caused me the death, and permanent damage to my health several times.

You are making mistake after mistake and now all the world is knowing about your pathetic coward bully tactics.

Leave me alone. I love ABK, I offered my help to clean the corruption and make this a lovely place for all the lovely people that work here, and you choose to retaliate to a brave honest person that already reported retaliation. You double retaliated and you keep coming.

The police will investigate the supposed suicide of my friend, and previous supposed suicides. And if you are killers, not only greedy bastards, you’ll end your days in prison with everybody covering your crimes.

None of the many millions you have are worthy the single life and suffering of an innocent. If you were a human being you would know it.

And the world will be a better world without all of you hurting good people.
You’re not better than humble people that do an honest job. They are the heroes. During the pandemic the brave ones helping people to have food, and basic products were the supermarket staff, that get a shitty salary. They were there for all of us. What have you done for the society?. I know you found that I was the golden source when you started stalking me and you have been stealing my ideas.
I feel sad for you. You was stealing how many, 100 ideas from me? 500? by tapping into my devices… while I was teaching classes and writing books to pay my medicines and do not die.

I can produce 100,000 ideas and even more. Because I focus into helping people, not into being a selfish unfair sick-for-power individual.

You don’t serve to the society, neither to the players, neither to the investors… you only serve your sick demonic impulses and the money.

I would have no problem to serve coffees to people, and I honestly would do them the best possible, to make happy my customers. A friendly smile and a bit of care can make the difference in the life of another person.
Hope you think about what you have done so far. You’ll have plenty of time in the future to think about it.

I’ll not back down from defending myself from bullies and predators and from defending my life. I’ll not, because if I do you sick asshole will attack another innocent person that will not be able to take it. I’m very strong and I can take it.

And for your record I was happy, and smiling, and joking with the nice normal people that work in the places I went to give myself the basic I need to survive.

I’m not alone. If you tried to escalate this to make something really stupid and evil, you will respond to a Greater Power.

Note: I’ve arranged an appointment with my solicitors for the lawsuit.

2022-09-07 Releasing some evidences

Welcome all good people! Grab your pop corn because I’m starting to share evidences.

I share the communication with Gillian O’Shea, from Human Resources, where they told me that I don’t need to provide any Medical Certificate until the 31st of October and that I can travel.

My Medical Certificates are for “Lower Mood”, which corresponds to: The bastard of my manager Bianca Cojocaru/Constantinescu tried to silence me telling that 2+ of my colleagues didn’t want to work with me and menacing with firing me if I talk with them (so with anybody) about their fake Sick Leaves, Surgerys that they didn’t have to recover the hours but I was forced to work back (because I was in Barcelona, authorized by my manager and she lied so I would not add the Medical Certificate from Barcelona to Workday)… she did in the moment that I was more vulnerable for the suicide of my friend, and she did without any Human Resources representative. As my devices have been and are still hacked, and so they know about the suicide of my friend (if they didn’t kill him, as I mentioned before cause the person I think about it’s a rich person very jelaous and obsessed with me. In the company there have been other “suicides” that are not clear) for me this was an order from his “boss” to give me a mortal blow when I was more vulnerable.

Some friendly voices have shared with me that the company is telling that I’m in a hospital psychiatric. Please, print these communications and keep them as evidences for the authorities (the bad guys can delete them from your email/Slack, maybe from your personal devices too). Kudos if you call the FBI and give them the evidences. I already called them and they know, so the bad guys are digging their own graves deeper.
I also invite to any colleague that has doubts to come to the street of my house, with the press, and I’ll come to say Hi, so you all can see that I’m here safe and sound. So bad ABK would prefer me not to be.
They have a lot of their people living next to my flat. These nice details I kept for the authorities. I have identified as many as I’ve been able too. It seems they are crazy to enter home, as I aborted several attempts.

The medical examination mentioned by Gillian never happened. Maybe they impersonated me, maybe they just are corrupted too.
It’s clear to me that they want to kill me and make it appear as a suicide.

Give me a moment, I’m uploading the evidences… :)

Please, can you contact Gillian O’Shea if she has reported and contacted the authorities or she is part of the organized crime network?. I want to know if I have to request her to go to prison urgently, or they lied to her? :) Thanks

Also can you ask her to release that “medical report” that I have not done?. I would love to present it as evidence. But please, don’t sent it to my gmail, the bastards intercepted it, allegedly.

If you found anything, please report to the police and the FBI and not to Carlos Cuartas. He has been trying to set me up me several times.


I’ve released some additional evidences to the right audience.

To my Guardian Angels:

  • My post mail box has been being forced for a long time. The fuckers have been intercepting my mail. This is a serious crime. Please check the cameras.
    • Please check the relation of properties and loans. If the fuckers impersonated me to request a bank product, please send them to jail immediately. There is no need to wait for the lawsuit. :) We will add the bonus years for the extra crimes later :D
  • As part of the hordes of zombies coming to intimidate me and rob my mobile there were “families” with children. Using children for organized crime and as part for a plot to assassinate a person is a serious crime.
    • Check cameras at GameStop at the Wilton mall
    • Check cameras at Aldi Supermarket
  • Today it was a fresh day, I enjoyed breathing and looking at the views from the terrace!. It was so nice that I took some pictures. :)
    • The guy cleaning in there is part of the gang, and in the back of the car has a nice laptop with which contacted the fuckers that came with a high series car, with the tinted windows very fast. So bad I went back to enjoy the peace of my home.
    • Note: check the pictures as usual. :)

Thanks! :)

Have a lovely day all. :)

2022-09-09 Check your Social Numbers / PPSN

Hey hey good people! :)

Thanks for all the support.

I was not going to write that much but it touched my heart when some of you guys told me that this is super cool like a Netflix series, but more scary, much more scary. :D
As you have been supporting me so much, and being really good human beings, I’m not going to disappoint you and I’m going to release a bit of information, that I can :)

To the good people:

  • Check your Social Security numbers or PPSN for Ireland, to make sure nothing weird has been done using your credentials. These bastards have access to all your private data through the company systems
  • If you have been an excellent employee that loved ABK and you never got a promotion, not just a bit of appreciation or love, it’s not your fault. You’re great!. And the good news is that you are not corrupt! So congratulations! :) The others will go to prison
  • As I mentioned contracts seem to be doubled. I have a contract as “Operations Engineer” for €68,000 gross year, and the investigator from the group believed I was Senior Network Engineer, which would have a salary of €120,000 may be. The right audience is investigating this. But if you did an excellent job, and you got only salary raises of 4%, despite getting bonus over 100%, like 140% for example, it’s highly likely that somebody was getting the difference. So in my case it would be €120,000 – €68,000 = €52,000 gross per year stolen from a poor diabetic and humble Engineer. €52,000 gross year in Ireland would be around €3,000 net per year. So these fuckers may have been spending €36,000 net stolen from my pocked. I remember that I have been having to teach classes to university students to pay my medicines and not to die.
  • If they told you that you may leave and rejoin with a higher position, that was a lie. They wanted you out cause you were not corrupt. Also they will split the referral of hiring one of their friends, a useless caricature of an Engineer. They would had split between $7,500 and $15,000 for the useless bastard they hired in your place.
  • If they made you feel like shit, consistently, it was to make you leave. That’s bulling from a criminal organization. If you feel a lawsuit in the States I will come to declare, cause it’s the right thing to do. I got your back.
  • Thanks to all the employees and former employees that contacted me through secure channels. Please don’t write me to my personal email yet. Please keep evidences, on paper, screenshots, and go to the FBI directly. If you have to record any bulling conversation don’t do on the computer, use a camera to record the video and the sound, for example. Don’t trust any manager. And take in count that they can see your screen and your email and your Slack conversations even if you delete the messages.
  • Was you wondering why so many process are so stupid?
  • Makes any sense that a certificate renewal is a Major?. Well, if you take in count the amount of IM (Incident Managers) and DM (Dutty Managers) that are on page, and called, and that get paid by the hour (in my case I get around €30/hour net when I was doing OT (Overtime)). So if a Major is artificially open for 72 hours, and 10 useless corrupt people are sucking the blood from the company there, I presume that they would be getting €21,600. A lot of money for doing nothing. Several times per month.

To my Guardian Angels:

  • The local down house where the creepy girl that tries to enter my home every time I exit to check the email, is property of my landlord. You can pull the strings to see who is paying.
  • The flat down right respect my exterior terrace, where an Indian family lives, seems to be from the bad guys too
  • That hidden wifi network with so strong signal in my home, seems to be related to hidden cameras. I’m keeping them for you to bring more bastards down
  • Some people that were allegedly corrupted managers fleed to other companies. Blizzard is heavily using the services from those companies. I know you’re on that too, but ask me for more details if needed.
  • Some companies were desperate to hire me so I would leave Blizzard. Those emails, unlike others, went through my gmail. Yummy Yummy…. :)
  • Anna Pons (HM Delfos) from International King, based in Barcelona, was the person that has to attend me in case I experience any problem. I tried to reach her after the allegedly corrupted psychiatrist was harassing me after I told that I didn’t want to do any examination and to leave me alone, and he was recording the call without permission. She didn’t answer my calls or message. Any corrupt it’s all yours.
  • As many emails were blocked and deleted from my gmail account, it’s very likely that the modern clinic I wanted to join to have professional care, with multiple doctors, of my diabetes, answered me by email and those bastards deleted the email as they wanted me dead. An additional assassination evidence. All yours.
  • Note: My current GP is a decent man IMO, and has no email and no web.
  • Did you ever wondered why -when he had the higher profits in ABK history- they closed:
    • Amsterdam offices
    • France offices
    • Some Datacenter staff
    • Fired the e-sport 300+ colleagues
  • I bet it was so they could hire more people in Ireland, with their methods to escape proper control, and to hire 500 people or more of their own after the pandemic. They are filling the company of snakes. For every decent person that they make leave, they put of theirs and get referral bonus if apply, and probably double the contracts.
  • Please investigate some of myh former university colleagues that are sending me weird messages and attachments. Non-Irish.
  • The GNOC Ireland team managed to make a manager fired. They teamed up. That person that self-defines as Asperger and Autistic, that Bianca Cojocaru knew and didn’t not provide support for her and the team (violating the Irish law), so that person and another Engineer that as a very expensive Tesla car told me that the manager was flirting with the self-defined Asperger and Autistic person. It seems like they have been removing any decent person in their failed path to be super gangster. More details on request.
  • New HR source were recruited to hire more corrupted staff, allegedly.

Thanks :)

Evidences from employees in Ireland working from other countries (it is not allowed)

So, as Way2Play Hero I asked to the Human Resources Director in Ireland how many hours we can work remotely, from outside Ireland, per year.

Her answer was crystal clear: 0 hours. Zero hours. It is not allowed that any Blizzard employee to work remotely from outside Ireland. So my manager Bianca Constantinescu/Cojocaru was doing something illegal allowing their corrupted friends to work from their respective countries.

I discovered that they were doing as I noticed the bad quality in their voice during the handover calls and when I asked, they told me that they were working remotely. I asked to my manager “Oh! So we can work remotely now from outside Ireland? That’s so great” and she told me “Yes, but keep it low, Human Resources are very lazy and they’ll get mad and very angry at you if you ask them”.

I release just a small evidence of a former colleague working at GNOC, that was working from his country, Amsterdam.

I know you want to know it all and watch videos and other recordings, I understand, :) but please be patient. Let the professionals work. Also I have to keep maaaaaaaany of them for the lawsuit.

Thanks. :)

Have a lovely day.

2022-09-10 A corrupted privated investigator… mmmm….

Hi good people!

Hope you’re are having a wonderful morning.

I release more evidences.
Concretely the communications with Jola, the Lead Private Investigator from Activision that covered all the information and that was so insisting about telling that I may be under suicidal distress. (I never was)
As I activated MFA, they lost access to my email. That’s why they are so desperate to steal one of my mobiles.
Fuckers, I have the evidences in many most places, including time automatic released, so I don’t give a shit if you steal my phone. But it’s nice having recordings of you trying. The more bad people that you send, the more bad people that is going down with you and the nicer the world will be.

Who do you think you are messing with?. I told you you don’t know me.
In any case you should never bully and hurt the innocent. Welcome your Karma bitches.

As a curious thing, in some of her emails her first name appear first, and in others after the surname. She seems totally corrupted and covering from the video interview, but consider possible impersonation.

The reference to the bonus it that I got paid bonus, signed by Mike (CEO of Blizzard), so I could be comfortably while the investigation was going on. But they betrayed me and plot to assassinate me and made it appear a suicide, and they were such losers to impersonate me in that medical report. Please check the videos and send more fuckers to prison. :)


To my Guardian Angels:

  • Can you gently put that private investigator bitch in jail or kindly ask some questions to clarify? I’m running out of fresh milk and I’ll have to start taking tea or long-term milk instead of coffee with fresh milk. I’m a bit picky. I have for around 2/3 days, so it would be great if you put these bastards in the place they should be soon. :)
  • Note: if you need more time, that’s fine too. I’ve plenty of bottled water that I have been accumulating for a while. All good.
  • I think that the immigration illegal activities started much before covid pandemic. I think that the gentleman that sells sea-belts and repair shoes in The Wilton, put a GPS tracker in my belt when I asked for few new holes as I’m losing weight, and he refactored it (much more than I asked for and the table hides what he did) for free. That would explain why the fuckers were able to follow me after, when I powered down the phone. I keep it for you with the rest of evidences. :)
  • For your records, this man has been there since I arrived to Ireland, around 5 years and two months ago, so the alleged criminal activities would have been going on for a long time.

Here to help.


Have a wonderful day all! :)

2022-09-11 A Rainy day and evidence of my manager not allowing me to go to meetings I’m invited (for several reasons, including cutting my income, so I struggle to pay for my medicines)

Hi good people!

I came to Ireland because I love its weather! ;)

The only thing to take in count is to protect your mobile, from the rain :)

You can also use a micro camera suitable for exteriors and the other stuff :)

Today I share an evidence of an email, where I remark how my manager (and her manager, McEligot) was cutting me from going to all the meetings, so I would not get any OT (Overtime). Even if I was invited to these meetings from (allegedly non corrupted Directors over the level of Mceligot). I guess that the idea was:

  • To kill me, as I had serious economical problems (my manager encouraged me to buy a car) and she knew that I was diabetic (in fact She made me diabetic), and the clinic did not answer me (I believe they did, but the villains deleted the emails. The FBI can check that)
  • So I could not say anything if an idea stolen from me was presented as from another on these meetings (my work email was monitored by them, with incoming emails being blocked and outgoing emails they want deleted)
  • My personal email was hacked, so I would not receive the emails from the clinic

So it seems that Bianca, my manager, went so far to try to slowly kill me and try to setup me with the help of my “colleagues” of GNOC Ireland “Corks1” shift.
They sold their soul to the devil.

All of them were trying to set me up, as they were not working and they tried to made it appear as I was the one not working (pleeeeeeeenty of evidences, for other days).
I reported to the investigator from Activision, Jola, examples of false Sick Leave, used to target the proper holidays I requested via the official workflows and tools, Workday.
I have the evidences of coordinated work from my “colleagues” and my manager, destroying my holidays.
As I am diabetic and I requested the holidays to be able to rest and recover, and with the many other evidences I keep, I’ll not be surprised if the Justice considers them guilty of attempting to ending my life as part of an organized criminal network.

Very disappointing.

I am resourceful and I taught programming classes to university students and I wrote 6 technical books, so I was able to pay my medicines.
The last thing my friend Tony, who allegedly committed suicide (but I requested to the FBI if he was assassinated out of jelousy or to really hurt me, following an order from the rich guy stalking me), was that my books were available in pirate sites. My royalties went down heavily. I believe that the criminal network did that. There are some purchases of my books (a bundle of all of them) that was returned. So I suspect that the criminal network did that.
I’m looking forward for the FBI to investigate that too. Cyberbullies, cyberkillers targeting my weak point as being a vulnerable diabetic.

As my manager (and she told me that her manager McEligot) didn’t want me to do any Overtime, and as my email was intercepted and I needed the signature of the clinic to be able to be recognized by the Irish government as a diabetic (and then the medicines would be free, paid by the nice Irish government) my understanding is that they wanted me to die.

I’m a proud person. I work hard. I’m honest. The corrupts know my ethics.
One day I ran out of reactive strips (to monitor my glucose levels) and so I was unable to monitor my blood levels of sugar until I had some money.
As some managers and colleagues were stressing and bulling me on purpose, make sense to think that they wanted to kill me and make it appear “an accident”.
ABK is a company where the honest employees suffer many “accidents”.

Take care of yourself good people. In case of doubt, contact the FBI. Don’t trust the managers. Protect yourselves. If you don’t feel well, get a Sick Leave. If you send emails and your friends do not receive them, call the FBI.

They have been abusing honest people for a long time, and stepping over our civil rights, and bullyng and cyberbullyng honest people, defaming and much worst things.

If you sue, I will gladly be a witness and explain what I lived in there.

Good people working together will be always stronger than bullies and criminals.

Thanks to my Guardian Angels. You’re the best guys! <3

And the email, in my pure innocence asking to my manager about another of her evil BS, as she told me to not go to any meeting that was recorded, and that I would only now if they were going to be recorded by asking her… pure evil bullying.

2022-09-12 Providing evidence of setups of my non-working “colleagues”

After my manager had with me that poisonous 1-2-1, when I was so vulnerable for the (supposed) suicide of my friend, I sent some evidence to prove that everything she said was incorrect and in fact, I was being bullied by a bunch of lazy bastards that were trying to set me up.
I didn’t understand yet, that they were operating as a pack of wolves, all together, predating me, making me do their work on purpose, stealing my ideas, trolling the holidays that I needed so much to rest as a diabetic being put under stress, bullying me carelessly and heartlessly, in cold blood probably expecting that mistreating me with enough intensity would raise my blood sugar and degrade my health and ultimately put me down. (out of the company or out of life)

This is one of the emails I sent to my manager, with evidences:

In these two other emails I tell my manager Bianca that I don’t want to travel to SRE Con. I requested to go to that convention months ago, as all my “colleagues” where going to a lot of conventions (and passing Overtime for them) and I was covering everybody, so I decided to request to go at least to one convention (there is budget for that according to my manager, so I was just using a possibility that I could use, but I could not as my colleagues were super often on “Sick Leave” or in conventions or in training), but when my manager mentioned that Jon Laraburru wanted to go and that the company would send us both together, I saw it clearly that it was another set up. And this one could be the definitive.

I’ve been CTO leading outsourcing teams in western countries and it’s not the first time that my life is in danger, so for me it was easy to understand that, given the level of aggressiveness and bullying against me from my manager (and that fake “minutes” full of BS warning me that I would be fired when my colleagues would want, and that should have had a HR representative if it was real) and my “colleagues”, and their previous attempts to set me up with lies, which I reported and evidenced, my life and/or career were in danger.
I saw it coming that in Amsterdam SRE Con, a hit-man hired by the corrupts could be waiting for me to end my life, or maybe my “colleague” Jon, could poison me, or he may just lie and invent whatever BS in an attempt to get me fired. Then the wolf pack would declare together BS against me, like they did on the past to make fired other managers and colleagues that didn’t get corrupted allegedly. (I explained the cases I know, previous to me joining Blizzard to the private investigator Jola)

2022-09-12 Why I stopped driving my car

I stopped taking my car as I had the impression that they put GPS trackers on it.
Basically when I was heading to a place, for example to take a coffee, there were people waiting for me.
In addition, I thought it would so easy to break a component so I had an “accident”. It looks like in this company people have lots of “accidents”.
Also I saw those big expensive 4×4 cars with the windows tinted in black, following around, so I figured out that it out would be very easy to take me down in the highway far from cameras.
So when I received this SMS supposedly from TOYOTA to have a free revision in my car, I said no way.

I put in here so it can be investigated.

2022-09-12 Following me around massively again, and my sugar skyrocketing to dangerous/mortal levels again (Work in progress, Updating this section)

Today I decided to go to the cafe. I have not done anything wrong, I’ve been always an honest person and an excellent employee, and I didn’t deserve to become diabetic due to my manager, I didn’t deserve to be bullied, I didn’t deserve to have my health destroyed one time and another, I didn’t deserve the lies of my manager and my colleagues, abusing the sick leaves and the Overtime and bullying me trying to push me to do their work.
Lying to me was like taking a candy from a child, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
So I decided to go for a coffee, well equipped with full cameras.
There were plenty of weird people in my way. I bought the newspaper in the supermarket inside the gas station and a guy with a rain poncho had the face so hidden than he looked like Kenny from South Park.

I tried to relax walking and I found so many things amazing!.
I love to take pictures of the buildings and some times unexpectedly people get in my way.
But I don’t bother as I discover interesting details, like how different people love this watch model. It’s fascinating!.

I love the parks and the buildings, and I like to take pictures of them. Later, when I review the pictures, I found this guy walking despite having a broken foot. It’s admirable!.

I like this thingys to request pass to the semaphores.

I love taking pictures of houses and the green. That made me realize that not everybody follows the rules, and some people don’t respect and cross the lines.

Watch these nice houses!. It is sad though, that people are always busy carrying their phones, and with them stick to their head or looking at them in weird positions, instead of enjoying the beautiful weather!.

The place was crowded with the typical weirdos that have been following me but I found a quiet corner where I had control of all my surroundings and I was able to enjoy reading the newspaper.

I talked to a friend. It’s a very clever guy that writes books and reads a lot. In my more than 5 years in Ireland I got to know very authentic and genuine people. Many times they were wronged by others.
I love genetics and I asked permission to take a picture of the books that it brought to the cafe and were over the table. He also invited me to take a picture of an alternative magazine he likes.
And also I pictured his laptop. These small and cheap and lightweight laptops come very handy some times.

It was nice to have a normal conversation after what the company has been and is putting me through.

Some times cars get in the middle when I am taking a picture of a nice building or house. It’s incredible how many cars with black tinted windows are in Cork! And the worst is that some drivers drive with Bluetooth headphones! They should not violate the law. That’s dangerous!.

In my path to The Wilton I found a person begging for money sitting on the floor. I was surprised on how fast was this guy, as when I was coming back home, the same guy was sitting in front of Aldi! Wow!.

After, I went to the Wilton, the mall. I crossed paths with the usual weirdos/stalkers. It’s easy to recognize them, and after seeing some recordings/pictures you’ll identify them very quickly too. Tip: they point me with their phones, some times with bags, supposedly with hidden cameras.
On the small office material store I saw some of them, they try to get close, I presume to try to stole my phone and to put my nerves. As diabetic I’m vulnerable, that’s true, and when they ran over me or approach me or stalk me my blood sugar goes up. But I have to buy food and have a life. It’s not my fault that the multinational I joined was full of corrupt heartless cruel people.

I talk to them many times wishing them a good day. Probably they don’t even know that I’m the victim on all of this. It is funny when later I saw them again in another place I enter and I say Hi, they don’t know where to look. :D

I want to share with you this picture. I love this store. They have plenty of super cool stationary material and they are really nice and they love their job. I took a picture of their stocks and this guy appeared in the middle of the picture accidentally. I started a chit chat with him. I love talking with people. It’s nice to be nice.

It was so curious that later I found him in the next store I went, but he was surprised that I spotted him and he didn’t seem in the mood like wanting to talk with me again. I guess he is shy. :)

Some other pictures of this great mall, The Wilton. Specsavers, where you can buy your glasses or soft lenses. That lady sitting on the chair and later standing up and talking with the phone in my direction was also shy after she saw I got my phone.

The good thing about public places is that EVERYTHING is recorded.

I went to Tesco (supermarket) and the usual type of people were following me consistently. Some hide or flee by such an innocent move as getting my phone out from my pocket.
As there were so many of them invading my personal space my sugar skyrocketed. I felt a bit bad, and I told the cashier that I’m diabetic and that I needed to rest a bit.
That Irish woman was an Angel and told me where I can rest quietly, with enough distance from anybody so I can recover, and offered her help if I needed anything.

I measured myself, and as I suspected I was at 187 of sugar in blood. For a diabetic more than 170 is dangerous. I can die or get permanent damage to my organs.

So I rested there and waited for a bit. I am confident that the public places have plenty of cameras, so the proper authorities can watch them and identify the fuckers. Don’t take my word for it, let the professionals talk.
I waited around 20 minutes and my blood sugar level went down a bit. Enough so I could go back to home.

I tried to take a picture of myself with the display of the blood sugar to send to my support doctors and accidentally I took a picture from the nice lady that helped me. I believe in Karma. People that do good receive good. Fuckers receive hell. In the picture there are some weirdos that I have seen following me in other places. I captured this accidentally while sitting resting.

Blizzard made me diabetic, and they have been bullying me for years. When I am not harassed, stalked or bullied I recover and I keep excellent levels of sugar in blood.

I’ve been an excellent employee, a model to follow, a honest person. I was leading the T2/SRE Wow meetings (World of Warcraft, the most important game we have) and my manager was insistently trying to destroy my self-steam, my reputation, my economy and my health helped by her minions. And I’ve been bullied because wrongdoers violate the law/the rules/the policies. I don’t deserve to be bullied by ABK or to be impersonated in clinics where they emit false illegal medical reports that are later used to defame me. A rich multinational has no right to violate my Human Rights and my Civil Rights, has no right to hack my devices and to stalk me and has no right to destroy me personal data in my computers and they have no right to hack my gmail and delete emails that people send to me and to delete emails I send to people, and ABK has no right to break the law and harass me. And is even worse! They made me diabetic and every time they violate my rights and stress me, my blood sugar levels skyrocket and they can kill me. And they are consistently doing it, I keep sharing evidence here. They are putting my life in danger if not deliberately attempting to kill me.

When an employee joins a company it’s a win win situation: the employee produces a work that benefits the company, and the company provides a salary that benefits the employee. Everybody wins.
When a company destroys the health of an employee, it should pay. And if there are wrongdoers and bullies, they should be fired. It’s easy. When a company start to break the law and bully a Human Being, like they are doing in my case, the Law must intervene and balance the scales.

By sending people to follow me, harassing me, sending messages suggesting that I could be on suicidal distress, trying to isolate me, watching me through my hacked phone in all my life (talking to people, in the shower, etc…) they are becoming extremely toxic and violent, and they are degrading my health and I could even die. I’m vulnerable now, they made me diabetic and I almost died in the hospital and my manager was still annoying me with whatsapp messages while I was fighting for my life because she was worried that I would be sent to the hospital and a medical certificate from a Barcelona hospital during my working days would be entered in Workday and Human Resources would discover all her tricks and law violations.
She and her minions, all of them are friends in Facebook/Instagram, have been consistently bullying me and attempting me to make their work while they were using fake Sick Leaves that they never entered in Workday (that came to light from my conversations with the private investigator of Activision, Jola. I am so naive that I believed that they were entering the Sick Leaves in Workday. That’s why I was so surprised when the planning spreadsheet was showing a person that had 19 days of Sick Leave during the first 6 months of 2022, and suddently the 19 went down to 2. I reported an error in the formulas to my manager, Bianca, and she was super harsh with me and mean. Now I understand why. Now I also understand why she was many days out “sick” but her Sick Leave count in the spreadsheet planning was set to 0. This is Human Resources and the authorities who have to investigate. I provided evidences to the private investigator and instead of calling the authorities they tried to set me up. I have many other evidences that show that my manager Bianca Cojocaru/Constantinescu have been lying me into a lot of things and bullying me while she allowed my “colleagues” to do incorrect/illegal things)

2022-09-13 Some allegedly fake “Sick Leave” and an example of how they kept destroying my holidays

I’m diabetic. My manager made me. My colleagues where having Sick Leave whenever they wanted. The law in Ireland tells that a person can be two days Sick, and only if it’s a third one, they should present a Medical Certificate.
The protocol that my manager explained is as follows: a person that is sick has to send an email to her (Bianca), then when possible, normally the same deay, the person has to add to Workday the Sick Leave.
I saw that for years certain people where on Sick Leave consistently the same day of the week. Former employees confirmed me the same.
So, I’ve been working many many times in a shift that should be composed of 4 people, with only two: me and another person.
Also the other person, often, was not checking the queue of tickets.
Basically I’ve been forced to do the job of other people that allegedly were faking Sick Leaves. I was the most vulnerable, as my manager made me diabetic. And my colleagues were trolling my holidays and even laughing at my face and attempting to setup me with lies.
As we are only two on the shift, my manager instead of requesting reinforcements, does nothing, so I have to modify my feeding routines. I’m diabetic, I should not be disturbed the agenda of my lunch and rest. And this has been done many many times.
I did not only worked covering all of them, not happy with that, my manager was requesting more and more goals to be done in the extra time (what extra time if I’m doing everything???!!!) and if I don’t do, I won’t get the bonus.
It’s all a joke. Lie after lie. Bullying me on purpose so I die or I leave the company of my dreams and then they can hire another of their useless prick fake Engineers, and probably get a referral bonus.
I reported to Activision’s investigator, Jola, what seems to be a huge amount of fake Sick Leaves and that my manager got super mad, harsh and aggressive when I reported an error in the formulas as a guy with 19 Sick Leaves during the first six months of 2022 turned into only 2 days of Sick Leaves. She told me that the error was before and that it was fixed, and when I pointed that the data of roles: Tank + DPS + Scribe seems to point otherwise, she was super hostile. I was unable to understand why she was so agressive to me, or why the other Incident Manager: Stefan, told me that Bianca was two days sick at home, but the planning said she had 0 days of Sick Leave. I’m afraid is even worse. I’m afraid these “Sick Leaves” are not even entered in Workday as Sick Leaves it’s just stealing, getting extra holidays at the expense of the hard workers. It seems that they appear as if they worked, in another grotesque spectacle of wrongdoing and corruption, orchestrated and managed and covered by my manager and their managers and benefiting my GNOC colleagues, wrongdoers.
My manager and my “colleagues” coordinated to bully and attack me and tried to set me up in a gross attempt to build a fake excuse to fire me.

I was so naive that I did not suspected that they were corrupt and that they were hurting me on purpose. I really appreciated them.

I proved all of this to ABK, I reported retaliation, I brought evidence, and the company tried to set me up and defamed me more.
Also I was impersonated in two medical examinations (that’s super illegal), and I’ve been impersonated in Social Media in another startling attempt to destroy my image. It seems that the coordinated attacks have the final objective to assassinate me and made it appear it as a suicide. I’ve professional support super-viewed and they know that I would never do that, and they know that I’ve been bullied for a long time.

Some managers and “colleagues” are part of a network of criminals, thieves, liars and bullies, and allegedly killers.
And the network does not only bully me, defame, impersonate me, hurt me on purpose, mock me on calls or chats in front of my colleagues, stalk me, hack my devices, destroy personal data on my devices, keep my income artificially low (possibly my contract is also doubled so they are getting the money it should be mine, also as my post box has been forces I suspect other illegal activities may have been done by impersonating me. It is under investigation) but also attempt to stress and harass me and they attempt not allowing me to rest knowing that they made me diabetic and the stress and that much effort raise my sugar levels in blood and I can die.
Some of the members of the network have been visiting my LinkedIn profile, more than once, to keep harassing me in all the fronts.

Another Sick Leave example that my colleague announced via WhatsApp instead of using the right protocol: Slack channel and Workday. It should be on Workday, if it’s no, that would point serious wrongdoing.

So I’m trying to recover far from those bunch of assholes and bullies.
I’ve to do it in the peace of my home as when I exit my home, hordes of people following me, using the GPS from my phone they hacked, are trying to intimidate me or to steal my phone, or they approach too much invading my personal space or jump over me just to raise my sugar levels in blood so I could die (like it is recorded in ALDI supermarket when I got to 212 of sugar in blood and I fell to the floor. I was resting and this bully came over me smiling with an empty Colgate box). These guys are killing me. When I left alone I recover. I stabilize my blood sugar, I loss weight. And they are pushing hard with everything they have so I could not recover.

I’ve not another option that to go to the pharmacy to buy medicines, to the supermarket, to throw the trash, to walk to socialize a bit.

Some of my “colleagues” that were stressing me in my day to day, trolling my holidays and raising my blood sugar levels, and allegedly corrupt managers are still trying to anoy me and break my peace.
For example, since I got my Sick Leave I had two visits from Jon Laraburru to my LinkedIn and I had visits from Chris Glover and Bianca Cojocaru too. And I received emails in my personal inbox from people asking about the retaliation, when nobody knew about that, only Carlos Cuartas and the Investigator. Parts of this network act randomly trying everything to stress me, defame and put me down. Also, add to the equation that my gmail account was hacked and some emails were deleted and I never saw them, and they deleted evidences, and prevented emails I wrote requesting help and answering job offers and for personal reasons to reach the destination. A multinational with all their millions abusing their power.

Guys, leave me alone. Stop harassing me. You have done enough bad to me and to yourselves. Karma is coming for you.

If I die of glycemic comma, it will be Activision Blizzard King who would have killed me to cover the different level of corruption.

2022-09-16 I’m Ok, Thanks guys

Hey hey good people! Thanks for your support messages :)

I don’t publish evidence every day as I’m focus into recovering.

When nobody bullies me my levels of sugar are stable, healthy, I loss weight, I heal.

When I’m harassed by that organized network of criminals my sugar blood level raise, and they have put me at risk, in deadly levels, twice, in two different supermarkets.

More and more witnesses are seeing what it is being done to me.

I just wanted to tell that I’m Ok.

I don’t have so much energy as before, since my manager made me diabetic and she work together with other managers and “colleagues” to bully me very badly and to prevent me from showing my potential, she blocked me from going to any meeting that was recorded, tried to make me get the minimum income and tried to have me living in poverty, even knowing that I am diabetic and I need money to buy my medicines. Justice is the right one to judge if that was a continued attempt to cause my death and made it appear as natural reasons.

Today I was going to have a walk and breakfast, like any normal person does, and I had to go back. My cameras showed me that guy supposedly from the pest control, waiting and waiting. When I exited my building he came directly towards me like an arrow. He asked me if I live there in the complex, and apparently he wanted me to go with him to the solitary garage. He was keeping two phone pointing directly to my face. I waved to the phones and I told him to call to the property management.

I was taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings and I didn’t realize that he got in the middle. Still I wanted to share with you how nice are those buildings.

2022-09-16 A similar case: The lawsuit for the dead of Kerri Moynihan, Finance Manager

Here is an article in the Washington Post that explains everything about the Finance Manager found dead:

The name of the lady that supposedly committed suicide is Kerri Moynihan, a 32-year-old finance manager at Activision Blizzard.
She was found dead during a company retreat in 2017.
She was FINANCE MANAGER and the family, which sued Activision Blizzard, claims that sexual harassment was a “significant factor” leading to her death.
I don’t know what happened, I only heard from other colleagues, that he had a relation with a manager, and that manager took photos of the genitalia of the lady, and the other managers were sharing the pictures even after the poor lady allegedly committed suicide.
To be honest, if I found economic irregularities and they impersonated me and allegedly tried to kill me, by poisoning me, by launching people against me to raise my sugar blood levels, etc… for me makes sense that they could have also killed the lady. Especially as if she was FINANCE MANAGER and she could have detected irregularities.
In my observation, the managers act as a pack, and many of them are corrupt.
In my own experience: with my phone and my computers hacked, and my gmail hacked and they deleting incoming emails from people that love me and give me support, and emails I sent to report corruption, and emails I sent to request job offers, and with their messages suggesting that I may be under suicidal distress (I’ve never been, and it’s very scary how they insist), also being isolated as the company told me not to do anything work related (my work email is also intervened), with they falsifying medical reports by impersonating me, and impersonating me in social networks (I got emails from people telling that I asked for courses which I never did, and asking me about the Retaliation I reported, which only knew about Carlos Cuartas and Jola the investigator) I think that the lady could have been assassinated. I think they wanted to kill me and to fake it as if I committed suicide.

From people that has been time in the company I heard that Bobby Kotick is a very obsessive person, that stalks very aggressively. I don’t know him in person and I never talked to him

Even if the lady would had committed suicide, it would had been probably after the phone and devices and email were hacked, and her personal life and contacts were spied.
When they hack your phone with this kind of Software they are able to see your screen, but also they can see what your cameras are pointing and the audio.
When they do this, the battery obviously last less, as the phone is doing a lot of things.
Also the Internet is heavily used.
I think that they could have made the poor girl believe that she was alone, isolated, with the bad guys deleting the emails that their loved ones sent to her.
But a person doesn’t go to a retreat and commits suicide there, in my opinion.

If you know the lawyers that are representing the family of Kerri, please, feel free to share this blog post with them. If anything I suffered helps to clear the truth and to bring Justice, I will be really happy to help.

2022-09-16 How to protect yourself if your phone was hacked

If you have become a target of these predators, probably your car has also GPS trackers.

If your phone was hacked, your battery will last less. The front and back cameras and the microphone will continuously be sending live video and sound and anything you see in your screen will be viewed by the bad guys.

You can power off your phone, that’s how I lost them, or you can put your phone to “flight mode”, so no Internet or Bluetooth can be used.

Also once I got slept with the Bluetooth headphones on and I wake up hearing a bzzzzzzzzz on them. I powered off the phone.

Also one night I was sleeping and I wake up and Spotify was playing sad songs. As my devices were hacked I presume they can do that too.

So I power off that phone or put in “flight mode”, and nothing disturbs my dreams.

Then, my advice is to contact the FBI from a safe number.

In my case my gmail was hacked and I did not receive important messages, and messages for reporting corruption and bullying and messages where I applied to job offers never arrived to the destination.

My work email was also intervened, and the incoming emails manually filtered (with delays of minutes).

So I would suggest to put your phone in “flight mode” and contact the FBI from another number, or use any social network to request for help.

They are building the illusion that you have no worth, that nobody answers to your emails (that they block outgoing and incoming), that they are very powerful. But they aren’t.

They are bullies and predators. Parasites feeding in your life. They want you to be isolated. They want you to feel that there is no hope. They want you to feel that you are alone.

You are not alone.

Many good people will have your back if you manage to report what they are doing to you.

They will try dirty tricks like faking that you’re psychologically unstable. Don’t fall for that. Don’t trust any of the “doctors” they provide. They have sent dirty ones to me.

Just go to the FBI.

2022-09-16 Going to the cafe, and to the Wilton and to the Lidl supermarket

Hey hey good people! :)

After this morning I went back home after seeing that weirdo from the supposed “pest” control and I didn’t have breakfast on the cafe as I wanted I thought that: No Way!. Fuck you bastards.
I’m bringing down all your network. And as you’re so stupid to being harassing me and following me, I’m gonna have fun with you.
And you are not going to prevent me from enjoying my life and enjoying a coffee and going to the places that I like.

One of my friends, let’s call him C2, told me that he imagined me in the street, like Robocop. Full of cameras and lasers. xDDDD Hahahaha
We had good laughs with that. I laughed a lot. :)
Thanks C2!.

The thing is that I decided that I was feed up of these greedy bully bastards that are following me illegally and to bullying and harassing me.

So I went full cameraman again. I equipped my hidden cameras. I equipped a phone in my arm. I equipped a computer with live stream. And my usual Blizzard OperationsCenter back, with the cameras embedded.

In case you’re curious I use OBS and I use Twitch for the live streaming, powered by Internet from a phone.
I’m not alone. And I’ll never be.

That group of haters committed their useless life to bully me, and to stealth my credit and my work, to impersonate me, to difamate me, to illegally hack my devices, spy and stalk me, to destroy my life… and now they are sending that super expensive network of people to follow me.
So fuck you bastards. You’re so stupid. I’m bringing you where I want. To the Costa cafe. Fuuuuuuulllllll of cameras. To the Wilton mall… cams! cams! cams!. To the Lidl Supermarket. Cams cams cams.
Not only I record you, the public cameras record you, and my Guardian Angels record you.

And now I equip two wristbands that identify me as diabetic, so if I you make me feel to the floor like the other day and ambulance can know quickly that I’m diabetic and save my life. And also the fuckers that follow me know that they are stressing a vulnerable person, a poor diabetic. You’re using other people to hurt my health. That’s abuse of power and criminal.

You have not right to follow me. I’ve not done anything wrong. I reported retaliation and I reported corruption and I reported bullying and I reported that my manager made me diabetic and provided plenty of evidence of everything and instead of calling the police and the FBI as you should do and as I requested, you retaliated against me even more, you bullied me more, you harassed me more, even knowing that I’m a vulnerable person, as I’m diabetic, and my sugar skyrockets and my health degrades dangerously when you bully. You criminals.

You’ll answer to Justice.

You have no integrity and no honesty.

You’re a hate group. A bunch of lazy liars without any merit. Only parasites. You live from good people that love Activision Blizzard King. You have no soul. You are only after the money. But you’re ruthless and have no limit to hurt good people to get more money. You’re unable to build anything or to do any decent Engineering work. You only destroy lives and reputation of honest people. You’re criminals, pure scum.

I took some pictures of buildings I like and grass/nature, and also of the supermarket open 24 hours and of the price of the fuel!. Cars with black tinted windows were everywhere, always in the middle of my pictures. So annoying!.

I walked a lot, which is good for my health.

People don’t know how to enjoy life. Always working working working, all the time with the phone.

In the Lidl supermarket I saw these interesting offers. I admire this guy. For all the time I was in the supermarket buying products I saw all the time. He looked and looked, here and there, and he didn’t buy anything. What a self control!. Well done guy.

You may think that I may get mad when I see one of these guys recording me, but I’m not.

It happened a lot. Young people. Old people. Poor people. Few professionals.

I saw them pointing at me with their phones, and I look them at the eyes and they know I know, and they feel embarrassed. The put the phone aside. Some times I also picture them. But I look them in the eyes and I smile. Some smile back understanding that I’m a good person.

And now that I published the information on the blog, and some evidences, and that I provided evidence to the authorities, the evidence that ABK did not provide to the authorities when I sent to them and more, I explain to everybody that my manager made me diabetic and that she threatened me to fire me if I talk about her corruption and the corruption of her Sith apprentices (reference to Star Wars bad guys) and all the good people that has known for more than 5 years in Ireland tell the same: sons of a bitch (this is an approximation, they curse the bastards in different languages).

Some times I see the people following and I just dance moving my hips, my bump, they see the camera I have on my back. I don’t hate them. They probably don’t know why they are following me. (The guy that jumped over me on the ALDI supermarket when I was resting from the high sugar they put me through, and after I felt to the floor, is a different degree of evilness or stupidity)

When I find these guys on the queue of the supermarket many of them only have a product, and I let them go before me. I’m educated and nice, and it makes no sense that they have to wait until I pass all my products to go.

Most of times they are recording me with the phone, I smile and they feel ashamed. I may say them “nice camera”, or “nice bag”. Some of these guys are surprised my my amicability and answer in a very nice way. :)

I’m sure that they don’t know they are working for a bunch of bully managers.

Then I explain to the cashier that my company made me diabetic and that I reported corruption and they are harassing me. The people that has known me for more than five years have no doubts. They know me.

The people in my social networks and the professionals and companies I’ve worked for in the past have no doubt either. I’m an honest person with huge integrity. They love me.

So thank you to all the good people that gave me support and that are being nice with me in these moments. Thanks buddies! :)

When I cross paths with one of these people that follow me, and I identify them, I say “Hi”, or “Have a nice day”. Some are disappointed to have got caught, but most of them appreciate my gesture and answer back with a “have a nice day”.

I’m not going to get mad. I did nothing wrong. I always told the truth. And I’m working on my lawsuit. For Justice. For Honor. To stop the bullies forever. So they will not be able to hurt anybody else.

2022-09-17 Anti-predator

I don’t give a shit about these criminals and bullies, but I’m protecting myself.

Inspired in the movie where a suit anti-predators is delivered to humans, and with a touch of the words of my friend C2 that imagined me as Robocop, with lasers and cams, here it comes the 1440P new Cam I use to broadcast live through Twitch and to record all the sick people following and trying to rob me and intimidate me.

It is much more comfortable, so the authorities can just see what these bad people are doing in real time. As an Engineer I love using my time wisely and not repeating tasks. :)

I love teaming with good people and splitting tasks. :)

As some of you asked me how is the quality, I uploaded a 14 minutes video from this day. It may feel a bit dizzy when I move. The cameras on my hips offer a more stable image. I reduced a bit the quality as I re-encoded it, but it should be Ok so you get the idea.

I hope this PoC (Proof of Concept) project I made, can help the police one day, and inspiring the police bodies allover the world to equip high resolution cameras with live-stream and recording that will show always the truth.

2022-09-17 Losers impersonating AIB bank, seriously Richard Bells?

It seems that these losers are really desperate to go to prison.

Just after I sent an email to the authorities yesterday mentioning that I’ve an AIB account, I received this Scam today:

Mmmm…. seriously? So “aibquerys.com” instead of aib regular domain…

Let’s see what happens when we do a whois query of this domain.

So this domain was created yesterday and registered by Richard Bells.

Oh my… thanks stupids. I’m so looking for you to go to prison.

Fucking cyberbullies, criminals, gangsters, losers.

So my understanding is that you still have my gmail account hacked, and you intercepted emails to the authorities. Oh my, how can you be such a so big losers?.

Losers losers losers. Cowards.

You have been terrorizing nice people for long time.

Karma is coming for you.

Have a nice day.

2022-09-18 How to protect yourself from ABK terrorizing and cyber-bullying your life

Hello good people!

Today I want to explain you how you can protect yourself from ABK cyber-bullying, gang-stalking and campaigns of cyber-terror against you.

If you believe ABK are trolling you, harassing you, mistreating you, threatening you… it is important to contact the FBI ASAP.

If you believe your smartphone has been hacked, then they can see what you see, they can see through the cameras, they can listen through your microphone, they can know where you’re through the GPS, probably they can tap the Bluetooth, and at least play music when you sleep and disturbing sound through the headphones. Put it in flight mode while you sleep.

So as soon as you can grab a new phone and a prepaid SIM from any mall or store, Kudos if it’s one that you have never been before or you are not expected there.
As soon as you have the new phone working, poweroff the old phone, and call the FBI.

Don’t trust any manager and I would tell also don’t trust your colleagues either. Go to the FBI.

  • Don’t install in your phones any game or app from ABK, especially the alphas and betas
  • Don’t install in your computers any game or app from ABK, especially the alphas and betas
  • Don’t install battle.net, you’ll not be able to uninstall it later
  • If you participated in an alpha or beta campaign that involves inviting your family and friends to try the game be aware that’s what they wanted, to know all your contacts, to control their devices also, allegedly
  • My advice in this case is to disconnect the devices from the network, do not uninstall the Software as it will be evidence, and contact the FBI and offer them the devices for forensics and analysis/post-mortem
  • Consider that the VPN Software Global Protect may have been also infected with their virus/trojans
  • If your computers installed battle.net, and any alphas or betas, they may have installed key loggers. That is, that everything you type in the keyboard is known by the criminals among with the title of the window that was getting the typing

Consider your car can have GPS trackers installed. These guys are gangsters with no limits regarding to keep robbing

If you suspect you are being stalked:

  • My advice is to activate MFA, change the passwords, and shutdown temporarily your social networks
  • Activate MFA (Multi-factor authentication) for your accounts, so you get an SMS required to log in
  • Be aware that if you have evidence they will try your phone to be stolen

If you work from home:

  • Have two different networks, ideally from different Internet providers, one for work, and another for your computers
  • If you can’t afford to have two Internet connections, make sure to disconnect your devices when you are using the work’s computer. Having a separated switch may make it easier.
  • After connecting to the ABK VPN and finishing your work, power off the router, and power on it after one minute or more. The idea is to get a different Ip address.
  • Power off the work’s computer. Don’t make it sleep, as it may self activate and connect to the Wifi/Network
  • If you click in any link from the company, power off the router, and power on later to get a new Ip address (not all the providers assign a new IP, some keep it reserved to you for a while, so be aware of this)
  • On your phone use the cellular network (Data) always, do not use the Wifi

If you need a new computer to communicate, go to any mall and buy one of those $200 computers. It’s enough for browsing the web and contacting the FBI.

Please, consider that your gmail can have been hacked (mine it is).

  • If they hacked your computers they can see what you do.
  • Disconnect your computers from the network as soon as you are done.

Keep your backups in different devices, disconnected from your computer. (My main Storage was destroyed)

If you really need to communicate, and you don’t have any other ways, turn the flight mode on in your phone, use whatsapp voice messages, better if you talk in other languages that few people know (for example, I talk in Catalan). Then switch to another applications, like youtube videos or spotify and turn the flight mode off. The applications will send the messages in background without the criminals notifying.

  • With the phone in “flight mode” rename your contacts name and surnames to mnemonics, for example “John Rambo” for “Random Friend”.
  • Disable the previews and notifications, so they don’t appear in your screen.
  • It seems like Whatsapp are not being tampered (but they see your screen). This may change in the future. Contact the FBI.
  • If you are desperate and you have no other ways, write a message in LinkedIn citing the FBI username. Start typing @Fbi and you’ll see the Federal Bureau autocompleting.
  • Twitter seems also to work. Write to the FBI in there.
  • Don’t expect an answer to a message like that, but they watch everthing and they will know.

If your managers and bad colleagues were making you feel like shit, and a “friendly” employee of the company offered you to call to an internal psychiatrist or they suggest to use PIETA 24 hours for depression or they suggest that you may be under suicidal distress, don’t fall for the bait. Call the FBI. Protect yourself. They are ruthless and they have no limits. They have been probably defaming you for a long time.

Report to police/FBI if your post box has been forced.

Call emergencies, in Europe is 999, for reporting anything. If you need police to come to rescue you ask for a code or the name of the operator. The police coming must say the code or the name of the operator. If they don’t know it, don’t go with them, call 999 again.

Install cameras surrounding your home, and equip hidden cameras with you if you fear for your safety. Send evidence to FBI. Then sue the gangster bastards.

Please be aware they have full control on your work’s computer, and over your work’s email and slack.

If you record any conversation, don’t do it on your work’s computer as they can fire you, use a phone, for example, recording the screen and the audio.

If you discovered corruption and suddenly you start to get many job offers, please be aware that they can be friends of the criminal network. These criminals want to destroy your reputation and your life forever, so they have been trying to set you up.

The truth will set you free.

Remember: they want you to be scared and feeling lonely and desperate.

You’re not alone.

2022-09-18 The Russian plot (plan to assassinate me, allegedly, and blame Russians)

As I mentioned, the sequence of event was that I reported to Clint Schraeder the abuse and bullying that my manager Bianca Cojocaru and my “colleagues” at GNOC Ireland were perpetrating against me.

Clint, Director of SRE, answered that it was very concerninga and told me that he has forwarded my email to “someone” in HR. He didn’t tell me who.

When I talked with the Private Investigator Lead from Activision, they don’t know about that email. So my understanding is that Clint is part of the network of criminal corrupted managers that do whatever to take money from the company in wrong ways and bully innocent employees and protect other corrupt managers.

After that I got a threat in my blog, in form of a comment, from an IP from Russia. I informed about it in News from the blog.

The past 16th of September I informed the authorities that I have an account with AIB (a bank in Ireland). It’s just an exercise of transparency as I don’t have anything to hide.

Yesterday 17th of September I received a SMS in my private phone telling that my AIB card was locked due to unusual activity and telling me to visit aibquerys.com.

The domain was registered yesterday, so I presume they intercepted my communications with the authorities. Something super illegal. But my gmail is hacked and they have deleted evidence from there, and personal emails and job offers never got to me. Also outgoing emails from me never arrived to their destination.

Yesterday’s SMS was a Scam trying to catfish. Trying to catch my IP Address, probably to infect even more my phones and computers and other bad stuff.

The domain was registered to Richard Bells, from UK, however the hosting is in Russia.

My opinion is that the organized criminal network operating at ABK was planning to take me down and make it appear as some Russian did it.

It seems that the corrupt managers and “colleagues” at ABK are desperately after the money. However they are not simple pickpockets and thieves. They are, allegedly, ruthless criminals that have no moral problems about destroying the reputation of professional employees or to assassinate honest people and amazing employees that did nothing wrong.

One thing is being a thieve, and another a killer and a bastard that tries to destroy all the aspects of the life and health of decent people.

These guys have been hurting many innocent people before today. Before getting exposed.

It’s moment for them to be stopped and to respond to Justice.

2022-09-18 Sunday, a walk in the morning

An advantage of having been living in the same place for more than 5 years is that you know everything.
I’m on Sick Leave, recovering, but when I was not on Sick Leave I use to work on Sundays, as part of my shifts.
I liked to work on Sundays because on Sundays the area is dead. There is no movement.
Coming to the street for an innocent coffee, and buying some food, and discovering so so many activity surrounding me is shocking.
I like to take pictures of buildings, grass. Some times people cross in the middle of my path. Also cars cross. So many cars with the tinted windows and guys driving with Bluetooth headphones. Irresponsibles!.
But it’s fun when later I discover that many wear the same watches, or they have keys that look like hidden cameras.
I like to say hi to everybody and wish them a good day, even if they look like weirdos, some times.

Some times my phone just takes a picture itself, accidentally, I think that when I hold it I press something accidentally.
As I don’t have much time I share some of the random pictures of this morning.
Apologies if I upload one of these accidental pictures, like pointing to the floor, and showing a car plate.

Talking about car plates, I’m starting to memorize some of them. Some of the guys with tinted black windows really use to do the same routes as me, and I see them several days.
There are so many pictures and recordings, so I just share some of them as I know my friends like to know what I do and what I see in my day to day.
And as I had to close my Social Networks due to the harassment and stalking and bullying (and allegedly risk of being assassinated) from ABK, I though I may share some of the pictures in the blog.

I don’t have that much energy as before. I mean before my manager made me diabetic and bullied me savagely backed up by my greedy lazy “colleagues”.
So excuse me if I just upload a few of them (I get tired easily) and if I upload different pictures from different places and different days with the same annoying cars, with the same plates, or the same guys, crossing in the middle of my path.

Also excuse that I cannot upload some of the most succulent evidence, yet, to do not interfere with the professionals work.

Have a nice day! :)

Today unvoluntarily I played a game named you chase me, I chase you.
I was not playing I was buying the products I needed in the supermarket, but if it was a game it would be like I was buying in the supermarket, and I saw many people that I considered that were following me.
And then I went to the parking and I was walking remembering the happy times when I was driving my car without fear of being tracked or suffering “an accident”, and one by one I saw all of the guys that were allegedly following me to jump into their cars, many with tinted black windows.
I was just enjoying walking, and I forgot that my cameras where broadcasting for my Guardian Angels, but later I realized how funny it is that some people where harassing me and all went caught.
I mean that the police can know who or to which company a car belongs.

I’m so grateful for all the heroes that fight the crime. Thanks guys! <3

2022-09-19 Monday – Walking, going to ALDI, having a coffee

I’m writing this on Tuesday 20th, yesterday I was too tired.

Yesterday I went for a walk. I like to walk. It’s healthy. It’s mentally healthy too.
It’s nice to see people (good people, not weirdos trying to steal my phone or to hurt me by harassing me and raising my blood sugar levels to mortal/danger zones like they did in the previous days).

I like to read the newspaper to get to know some things, random things, society things, and things about this wonderful country which is Ireland.

I bought the newspaper and I went to the supermarket.
I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I bought some other useful things.

Please, let me share with you some pictures and videos from ALDI Supermarket.
Is a very nice Supermarket, with very friendly staff.

They saved my life when the horde of zombies (people sent by the corrupt network working at ABK) harassing me, stressed me and my blood sugar levels skyrocketed to 212.

A diabetic should not be over 170. We can die. And permanent damage to our organs can be causes by levels higher than 170.
We can become blind, lose limbs, get permanent damage to our organs (stomach, kidneys…). In fact my stomach is not well since my manager made me diabetic.

Well, the staff working there are very nice and when the other day I noticed that I was feeling bad and I asked for a chair, they quickly provided one.

When I monitored my blood levels of sugar and I was at 212 and I told the cashiers to call an ambulance if I vanished, they were super nice and kept an eye on me.

Since that incident I wear every time I leave home wristbands identifying me as diabetic in case that an ambulance has to come rushing to save my life.

I also like that there are cameras.

At some point I had to deploy my insulin pens, in order to be ready to save my life.

The weirdos kept coming and I noticed how they wanted to steal my phone. Stressing me out.

So when I fell to the floor, and one super kind cashier, helped to wake up, and I saw the eyes of one of the thieves focusing on my phone, that was over a wood small table bar attached to the crystal if I remember well, after the effort to wake up the first thing I did was to grab my phone and put it into my pocket as I was sitting down.

It was not nice, that being harassed so badly, still one guy of that network opened a Colgate, removed the product, and with the card box came to me smiling, just coming over me, over me, to cause me stress.

I said “No, no”, and moved the chair, and he still came to me, twice I moved the chair and he modified his trajectory to come over me, and jumped over me, and then he threw the empty Colgate (product to clean your teeth with a toothbrush) box to a trash can that was on my left, as a pretext.

He chased me for around 2 meters while I was moving away with the chair (it has wheels, so I pushed back with my feet). And given that I could have died it was not nice.
So until the Judge sentences, my opinion is that ABK wanted these guys to kill me, harassing me and stressing me out, by taking advantage that since they made me diabetic the stress raises my blood sugar and I can die or become braindead in a glucose comma.

I focus hard on recovering and into being healthy but I need to leave my apartment to go to buy, to socialize, and to buy medicines I need to live.

Well, I was just mentioning what happened in ALDI and why I love that supermarket, but I’m a super positive and happy person and today I want just to share with you how nice is that supermarket and some of the sections and products I love. :)

From the cleaning products:

Random thing ALDI related:

I love Costa cafe:

Some random buildings and how high is the price of the fuel! from my walk:

When I was Head of Code Re-usability and Software Components in Volkswagen IT (gedas) I had a golf. Volkswagen Finance, for which later I lead the first Microsoft .NET project in the world, had super low interest rates for employees.

I bought that Volkswagen Golf, new, but I didn’t have tinted windows. It is a very nice car.

2022-09-20 Walking over Bishopstown in the morning

To the good people:

So, today I went to have a coffee and to the supermarket.
The usual deployment of cars and people following me.

This is not only a stupid waste of money, is the most vile form of harassment.

  • Trying to hurt me physically by stressing me and rising my levels of sugar in blood.
  • Trying to hurt me psychologically with cyber-bullying.
  • Hurting me and others by destroying my path teaching programming classes and streaming to help people learning engineering, by hacking my devices and destroying my personal data.
  • Hurting me by stalking my devices and harassing me physically.
  • Trying to hurt me psychologically hacking my gmail account and preventing certain emails from coming in and out.
  • Trying to hurt me psychologically by sending hordes of people that follow me around.
  • Impersonating me in medical physical and psychiatric examinations and defaming me.
  • Sending me messages suggesting that I may be on suicidal distress (like they did with other employees that later appeared dead).

I’m not alone and I’m well supported. Good honest people, amazing professional will asses on any damages caused to me.

I’ll add to the lawsuit any additional damage.

I’m very strong, but most of people would not be able to take this. How many people has ABK pushed to suicide?.

So, it looks like this criminal organized gang network is not only bullying me, but trying to put me down by any means.

Good people, I’m sharing with you some videos of random places I like, some people and cars appear. You can help me if you locate the same faces, the same cars, in several places in several different days.

I’m diabetic and my energy is lower than it was. So you can help me to stop these fuckers. :)


To the bad people:

If this is a stupid game of a rich baby mama that never had to work hard in his entire life and that was waiting for me to go to them to ask to stop: FUCK YOU.

You cannot step over the Human Rights of the people. Employees are not your toys. You cannot lie, you cannot destroy our help, you cannot abuse, you cannot defame, you cannot cause distress, you cannot hurt innocent people.

You should learn your lessons here and stop being miserable.

You will never be able to give me back the time you robbed from me, the time you stole from me by robbing my ideas by stalking me through hacking my devices, the success I would have had with the ideas you stole from me.

You are miserable guys. You are so poor that you only have money.

Even if you feel guilt and remorse you’ll never be able to give me back the time you stole from being with my friends. The time I should have been happy.

You are parasites. You feed on the happy lives of good people, trying to dominate them. Trying to make them feel miserable and depend on you.

Trying to prove a point, like you’re something.

Sorry, you’re worthless. Just bad people.

You may be thinking that you’re the center of the universe, but I have other things to do than dealing with your god’s complex.
You are insecure and try to prove that you are big by using huge amounts of money to hurt humble people, your little ego inflates and becomes monstrous trying to destroy a person. You need psychiatric help.

You have so much money. You could have enjoyed your life and help others, or at least just mind your business and avoid hurting good people.

Instead, you choose to hurt people and to destroy innocent lives.

This is not a competition. You’re sick bastards. Spending millions into trying to framing me with lies, and trying to defame me, and trying to make me fired when you made me diabetic and you’ve been bullying me for almost 3 years and stealing from me is the most dumbest idea you could have ever had. You’ve destroyed many lives from honest employees in a super abusive way before mine, using your millions and hiring people against humble honest employees, targeting innocents, and you have left plenty of evidences. Karma is coming for you bitches.

You have hurt me and violated the law and my Human Rights, now deal with the consequences.

Leave me alone guys. You’re hurting my health. I’m trying hard to recover but any damage you caused or anything bad that may happen to me will be on you.

Raise the video quality to the max for best viewing:

2022-09-22 Minor updates

Hi good people!

Today I did some minor updates. I added these sections to the index:

Yesterday I went for a walk, I love to walk, and the typical dudes were following me and harassing me. It is very easy to detect them, as I have been living for more than 5 years in a small neighborhood, and then, massive expensive cars with tinted black windows appeared when I walked in the street, plenty of people that I never saw before appear, all following the same pattern.

In the evening I went for a quick walk too, and plenty of these expensive cars, running fast, looking at me. I found a neighbor and he commented to me how full of weird people and expensive cars running fast it is the neighborhood lately. I’ve this recorded, as everything.

I know that they are desperately trying to make up false evidences. The bad people always try to lie about the good people to discredit us, to cause confusion and to isolate us, and to try to cover their tracks. Their only strategy is trying to lie, make false evidence and to defame me, trying to impersonate me to pretend that I cause problems, or hire people to do that.

They have done before and they got caught.

Don’t fall for that.

If they try to blackmail you, or if they offer you money for lying or if they try to push you to do something that you know it’s wrong, take care of your soul. Call the FBI.

From the States:


Contact FBI Headquarters

FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
(202) 324-3000

If you’re in Europe you can still report through their web.

For local offices:


For contact internationally through their Form of Contact (submit a tip):


You can also contact them at their LinkedIn, or cite them if you have no other way:


When I want to talk about something related to this in Twitter I use this tag: #CallTheFBI

I’m not alone. You’re not alone. #CallTheFBI

Using Windows 10 Appliance in Ubuntu Virtual Box 4.3.10

blog-carlesmateo-com-microsoft-edgeMicrosoft has released Windows 10, and with it the possibility to Download a Windows 10 Appliance to run under Virtual Box, VMWare player, HyperV (for windows), Parallels (Mac). Their idea is to allow you to test Microsoft Edge new browser in addition of being able to test the older browsers in older VM images.

I wanted to use Windows 10 to check compatibility with my messenger c-client.

Also I wanted to know how Java behaves.

The Windows 10 VM image will work for 90 days. You can download it from here (http://dev.modern.ie/tools/vms/linux/).

Instructions are very precarious and they didn’t specify a minimum version, however if you use Virtual Box under Ubuntu 14.04, so Virtual Box 4.3.10, you’ll not be able to import the Appliance as you’ll get an error.

Update: Thanks to Razvan and Eric!, readers that reported that this also works for Mac OS 10.9.5. + Virtual Box 4.3.12 and VirtualBox 4.3.20 running under Windows 7 respectively.

‘Windows10_64’ is not a valid Guest OS type.

Result Code: NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (0x80070057)
Component: VirtualBox
Interface: IVirtualBox {fafa4e17-1ee2-4905-a10e-fe7c18bf5554}
Callee: IAppliance {3059cf9e-25c7-4f0b-9fa5-3c42e441670b}


I was looking to find a solution and found no solution on the Internet, so I decided to give a chance and try to fix it by myself.

The error is: ‘Windows10_64’ is not a valid Guest OS type. so obviously, the Windows10_64 is not on the list of the VirtualBox yet, it is a pretty new release. Microsoft could had shipped it with OS Type Windows 64 Other, or Windows 8 64 bits, but they did’t. I wondered if I could edit the image to trick it to appear as a recognized image.

I edited the file (MSEdge – Win10.ova) with Bless Hex Editor, an hexadecimal editor.

I looked for the String “Windows10_64” and found two occurrences.

blog-carlesmateo-com-bless-hex-editor-searchingI had to replace the string and leave it with exact number of bytes it has, so the same length (do not insert additional bytes). I searched for the list of supported OSes and found that “WindowsXP_64” would be a perfect match. I replaced that 10 for XP twice.

blog-carlesmateo-com-bless-hex-editor-windows10_64-to-windowsXP_64Then tried to import the Appliance and it worked.

blog-carlesmateo-com-virtual-box-importing-windows10-appliance-ova-cutblog-carlesmateo-com-bless-applicance-settingsI tried to run it like that, but it froze on the boot, with the new blue logo of windows.

I figured out that Windows XP would probably not be the best similar architecture, so I edited the config and I set Windows 8.1 (64 bit). I also increased the RAM to 4096 MB and set a 32 MB memory for the video card.


Then I just started the VM and everything worked.


Ok, a funny note: Just started, it installed me an update without asking ;)