A simple example to grab the title of a page using Python and beautifulsoup4

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A really simple code I added to my Python 3 Exercises for Beginners book, to grab the title of a Web page.

from urllib import request
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

s_url = "https://blog.carlesmateo.com/movies-i-saw/"
s_html = request.urlopen(s_url).read().decode('utf8')

o_soup = BeautifulSoup(s_html, 'html.parser')
o_title = o_soup.find('title')

print(o_title.string) # Prints the tag string content

# Another possible way
if o_soup.title is not None:
    s_title = o_soup.title.string
    s_title = o_title.title

I also included this code in the code repository for Python 3 Combat Guide book.


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