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News from the blog 2022-08-22

Life is hard

Tony, my friend that I knew since 30 years ago has passed away.

We re-took contact after many years of losing communication, after he found my blog, knew about the recovery from my health problems, and he reached me through Twitter.

Then we met in Barcelona one last time, as I went to visit my doctors.

We had lovely moments then, and he explained me all his problems and also talked me about his success in IT helping that company. One man army, doing what an entire team would be needed to do, alone.

I had the chance to tell him goodbye. Although I never knew that it would be the last time I would see him.

Summer is a period where people don’t talk, they’re an holiday. So I didn’t want to worry after I saw that some time after he had not read my messages, although I had that feeling that something was off. And in August his son wrote me, through his phone, explaining me that Tony passed away one month ago.

He called me, unfortunately I was sleeping when he called me. I had to know from a text message.

Losing Tony is hard. He was really a good person. A good one.

He always had problems setting boundaries and people took advantage of him.

And another friend came to my mind. My advice guided him to a successful career in IT. He was an amazing person. Always willing to step up and put himself in front to help you. Some people have been hurt in life, but instead of becoming assholes they choose to be good, they choose to help others. This other friend I’m talking about committed suicide 9 years ago, I got the call telling me that this happened and that in that precise moment it was the funeral when I was at the airport waiting for my flight to Menlo Park, where I was going to interview with Facebook. During that time a girl I fell in love with had already started taking advantage of me, breaking my hearth, putting me in competence, trying to have me while she had a boyfriend. Lying to everybody to her convenience, and to me, obviously. She was really cruel, taking advantage of me in these moments I was extra vulnerable. Also, taking in count that my first love had mental problems and attempted suicide. That girl took advantage of my generosity and my honesty, my goodness… and made me suffer horribly as with her lies I though she also could commit suicide. She avoiding to be clear. Lied. Played mind games.

Hurt people hurt people.

I would had tried to save my friend, 9 years ago, if I had known he had problems. I didn’t see it coming. And I tried to leave the airport and go to the funeral but the person calling considered that I should avoid going to protect me, as I could be affected. I asked to tell me where the funeral was and they told me that would call me back, and when they called me back the funeral had finished. I was unable to say goodbye to my friend. I flied to the US to have an interview for a SDM (Software Development Manager) in the SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) Facebook that could change my life and the life of my family. I didn’t sleep and I didn’t tell the company what happened to my friend. Talking about it felt like betraying him, and I was asking myself if it would be fair: I didn’t want to get a job out of compassion and somehow getting advantage of her death somehow.

Knowing that my friend Tony has left us has left me heartbroken. I’ve cried.

And here, in Ireland, I’ve nobody to whom I can talk and explain how sad it is to have lost a beautiful soul like Tony. Fortunately I have plenty of a network support that I talk with using digital technologies and a friend of mine came and stayed with me and that help a lot.

I also remember my friend Isa. Isa was a brilliant Engineer before we well named Engineers. She had worked with punch card, she gave me some, and had to fight a big rat that was eating the cables from a supercomputer of the time, that she programmed.

In my career I’ve been very fortunate to get to know excellent women that were Engineers. And I saw some cowards bullying them, marginalizing them.

I remember an excellent Engineer, working with Unix and Nginx, being bullied by a sad person. A manager unable to do what she could to in the Terminal with one eye closed. She was so drained that every day, after work, had to take a nap to recover. I stepped up and befriend her, not allowing the bullies to target her and having her isolated. I knew that I could become a target too, but you have to decide how you act in life.

She leaved the company.

I remember my friend Isa, that was mistreat for years. In a world of men, of jealous men, being a women independent and intelligent, sharp, more clever than them, was something that some of the guys wanted to destroy.

I didn’t leave her alone.

She was brave.

One day she explained me that in a two days travel organized from the company, one colleague was nice to her and they ended sleeping together.

Next day, at the table where all the colleagues were seating they told her that it was a bet. The guy bet that he would sleep with her. All the gorillas had laugh at her believing that they would hurt her and her feelings.

She smiled and complained and complained to the male group:

– So, another day select a guy that is competent at bed. I also have the right to have fun!

And the guy that did the bet and slept with her felt humiliated.

This was my friend Isa. Brave. Clever. A good person. A character.

After few years I left the company, and at some point she got cancer.

I didn’t know. I was so busy working. I’ve been working a lot during my life.

I was fortunate that I called to say hi how things, and she explained me that she was at the hospital.

I went to visit her immediately. We had fun few minutes, and she got tired. We were so happy to see each other. She told me that the doctors told her that her death was imminent.

I saw that her flame was leaving her body. I kneel, I kissed her hand, and leaved. I called a common friend, Villa, that went to visit her the next day, and the next day she was gone.

I and my friend Villa were just in time to say goodbye.

Isa was an excellent person, from whom others took advantage.

I truly believe that she got cancer after being exposed to a toxic environment and toxic people at work for years.

About Tony I’m glad to have had the possibility to see him one last time. I was able to say goodbye, even if I didn’t know that it was a goodbye.

He kissed my hands and I could feel how much love was in here. I kissed his hand too. Something I never did before to another male.

Life is hard. Like many of you I was not the lucky one. I had to work really hard to progress in life. Being backstabbed often by lazy, jealous people. Liars. Some people choose to act dirty, shady, instead of putting effort to improve.

Some people take all their pain and become assholes, causing pain to others and being unfair to anybody.

Other people choose not to hurt others, and to improve.

All the friend I talked about were really good people. Very beautiful souls. Very beautiful human beings.

In different times of my life I was so busy working for improving my economy as a result of the selfish and abusive acting from some people that hit my economy, to help my family specially during the crisis, to pay the bills from the medicines, doctors… so busy giving my everything at work to the companies I was helping, that I didn’t talk too much to some amazing friends, and I was so busy fighting my own battles for surviving that I didn’t see it coming and they were gone. Some could not take the hits that life and other people were inflicting to them continuously, others were took away by sickness. And there was nothing I could do. I’ve been gentle and nice many times to people that they didn’t have idea on how broken I was inside.

I was being so nice to that girl that took advantage of me when I though she could be one of the ones that needed help and support, and she was really cruel, liar, manipulative and mistreated me in a moment that I could not defend myself (specially with some things that she told me, making me believe she was depressed and that could commit suicide)

Some people don’t give a shit about if you suffer, or they make you suffer, or they don’t give a shit about if they are robbing your happiness, they take take take. Some people are broken and broke others. They will never tell you how much you mean for them, how many things you bring to their lives, and they will belittle you instead to keep you small, controlled, under their control like a puppet.

Some companies will also take take take. They will not express how much you helped them. How crucial was your help. How valuable you are. They will not pay you bonus for your ideas which gave them huge profits or your manager will steal your credit and get a huge salary raise and promotion. They will not raise your salary…

My best advice is to don’t wait for others to protect you. Take care of yourself. Set boundaries. It’s a road I had to traverse myself and it’s worth it.

If people that take their life could understand how important they are for us. How much we love them and how blessed we are to have them in our lives.

And good people that get bullied and feel alone and sad, if I could lend you my strength so you could see life through my eyes. Life can be a wonderful world. If you let your inner happiness manifest, you live to your values, and you start taking responsibility of your own well being and security and you start setting boundaries.

If you protect yourself, and you don’t leave in into your life toxic people or employments, you’ll see how the right one approach to you.

And then you will see that there are also amazing people that help others, and are not waiting to take advantage of you. And if they tried you won’t allow it. In any case being able to protect yourself and being able to set boundaries that effectively prevent you from being abused from others it’s absolutely worth it.

If you stand and fight for yourself you’ll realize that you have an amazing life where you can do whatever you want!.

And you’ll get to know people that are like you: honest, brave, gentle souls. It is worth fighting. If you get to a point that you want to leave this world because of assholes mistreating you, send them to hell, care about yourself, and live your best life. Bonus points if you also can help others.

That girl that I mentioned called me old man in my face when I was grieving from my friend. She was mean and cruel and later she would come looking for me, for my unconditional love, for my kindness, one time and another, in a cycle of agony for me where I made everything to make her smile believing she was a good person that experienced some trauma, instead of a selfish dark soul. I believed she could commit suicide and she never clarified a thing. She was a liar, manipulative and secretive. That was 9 years ago. I was not old. But I lost a lot of time protecting myself and being super careful with the people I met and I didn’t allow others to enter into my circle easily. I was so protective of my damaged feelings that I avoided enjoying the company of the good people too. Bad people rob you much more than time. They may even rob your future, or your dreams of having a family.

Nowadays I look myself in the mirror and I see wrinkles under the skin in my eyes. And I know I’m aging. That so many people taking taking taking made me lose a lot of time. But I’m a good person, I’m happy, and I’ve a lot of energy. And I can contribute a lot to make the world a better place. You’ll hear from me.

My Health

The way I recovered it’s simply miraculous.

I was super disciplined with my diet and with the medicines, and my progress has been unbelievably good. I reduced many medicines, and I’m in the process of switching one daily to another one weekly. I’m also doing huge efforts to lose weight. And I’m being successful. That’s not easy as the medicines are well known to help gain weight.

My doctors were super happy. They even asked me if I would like to participate in a study that monitors the progress of extraordinary successful and disciplined people.

I said yes. Because the data they gather will help others and save lives.

Being losing weight with my current medicines is not easy, as they make gain weight. I’m hungry many times. I skip meals several times, following the advice and monitor from the doctor and I eat with intelligence, like an Engineer. Also a secondary effect of the weekly medicine is that you feel a strange and uncomfortable sensation of being full and empty at the same time. And I have to monitor myself often, to make sure the replacement from daily medicine 1 to weekly medicine 2 is not affecting adversely my health.

I’ll be successful no matter what.

Changes to the Blog

  • I updated one of my articles from 2013, with relevant information nowadays, for Enterprises moving their workloads to the Cloud for higher availability and to outsource their Operations/System Administration tasks to fully managed services.
  • I improved a bit the organization of the Categories for the Blog.
    • Added Microsoft Azure to Cloud Providers
    • Moved all the Digital Ocean content from a stand-alone Digital Ocean Category to Digital Ocean Category under Cloud Service Providers and removed the first one

Carles in the News

The New Digital World

The New Digital World, my radio program with Radio America Barcelona and streamed via Twitch is on holidays until the 5th of September.

However, I’ve continued to feed with news and a Special Summer Edition in my blog.

For personal reasons I stopped doing videos, but I keep adding relevant news, entertainment and curiosities. ASAP when my energy is back to optimal state I’ll continue recording videos for you. In any case, the radio program on the 5th of September will be streamed as usual and later uploaded to Apple, Souncloud, Spotify… by my colleagues, and to Youtube from my side for my program The New Digital World.

The Summer Edition from the 1st of August, in English:

A demo for ABK IT during pandemic

I’ve uploaded this video from Feb 2021, in the middle of the covid pandemic lockdown, when isolated at home, with the stores closed, everything closed, some Engineers were saving the day ensuring players could play their favorite video games.

I felt so proud to be selected to demo one of my Open Source projects to the rest of Activision Blizzard King IT colleagues.

I created a plugin to communicate my Open Source CTOP.py project to a Raspberry Pi 4 and turn on different LEDs depending on the CPU load.

A friend provided the voice that I recorded as MP3 for “The system is Healthy” or “CPU load is too high” :)


Russia and Belarus

I keep blocking any IP range that connects to the blog coming from Russia or Belarus until they abandon Ukraine and stop the war.

Some bullies don’t have enough with Russia being the shame of the world in the 21st Century, killing innocent people in Ukraine, but they send threats to anybody that don’t look to another side, as you can see from this message:

I’m sorry for my good friends from Russia, that are ashamed of what their president and these kind of bullies do, and see how these kind of people are ruining Russia’s people future and their economy.


I keep blocking Cloud Providers after I see bots attacking/looking for exploits.

I get a lot of bots attacking and looking for vulnerabilities or trying to publish spam and I block the entire range after I double check that it belongs to a Cloud Provider/VPS or to a proxy tor network gateway.

I’m sorry for your Twitter bots and other tools that scan the blog from time to time and get dropped as the IP is part of these ranges, but at the end of the day my blog is for humans. To help Engineers. I don’t have any ads (other than my books if that counts) and I don’t make any money from it. In fact over these years it has costed me a little fortune paid to Amazon and Google Cloud.

I just help humans. Abusive bots don’t have room in this blog.


My Books

I have updated Docker Combat Guide version 25, to explain in detail:

• Show usage of USER command in Dockerfile
• Explaining WORKDIR
• Explaining ARG
• Explaining ENV
• Overriding ENV variables from Command Line
• Overriding or setting ENV variables from Command Line using a file and the argument --env-file
• I have also added the article about how to create a Jenkins Docker Container based in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Volumes and persitence and the plugin Blue Ocean for Pipelines installed

Thanks to

Thanks to Jetbrains for renewing my Licenses for all their products based on my Open Source Work!.


I’ve written a small program that uses the built-in ipaddress to validate IP Addresses and Networks.

Validate IP Addresses and Networks with CIDR in Python

Also a Docker with a Telnet server and a Python code accessing the server via telnet and executing several commands.


The videos of all the recorded talks of the 2022 Dutch PHP Conference – Online June 24th.

My life at Activision Blizzard

I recorded this at the office, during July.

Info for Junior Developers

Liz explains the starting salary, for Entry Level Engineers in the US and tips and tricks.


Thanks Chef for the humor memes sent. :)

Seems a prank TBH, but I’ve seen similar actual offers with other languages…
So true!

Very interesting reflection, credit https://twitter.com/PDLComics:

I hope a Git Merge does not trigger

News from the blog 2022-07-22

Carles in the News

For all my friends and followers, I started to translate my radio space “El nou món digital” (in Catalan) to English “The New Digital World”. I cover Science, Technology, Entertainment and Video games.

You can see the first programs I translated here:

Catalan and English programs RAB

And the script and links mentioned here:



I’ve created an Instagram fan page for me / for the blog.

It is open for everybody.


Videos for learning how to code

Learning How to code Python Unit Tests with pytest from the scratch, for beginners:

I added it to my series of videos:


Video for learning how to use RabbitMQ with Python in a Docker Container


Site carlesmateo.com

I use mostly this site https://blog.carlesmateo.com to centralize everything, so I’ve kept http://carlesmateo.com as a simple landing page made with my old (from 2013) ultra fast PHP Framework Catalonia Framework.

I decided to create a Jenkins Pipeline to deploy any updates to this pages and I updated it a bit at least to provide the most common information searched.

Don’t expect anything fancy at Front End level. :)


I created a video about how to provision a Ubuntu Droplet in Digital Ocean.

It’s just for beginners, or if you used other CSP’s and you wonder how Digital Ocean user interface is.

It is really easy, to be honest. Amazon AWS should learn from them.

I also created another about how to provision using User Data Cloud Init feature:



My Books

I have updated Docker Combat Guide to show how to work with different users in the Dockerfile and accessing an interactive terminal.

I have also added how to create a Jenkins containerized.

Books I bought > CI/CD

I recommend you these books:

I’ve created a video about how to deploy jenkins in Docker, following the official documentation, in 4 minutes.

Install jenkins on Docker in ubuntu in 4 minutes

And posted an article about solving the error load key invalid format when provisioning from Jenkins with your SSH .pem Key in a variable.


Open Source from Carles


I have released a new version of CTOP, ctop.py version 0.8.9.

This version fixes few bugs, and adds better Unit Testing Code Coverage, and is integrated with jenkins (provides Jenkinsfile and a Dockerfile ready to automate the testing pipeline)

Sudo ku solver, Sudoku solver in Python, and Engineering solving problem approach

I’ve created this video explaining my experience writing a program to solve two impossible, very annoying Sudokus. :)


Commander Turtle: a small program in Python so children can learn to code by drawing

Children can learn to code and share their scripts, which are comma separated, easily.

Commander Turtle

My life at Activision Blizzard

We have released World of Warcraft Dragonflight Alpha.

In the sync meetings I lead with Wow SRE and product Team I was informed that streaming would be open. Myself I was granted to stream over twitch, but so far I didn’t want to stream video games in my engineering channels. It’s different kind of audiences IMO. Let me know if you would like to get video game streams in my streaming channels.

Lich King


If you have been in a madness of Servers of a Cluster getting irresponsible and having to cold reboot them from remote hands iDracs or similar, you know why my friends sent me this image :D

How to deploy a DigitalOcean droplet (instance) and use userdata

You can see how to deploy a new droplet also named Instance or VM to DigitalOcean Cloud Provider in this video.

You can see how User Data works in this other video.

The userdata script is run as root the first time the instance is deployed.

I provisioned using this userdata script:


sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y net-tools vim mc htop less strace zip gzip lynx curl wget git apache2

cd /opt/
git clone https://gitlab.com/carles.mateo/ctop.git

If you look for ctop.py check this page:


For information about User Data from Digital Ocean:


News from the blog 2022-04-22


I was interviewed by Radio America Barcelona, in their studios in Barcelona.

RAB is a radio for the Catalan diaspora and expats.

The interview was broadcasted by Twitch and can be watched. It’s in Catalan language:


You can follow them:

Sant Jordi discounted books (promo)

Tomorrow 23th of April is Sant Jordi (Saint George), the patron of Catalonia, and the Catalan traditional celebration consist in this day women gifting a book to the men they love and men gifting a rose to the women they love.

I created a voucher for all my Python books, so, since during 23th of April you can acquire the four books per $10 USD in total.

This voucher is limited to 100 sales.


Python 3

I wrote an article with a Python 3 code that shows the length for file names in Linux ext3 and ext4 Filesystems and in ZFS Pools Filesystem.

I show basically how ASCii characters over 127 are encoded, reducing the maximum length of 255 bytes for the filename.


I’ve updated an article explaining how to create a ZPool raidz (RAID 5 equivalent) from three loop devices based on local files.

Thanks to those that bought my ZFS book this month. :)

HTML and JavaScript

I wrote a super simple code to hide the <p> using jQuery and JavaScript.

Free books


Books I bought

This month I bought these books.


I continued to block any Russian or Belarus Ip Address that connects to the blog.

I also started to block entire ranges of Ip’s from Digital Ocean, as many attacks come from Servers in their infrastructure.

Despite blocking tens of thousands of Ip Addresses, the number of visitors keep growing.

My Health

Thanks to my strict discipline I managed to recover super well and I’m healthier than before and guided by the satisfied doctors we removed two daily medicines.

I started a new medicine that is for the final phase of my recuperation, which doctors expect to be completely. In fact I’m much more healthier than I was before going to the hospital.


Will AI take the world?
Sadly, true history. The responsibility to deliver is from all of us.

The Cloud is for Scaling

Last Update: 2022-08-03 I added the Enterprises, as more and more services have been provided by Amazon and the other major Cloud Providers and they offer a suitable solution for Enterprises requiring high availability in services managed by Amazon, without the need to configure and maintain their own setups manually.

dell-blades-m4110The Cloud is for Startups, and for Scaling. Nothing more.

In the future will be used by phone operators, to re-dimension their infrastructure and bandwidth in real time according to demand, but nowadays the Cloud is for Startups.

Examine the prices in my post in cmips, take a look, examine the performance also of the different CPU. You see that according to CMIPS v.1.03 a Desktop Processor Intel i7-4770S, worth USD $300, performs better than an Amazon M2 High Memory Quadruple Extra Large and than a Rackspace First gen. 30 GB RAM 8 Cores?.

Today the public cost of an Amazon M2 High Memory Quadruple Extra Large running for a month is USD $1,180.80 so USD $1.64 per hour and the Rackspace First Generation 30 GB RAM 8 Cores 1200 GB of disk costs is USD $1,425.60 so USD $1.98 per hour running.

And that’s the key, the cost per hour.

Because the greatness, the majesty of the Cloud is that you pay per hour, you pay as you need, or as you go. No attaching contracts. All on demand.

I had my company at a time where the hosting companies and the Data Centers were forcing customers to sign yearly contracts. What if a company only needs to host their Servers for three months? What if they have to close?. No options. You take it or you leave it.

Even renting a dedicated hosting was for at least a month or more, and what if the latency was not good? What if the bandwidth of the provider was not enough?.

Amazon irrupted in the market with strength. I really like that company because they grew the best eCommerce company for buying books, they did a system that really worked, and was able to recommend very useful computer books, and the delivery, logistics was so good, also post-sales service. They simply started to rent the same infrastructure they were using to attend their millions of customers and was a total success.

And for a while few people knew about Amazon deep technologies and functionalities, but later became a fashion.

Now people is using Amazon or whatever provider/Service that contains the word “Cloud” because the Cloud is in the mouth of everyone. Magazines and newspapers speak about the Cloud, so many many companies use it simply because everyone is talking about the Cloud. And those ISP that didn’t had a Cloud have invested heavily to create a Cloud, just because they didn’t want to be the ones without a Cloud, since everyone was asking for it and all the ISP companies were offering their “Clouds”.

Every company claims to have “Cloud” where the only many of them have is Vmware servers, Xen servers, Open Stack… running the tenants or instances of the customers always on the same host servers. No real Cloud, professional Cloud, abstract layered in a Professional way like Amazon, only the traditional “shared hosting” with another name, sharing CPU and RAM and Disk storage using virtual machines called instances.

So, Cloud fashion has become a confusing craziness where no one knows why they are in the Cloud but they believe they have to be in.

But do companies need the Cloud?. Cloud instances?

It depends. The best would be to ask that companies Why you choose the Cloud?.

If you compare the cost of having an instance in the Cloud, is much much more expensive than having a dedicated server. And for that high cost you don’t get more performance.

Virtualization is always slower and disk speed is always an issue in Cloud providers, where all the data travels via network from the disk cabins NAS to the Host servers running the guest instances. Data cannot be at local disks, since every time you start an instance, the resources like CPU and RAM are provisioned, and your instance run in totally different hardware. Only your data remain in the NAS (Network Attached Storage).

So unless you run your in-the-Cloud instance in a special provider that offers local disks, like DigitalOcean that offers SSD but monthly paying, (and so you pay the price by losing the hardware abstraction capability because you’re attached to the CPU that has the disk connected, and also you loss the flexibility of paying per hour of use, as you go), then you’ll face a bottleneck that is the hard disk performance (that for real takes all the data from NAS, where is stored, through the local network).

So what are the motivations to use the Cloud?. I try to put some examples, out of these it has no much sense, I think. You can send me your happy-in-Cloud scenarios if you found other good uses.

Example A) Saving initial costs, avoid contract attachment and grow easily own-made

Imagine a Developer that start its own project. May be it works, may be not, but instead of having a monthly contract for a dedicated server, he starts with an Amazon Free Tier (better not, use Small instance at least) and runs a web. If it does not work, simply stop the instance and pay no more. If the project works and has more and more users he can re-dimension the server with a click. Just stop the instance, change the type of instance, start it again with more RAM and more CPU power. Fast.

Hiring a dedicated server implies at least monthly contracts, average of USD $100 per month, and is not easy to move to a bigger server, not fast and is expensive as it requires the ISP tech guys to move the data, to migrate from a Server to another.

Also the available bandwidth is to be taken in consideration. Bandwidth is expensive and Amazon can offer 150 Mbit to smaller machines. Not all the Internet Service Providers can offer that bandwidth even with most advanced packets.

If the project still grows, with a click, in seconds, 20 instances with a lot of bandwidth can be deployed and serving traffic to your customers very quick.

You save the init costs of buying Servers, and the time to deal with hardware, bandwidth limitations and avoid contracts, but you pay an hourly rate a lot more expensive. So in the long run is much much expensive using Amazon and less powerful than having dedicated servers. That happened to Zynga, that was paying $63M annually to Amazon and decided to step back from Amazon to their own Data Centers again. (another fortune tech link)

The limited CPU power was also a deal breaker for many companies that needed really powerful CPU and gigs of RAM for their Database Servers. Now this situation is much better with the introduction of the new Servers.

This developer can benefit from doing bacups with a click, cloning, starting instances from an image, having more static ip’s with a click, deploying built-in (from the Cloud provider) load balancers, using monitoring services like CloudWatch, creating Volumes and attaching to the servers for additional space…

Example B) An Startup with fluctuating number of users and hopes of growing

Imagine an Startup with a wonderful Facebook Application.

During 80% of the day has few visits, may be only need 3 Servers, but during 20% of the hours of the day from 10:00 to 15:00 users connect like hell, so they need 20 servers to attend this traffic and workload, and may be tomorrow needs 30 servers.

With the Cloud they pay for 3 servers 24 hours per day and for the other 17 servers only pay the hours they are on, that’s 5 hours per day. Doing that they save money and they have an unlimited * amount of power. (* There are limits for real, you have to specially request authorisation to run more than default max. servers for the zone, that is normally 20 instances for Amazon. Also it can happen theoretically that when you request new instances the Zone has no instances available).

So well, for an Startup growing, avoiding hiring 20 dedicated servers and instead running into the Cloud as many as they need, for just the time they need, Auto-Scaling up and down, and can use the servers NOW and pay the next month with Visa card, all of that can make a difference for a growing Startup.

If the servers chosen are not powerful enough that is solved with a click, changing instance type. So fast. A minute.

It’s only a matter of money.

Example C) e-Learning companies and online universities

e-Learning platforms also get benefits from the Auto-Scaling for the full occupation hours.

The built-in functionalities of the Cloud to clone instances is very useful to deploy new web servers, or new environments for students doing practices, in the case of teaching Information Technology subjects, where the users need to practice against a real server (Linux or windows).

Those servers can be created and destroyed, cloned from the main -ready to go- template. And also servers can be scheduled to stop at a certain hour and to start also, so saving the money from the hours not needed.

Example D) Digital agencies, sports and other events

When there is an Special event, like motorcycle running, when a Football Team scores, when there is an spot in tv announcing a product…

At those moments the traffic to the site can multiply, so more servers and more bandwidth have to be deployed instantly. That cannot be done with physical servers, hardware, but is very easy to provision instances from the Cloud.

Mass mailing email campaigns can also benefit from creating new Servers when needed.

Example E) Proximity and SEO

Cloud providers have Data Centres everywhere. If you want to have servers in Asia, or static content to be deployed faster, or in South-America, or in Europe… the Cloud providers have plenty of Data Centers all over the world.

Example F) Game aficionado and friends sharing contents

People that loves cooperative games can find the needed hungry bandwidth and at a moderate price. If they run their private server few hours, at night, from 22:00 to 01:00 as example, they will benefit from a great bandwidth from the big Cloud provider and pay only 3 hours per day (the exceed of traffic uses to be paid in most providers, but price of additional GB uses to be really really competitive).

Friends sharing contents in an Ftp also, can benefit from this Cloud servers, but probably they will find more easy to use services like Dropbox.

Example G) Startup serving contents

An Startup serving videos, images, or books, can benefit not only from the great bandwidth of big Cloud providers (this has been covered before), but for a very cheap price for exceeding Gigabyte transferred.

Local ISP can’t offer 150 Mbit for an instance of USD $20 and USD $0.12 per additional GB transferred.

Many Cloud providers also allow unlimited incoming traffic from the Internet, and from Server to Server through private ip’s.

Example H) Enterprises that want to outsource the solutions and having better availability

Since I wrote this article in 2013, many CSP have been incorporation more and more powerful services to their catalalog.

For instance Amazon has service like DynamoDB, RDS, Load Balancers able to balance servers in different availability zones, with Auto-Scaling, SQS for Message Queues, ElastiCache, Lambda, S3…

Many Enterprise find convenient to have all their services offloaded to Amazon, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure… so they require less Operations and System Administration Engineers.

Other cases

For other cases Dedicated Servers are much more Powerful, faster and cheaper, at the price of being “static” in the sense of attached, not layer abstracted, but all the aspects of your Project have to be taken in count before deciding stepping into or out of the Cloud.

In general terms I would say that the Cloud is for Scaling, but in 2022 it’s also to outsource Operation Services, to fully managed services by the CSPs.